Sabang Tourist Attractions

Sabang Tourist Attractions

Sabang Tourist AttractionsSabang Tourist Attractions – Having plentiful tourist spots, Sabang offers scenic natural panorama and marine tourism which become one of the mainstay tourist spots in Sabang. Besides its marine tourism, there are waterfalls, mountains, and a remnant of the world war which is preserved here. Here’s an overview of Sabang tourist attractions:

1. Nol Kilometer Monument

Nol Kilometer MonumentLocated in an area of a forest tour, Nol Kilometer Monument is about 30 km from Sabang city, exactly in Sukakarya district. The monument is known as geographical mark of Indonesia which means as the unity of its archipelago. This spot is often visited by tourists who come to Sabang. Besides capturing best moment in front of the Nol Kilometer Monument as well as the amazing view that can be seen from up the monument is very attractive.

2. Iboih Beach

Iboih BeachIboih Beach is located near from the Nol Kilometer Menoment, so the tourists may reach it first or vice versa. It is situated in Sukakarya district. Actually there are two beaches here namely Teupin Layeu and Teupin Sirkui which both has their own characteristics. However the tourists are more familiar with the Iboih beach name instead.

3. Gapang Beach

Gapang BeachGapang Beach is located not far from Iboih Beach, it has white sand and clear blue water which is no less than Iboih’s. Tourists who going to the Nol Kilometer Monument of Indonesia will pass through Gapang and Iboih beach. The name of Gapang was taken from a tree which growing around the beach.

4. Anoi Itam Beach

Anoi Itam BeachThe name of Anoi Itam Beach was taken from a name of a village which located here, Anoi Itam Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang. It is located about 15 km from Sabang City. This beach is different from any other beaches in Weh Island as it has black sand whereas most beaches in Weh Island has white sands.

5. Fort Anoi Itam

Fort Anoi ItamNot far from the location of Anoi Itam Beach, there is a remnant of Japanese fort. This historical site in Weh Island can be visit by tourists. Here you can see the Japanese heritage, namely bunker and cannon. Besides, from up the hill where the fort is located, tourists can see the view of the sea as well as to see the Anoi Itam Beach from a high area.

6. Pria Laot Waterfall

Pria Laot WaterfallLocated in Pria Laot Village, Sukakarya district, Sabang, it is about 13 km from Sabang City. This waterfall is situated in the middle of jungle, so in order to reach it, you need to take a walk for about 15-20 minutes from the parking area.

7. Jaboi Volcano

Jaboi VolcanoBesides beach, waterfall, nol kilometer monumet and the Japanese historical fort in Sabang, tourists may come to the volcano of Sabang, namely Jaboi volcano. It is situated in Sukajaya district, not far from Balohan.

8. Sumur Tiga Beach

Sumur Tiga BeachSumur Tiga Beach is located in Ie Meule, Sukajaya District, Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh. In order to reach it, it takes about 15 minutes from Sabang. It was named Sumur Tiga as there are three wells here. This beach has white sand and blue clear water.

9. Kasih Beach

Kasih BeachKasih Beach is a beach in Weh Island or Sabang which located the closest to Sabang’s central city. This beach has extensive white sand as well as the corals which located on its both sides.

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