10 Best Tourist Attractions in Philippines

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Philippines

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Philippines10 Best Tourist Attractions in Philippines – Philippines is an island nation which is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. Since the nation has seven thousand tropical islands, the region becomes one of the world’s longest island combined with its coastlines. The islands of Philippines have such beautiful coral reefs and spectacular diving, amazing wildlife like dugongs and whale sharks, and mountainous area of tropical rainforests. Filipino people are generous, friendly, and warm. You can find the Flights to Manila or Cebu, and you can find inter island travel easily via plane, train, ferry or car. Let’s take a look at some of the 10 best tourist attractions to visit in the Philippines:

1. Vigan

ViganOnce you step a foot at Crisologo St region, you will the the atmosphere of this town is like a step back to colonial times. There are Horses which pulling carts along cobblestone streets with the row of dark-wood mansions flank the sides, which will remind you of the grand life which many people enjoyed in this trading post of colonial Spanish. At the time, many trading goods such as gold and beeswax were traded to China for making exotic Asian items. These days, tourism becomes the main income of this port, despite the grandness from its trading history still remains. Vigan has two vital areas, a business district in the South, and a shopping center in the North. The visitors can enjoy the museums which consist of several mansions, the Mestizo district, and St Paul’s Cathedral.

2. Bohol

BoholThe spokes model of Bohol Island are the tiny fingers and huge orange eyes of the tiniest tarsier. It takes a short trip from Cebu, this area serves one of the a little remaining homes for the tiny primate. The unique geologic peculiarity of the hills of chocolate hills serves as the non-divers’ second draw to this region. The uniqueness of mogul-like hills coming with a legend that it was being formed by the rocks thrown by a mad giant. However, most of the tourists coming to this region are to participate in the breathtaking dive chances which the region offers. It becomes the jumping off point for the sea reserves of Pamlican and Pangalo islands.

3. Manila

ManilaThis mega city of Asia is the capital city of the Philippines, the most tourists’ fly-in point, and a rushing chances to cherish bounds of new and old culture. From tall shining buildings on the skyscraper gazing tour to the century landmarks on the self-guided downtown tour, there are much to see in Manila. Food, either from high cuisine restaurant to a street cart, is diverse and excellent, not only representing the Spanish blend, indigenous, and heritages of China which have found their path to this nation. There will never be a bad time to visit Manila, as there are nearly two-dozen yearly festivals to keep the city celebrations.

4. Donsol

DonsolLocated in the Sorsogon province, a pristine beaches place, unexplored caves and stunning waterfalls, the sleepy fishing village of Donsol is the place to see whale sharks in the Philippines. The whale sharks like tropical waters, which makes Donsol Bay becomes their great habitat. These protected species migrates through Donsol during November and June, with the highest numbers between February and May. These huge fish is not shy to approach boats; indeed, they had some carry scars from the hit with propellers.

5. Tagaytay

TagaytayThe Taal volcano which places majestically above Tagaytay town is a combination of extinct and active and craters which create a must-sees beautiful tapestry. Lake Taal is located inside the crater of old Taal volcano, and the central island of the lake is the active volcano craters, which can be steaming on certain days. Those who have never seen the original waters of a crater lake before will be amazed at their original beauty. The Tagaytay long town places along this ridge, and is known as laid back, being clean, and a shelter for foodies. Tourist attractions of the town include the large local flower farm, St Anne Shrine, Punta de Santiago lighthouse.

6. Cebu

CebuCebu is the Philippines’ island province, which consists of the main island itself and about 167 surrounding islands. Cebu city is the oldest in the country, and home for the second international airport of the nation. The city is smaller but it has similarity of busy version of Manila, with plenty of the similar urban advantages of old, new, cultural and cutting edge. One benefit is that Cebu has Matcan island, featuring a first dive site which is a short drive from the international airport. Another diving site, the resorts and island of Malapascua, which takes about a four hour drive to the Maya’s port town, and then it should be accessed by boat. The trip is well worthy, since it is often considered as the number one dive site in Philippines.

7. Mindoro

MindoroMindoro island consists of two distinct regions, Mindoro Occidental and Mindoro Oriental, which are apart from one another by a high mountain range. Most of north part of the region is remote, and as a home for the primitive Mangayan tribe. This trip is well worthy for divers, however, as Sablayan town is the entrance to the Pangan island and the original Apo Reef Marine Natural Park. There is only one resort available on the island, so reservations are highly recommended. In Mindoro Oriental, the main tourism location is Puerto Galera town. This is an ideal beach town, with white sand beaches and resorts for the water lovers, and also orchid-filled rainforests, kayaking rivers, jeep trips, and waterfalls for the group trekkers.

8. Banuae

BanuaeThe Banuae’s mud-walled rice terraces are reason why it is enough to take a bus trip from Manila to this unique primitive town. The system of agricultural engineering which is represented here was built over 2,000 years ago and has passed on from generation to generation. Although the impressive and serene flats could be enough to make this one as a must-see, the outstanding wood-carved rice guardians will make the trip even more worthy. The crude, ancient sculptures are the reminiscent of tikis, and is believed to protect the crops from pest. Despite tourism has made the Western world to visit the ancient way of life and they created a huge tourist market here, there are chances to visit towns with less touristy which their rice crops are still as the main staple of their economics life for those looking for a more pristine experience.

9. Boracay

BoracayThe endless white sandy beaches, beautiful resorts, and colorful outrigger sailboat rides grace this island which has been on the top three beaches lists in the world by travel sites. The most populated region of Boracay is in the central part of White Beach, which has the most chances for food, shopping, public merriment, and adventure. Moving further away, more remote choices are provided, but they come with less hospitality. Lodging places ranges from budget shacks to the high-end of full-service resorts, but the turquoise water, romantic ambiance, and white sandy beaches, are open to all.

10. Palawan

PalawanPalawan which is an island province which stretches from Mindoro to Borneo between the Sulu seas and South China, is one of the tourist attractions to visit in Philippines. Puerto Princesa is the provincial capital, which is close to large formations of karst with an underground river. Coron Reefs which is located on Busuanga Island is a popular diving spot, drawing divers who want to explore the shipwrecks of Japan from World War II. Another popular attractions here is El Nido, a town sandwiched between the beautiful Bacuit Bay and towering limestone karst cliffs.

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