10 Best Tourist Attractions in Cirebon

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Cirebon

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Cirebon10 Best Tourist Attractions in Cirebon – Cirebon is a province in West Java and located at the Java’s north beach or which is more popular with Jalur Pantura (North Beach). Because of its geographical location, Cirebon becomes on of main paths which connects Jakarta – Semarang – Surabaya.
All this time Cirebon has been famous by its batik handcraft. CIrebon becomes on of the biggest batik producers in Java’s beach. However, Cirebon actually is not only about its mainstay motifs of Mega Mendung. The region also has great tourism potential. Here are the lists of 10 tourist attractions in Cirebon that can not be missed:

1. Wanawisata Ciwaringin

Wanawisata CiwaringinThe tourist site is located in Ciwaringin village. Here you can walk while enjoying the view of Wanawisata. Just like the most other green areas in other city, here you can find row of shady trees especially eucalyptus tree. quite unique isn’t it?
Wanawisata Ciwaringin is most visited on Sunday. If you’d like to fish, there is a Lake Ciranca to fish at. Taking home the fresh fish that you fish yourself will be quite fun. Besides, there is motor cross arena which is used when there is particular event.

2. Cikalahang Tourism Village

Cikalahang Tourism VillageIn the tourism village, your fishing hobby and culinary tour will be fulfilled. Cikalahang is a tourist place in Cirebon which becomes the family’s favorite place. There are many restaurant with special roasted fish menu. In addition, you can also fish in the pools provided, so the fish is guaranteed to be in perfect condition. CIkalahang Tourism Village is located in Kacamatan Dukupuntang.

3. Situ Gedong

Situ GedongSitu Gedong is an artificial dam and tourist site in Cirebon, right in Kecamatan Sedong. The place is most visited by families at the weekend. Besides seeing the view, there is also play that you can used to relax with your family such as Duck Water. The duck water can be used to go around Situ gedong.
The best time to visit Situ Gedong is in the afternoon as the weather is nice, so you can enjoy the tourist site better.

4. Ade Irma Suryani Nasution Park

Ade Irma Suryani Nasution ParkAde Irma Suryani Nasution Park is the biggest recreational park in the city. Initially, the park named Traffic Garden Cirebon and became a tourist site which is most visited. In 1966, the park changed its name into Ade Irma Suryani Nasution Park.
The tourist site is essential to be visited with family, there are kid play and zoo here. Because the locations is near to the Cirebon port, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach. Besides, there is musical ad art concert hold every Sunday and national holiday on a stage provided there.

5. Kesepuhan Palace

Kesepuhan PalaceKesepuhan Palace is first kingdom palace in Cirebon built by Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin II in 1529. Besides as the oldest palace in Cirebon, it becomes the grandest palace in the city as well. The palace is surrounded by red bricks wall. In contrary, the main building is white which there is Sultan’s throne and bedroom inside.
The historical remain building now becomes the most favorite tourist site for the visitors from outside. Here, you can see the Legacy items belong to the Sultan in the past and also a Lion Carriage which only can be seen in Syawal 1st Hijriah to wash.

6. Kanoman Palace

Kanoman PalaceKanoman Palace is located 600 M from Kesepuhan Palace. The palace was built by Sultan Badaruddin in 1588, since there was disagreement about who the kingdom’s successor was. From Kasepuhan Palace to Kanoman Palace, you will pass by the traditional market which sells various typical souvernir of Cirebon, so it easy to buy souvenirs here.
Here, you can enter the museum which there are many historical remnants inside such as antique plates from Europe which was the Sultan’s collection. Besides, the palace is still a resident for the 12th generation namely King Muhammad Emiruddin and his family.

7. Sang Cipta Rasa Grand Mosque

Sang Cipta Rasa Grand MosqueSang Cipta Rasa Grand Mosque is called as Kesepuhan Great Mosque as its location is near to Kesepuhan Palace. The mosque becomes one of tourist sites in Cirebon. At the Mosque’s field there water source which believed to have the same source with Zam-zam well in Mecca. The water from the well is also believed to heal any diseases if we drink or wash face.
The unique thing from Sang Cipta Rasa mosque is the low entrance door, so the people have to bend down to enter. It is as the respect and manner when entering such a place.

8. Sari Gua Sunyaragi Park

Sari Gua Sunyaragi ParkThe tourist site is located in Kelurahan Sunyaragi. Kesambi. The name of the park is originated from two Sansekerta words sunya which means quiet and ragi which means Physical. The location was used by the King and his family as quiet seeking place.
There are two main buildings namely Pesanggrahan and Gua. Inside Pesanggrahan, there are some rooms such as bedroom, and make up room. The interesting thing is the gua building which looks like a temple from outside. Its inside part resembles cave as there are many gangs and shaped like labyrinth. Besides the shady trees to rest, there are many small saung which sell food and typical Cirebon’s souvenirs.

9. Banyu Panas Palimanan

Banyu Panas PalimananBanyu Panas Palimanan is one of the tourist sites in Cirebon which is most visited everyday especially at the weekend. The bathing place is located in West Palimanan, Kecamatan Palimanan, Cirebon. From the central Cirebon, the tourist site can be reached within 25 – 30 minutes trip.
The water in he bathing place is natural hot water source which consists sulfur and believed to be able to heal any skin diseases. Around the bathing location there are many gazebos to rest.

10. Batik Trusmi Village

Batik Trusmi VillageThe shopping activity of typical souvenirs is hard to be separated from the tourism activity. If you want to buy typical Cirebon’s Batik as the souvenirs, you can come to Batik Trusmi Village in Kecamatan Plered, Cirebon. There is batik with typical motif that you can buy here. The offered price is more affordable than in the malls or other shopping centres.

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