Weh Island Tourist Attractions

Weh Island Tourist Attractions

Weh Island Tourist AttractionsWeh Island Tourist Attractions – Weh Island which is a tiny tropical rock off the tip of Sumatra is a small piece of beach and jungle which offers travelers who have journeyed up through the impassioned greater mainland below. After hiking around the mainland’s lakes, jungles, and volcanoes, it’s good to jump into the serene waters of the Indian Ocean. Divers and Snorkelers bubble through the great walls of rock pinnacles, swaying sea fans, and deep canyons, staring at the dazzling kaleidoscope of marine life, including whale sharks and manta rays. Both geographically and figuratively, Weh Island is the cherry on top for a lot of visitors to Sumatra.
Weh Island is shaped roughly just like a horseshoe. On its northeastern leg is the port town of Sabang, where most of the population of Weh Island lives. The mainstay tourist beaches are Iboih and Gapang, which are around 20 km heading towards its northwestern leg. In the sandy-toes stakes and bendy-palms, Iboih maybe just outclasses Gapang, however for the best beaches of all, just pack a towel and head to Pantai Sumur Tiga close to Sabang and Long Beach, a small way north of Iboih. Here’s a list of best tourist attractions in Sabang:

1. Sabang

SabangThe main township of the island is a mix of old colonial-era villas and traditional fishing village. During Dutch reign, Sabang was once a water depot and major coal for steamships. In the 1970’s, the town enjoyed a brief revival as a duty-free harbor, but is today a sleepy town whose inhabitants either make rattan furniture and fish.
If interested on staying at the Sabang side of the island, visitors will make a beeline for the lovely Sumur Tiga beach about 5 km east of town.

2. Iboih

IboihIboih which is more spread out than Gapang follows a rocky headland with a row of simple bungalows which located along a forested footpath. The small path leads tourists through a stone gateway past a village well, and over and up a small hill to the bungalow strip. This village itself is traditional and conservative, so there is no swimwear beyond the bungalow strip.

3. Gapang

GapangGapang is an appealing stretch of beach which is lined with simple guesthouses and shack restaurants. It is occupying a sandy cove, with a great reef for snorkeling activity just offshore.

4. Long Angen

Long AngenLong Angen is a secluded beach which is situated on the western side of the island. It is ideally situated for spectacular sunsets. This beach itself only exists during six months of the year since the sand is swept away from November to May by the sea.

5. Gunung Merapi and Danau Anak Laut

Gunung Merapi and Danau Anak LautOther attractions around Sabang include a semi-active volcano, Gunung Merapi, which occasionally puffs smoke and holds boiling water in its caldera, and a serene freshwater lake, Danau Anak Laut, that supplies the island’s water.

6. Paradiso Beach

Paradiso BeachSabang is surrounded by some beautiful beaches. It takes just 10 minutes’ walk away to Pantai Paradiso, a white-sand beach which is shaded by coconut palms.

7. Kasih Beach

Kasih BeachKasih Beach is located a bit further from the town than Pantai Paradiso. It takes about 30 minutes from town to Pantai Sumur Tiga, which is a popular picnic spot.

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