10 Most Exotic Beaches in Lombok

10 Most Exotic Beaches in Lombok

10 Most Exotic Beaches in Lombok10 Most Exotic Beaches in Lombok – Lombok is known as the best tourist destination for the people, as the beauty of its marine site besides Bali. Lombok is well known as its beautiful beaches. In fact, besides Senggigi beach, there are nine more beaches that too unfortunate to be missed. Here’s the list of 10 exotic beaches in Lombok which worth a visit:

1. Gili Trawangan Beach

Gili Trawangan BeachGili Trawangan beach is located in an island in western lombok. Gili Trawangan is the favorite destination for international or local visitors. From Mataram city, you can take transportation whose route is Mataram-Rembiga-Pamenang. Afterwards, you take transportation from Bangsal port departing to Trawangan.
There are plenty of popular activities that you can do at the beach such as scuba diving, snorkeling, taking a glass bottomed boat, going around the island with cidomo, and many more. You are not allowed to take any kinds of vehicle as to prevent air pollution and to keep the marine ecosystem.

2. Senggigi Beach

Senggigi BeachSenggigi beach is one of most popular beaches in Lombok. You will see the outstanding view of black-colored gradation and beautiful white sands. Besides the gradation color, the sunset view at the beach matches with Kuta’s.
Talking about the shore line, Senggigi beach has two cultural locations that can be visited. They are Batu Bolong and Batu Layar. Batu Bolong is a shrine which was built on a reef, Whereas Batu Layar is a location of the grave of an Ulama. The sea water is so clear that you can see marine biotic with your bare eyes.

3. Kuta Lombok Beach

Kuta Lombok BeachIn fact, Kuta beach is not only in Bali, but it is also in Lombok exactly in Kuta village, Kecamatan Pujut, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah. Kuta beach has white-browned sands as it looks like peppers.
The typical characteristic of the beach is that there is a hill in the western beach, whose name is Bukit Mandalika. From the hill, you can enjoy all the beauty of Kuta beach. There is one more thing that the sea water is so clear here that you can see at the reefs directly with your bare eyes.

4. Pink Beach

Pink BeachBeing called as Pink Beach as the sands in here is reddish. So that if you stare from distance it looks like pink-colored. The real name of pink beach is Tangsi Beach.
The coast is located in Sukaroh village, Kecamatan Jerowaru, East Lombok. The sands became pink is due to the mixture between white sand and the shale of red coral. The most attractive of it is not only its pinky sands, but also it has beautiful cliffs. The water flows slowly so that it is save spot for children to play at.

5. Nipah Beach

Nipah BeachNipah beach is located nearby from Senggigi beach. It is exactly in Dusun Nipah, Malaka village, Kecamatan Pemang, north Lombok. From Senggigi coast, it takes about 20 minutes to reach Nipah beach. The way there is accessible. The location of the beach is in the roadside so it is easy to be found.
Many kind of activities that you can do here, namely swimming, snorkeling, going around the island with fishing boat, and playing kano. The sea water is very clear like aquamarine. There are also a lot of shady trees here so that the view of the beach becomes more beautiful.

6. Aan Cape Beach

Aan Cape BeachAan cape beach is located not far from Kuta lombok beach. It is only 3 kilometers. In contrary with Senggigi and Kuta beach, its shore line is shorter. This beach is directly opposite to the Indian Ocean, that as if it was divided into two beaches. The first one is white-colored sands and the other one is peppered-sands. Both of them are separated by a huge coral. You can do a lot of activities here such as snorkeling, riding a boat, swimming, or surfing in the early evening.

7. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak BeachThe location of Selong Belanak is in Selong Belanak village, Kecamatan Praya Barat, Lombok Tengah. If you look from distance, the shore line of this beach resembles a crescent. It i said that this place is not visited by many people yet, so that the beach is still virgin and it has super beautiful sunset view. After being tired playing with water, you can try the seafood counters at the back of beach.

8. Sekotong Beach

Sekotong BeachSekotong beach is located 60 kilometers from Mataram city, it is exactly in Kecamatan Sekotong, Kabupaten Lombok Barat. This Lombok’s beach is surrounded by a range of small hills. The white sands is as white as snow and the sea is very blue make it more beautiful. Form up hills, you can enjoy the stunning view of Agung Mountain in Bali and also several island around it. In this beach, there is site of conservation of Lombok’s sea, so that you can see direcly the marine biotic such lobster, sea slug, abalone, and many more.

9. Gili Meno Beach

Gili Meno BeachIf you are looking for a tranquil and pleasant beach, Gili Meno is the perfect answer. In contrary of Gili Trawangan which is visited by many visitors and its underwater site. In here you will be presented with private beach atmosphere with all the private gazebos which covers you from the direct sunshine. The sea water here is so clear so that you can look direcly at the marine biotic till its bottoms. The Meno Wall and Turtle Point at the northern island is a perfect spots for diving and snorkeling.

10. Cape Bloam Beach

Cape Bloam BeachCape Bloam beach is well known as the site of tortoise conservation. To enjoy the beauty of the beach, you must take a difficult path through the teak forest and slimy road. It is due to the remote place. It is in the Dusun Tangsi, Temeak village, Kecamatan Jerowaru, Kabupaten Lombok Timur. The beauty of Bloam cape beach is seen from its sea, white sand, and the coral cliff where the tortoises live. The wave in the beach is huge relatively, so you should be more careful when you are around the beach.

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