10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pontianak

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pontianak

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pontianak10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pontianak – Pontianak is famous of its equator line. The city becomes one of the areas in the world that is passed by equator line which divided earth into two parts, north and south. To strengthen its status as The Equator City, in Pontianak there is a Monument in the exact location which is assumed as the the middle line of earth.
Besides of that, Pontianak is also passed by two rivers namely Kapuas River and Landak River. The both river are described in the logo of the city. Not only popular with the the equator and Kapuas River, the city also has many tourist attractions. Here are the lists of 10 best of tourist sites in Pontianak that is worth becoming your main holiday option.

1. Kadriah Palace

Kadriah PalaceIt was built i 1771 by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Al Qadrie who was the first Sultan of the Pontianak Kingdom. Kadriah Palace is located in Tritura street, Pontianak. The building is dominated by yellow and made of belian wood, a wood from Kalimantan which is famous as the iron wood as its strength.In the yard, there are old cannons which are the remains of Japan and Purtuguese. Inside the building, you can find the Sultan’s throne and queen, completed with the pictures, sultan’s clothes and other sultan’s various collection. One of the unique collections is a Koraan which is written by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Al Qadrie.

2. Kesultanan Batulayang Tomb

Kesultanan Batulayang TombThe tourist site is a complex of seven Sultan Pontianak’s tombs alongside their families. The main tomb here is the first Sultan’s, Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Al Qadrie, which is located in a chamber right in the middle of the complex and shaped like a small bunker. The entrance door is made lower for the visitors so they have to steep when enter the place as the respect for the Sultan.
Outside the complex there is a pile of stones which painted green. The stone is called as Batulayang. The complex of the tomb is located about 2 KM from the equator monument. To reach this place, you won’t have to pay anything.

3. Pontianak Jami Mosque

Pontianak Jami MosqueThe mosque is known as Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Mosque. Along the Palace, the mosque became the evidence as the origin of Pontianak City. The roof of the mosque is four terraced and inside it there are four main pillars made of Belian wood with diameter of 0.5 M. Besides of that, the mosque which can carry 1,500 people was made of house on stilts style to avoid flood from the Kapuas River.
Pontianak Jami Mosque is located about 200 M from Kadriah Palace. After the Mosque, you can stop by at the traditional market which is located on the left side of mosque’s entrance door, you can buy fresh fish from Kapuas River.

4. Equator Monument

Equator MonumentHere’s the pride monument of Pontianak, Equator Monument. The tourist site is located about 3 KM from the central city. The main monument consists of four Belian wood pillars, two pillars at the back side are higher than the front’s. Besides of that, there’s word EVENAAR written between the back pillars.There is a museum which contains information about the equator line here. There is also souvenirs shops which sell the miniature of equator monument. To enter the place, you don’t need to pay anything. But if you want a certificate of visiting proof which is signed by the Pontianak’s Mayor, you must pay 10,000 IDR.
The best time to visit the place i in March 21st – 23rd or September 21st – 23rd. At those times, there is a natural phenomenon where the sun is located right above the equator line, so all the things on the line won’t have any shadows.

5. Betang Radankng House

Betang Radankng HouseBetang Radankng House is a replica of custom house of Dayak Tribe in West Kalimantan which was built on purpose by the city government in Sultan Syahrir street, Pontianak. The mainstay tourist site of Pontianak’d Government has a record as the longest custom house in Indonesia. The length of the house is up to 138 M with width 5 M, and Height 7 M.
The house has nature shaped like long house on stilts. The more members of the family the longer the betang house is, as the Dayak tribe would rather to live with all the members of the family in one house.
Betang House consists of three parts namely, terrace, selasar room which is usually used as to gather all the members of the family, and sleeping room which is the private room of each head of the family.
Betang Radakng House which is made by the government was made from Ulin wood with typical curves and painting of Dayak. At certain moment, the house is used as dance training place and other art shows.

6. Kapuas Town Square Park

Kapuas Town Square ParkThe existence of Kapuas River can not be separated from the people of Pontianak’s life. Besides as the water transportation path, the river is also used as a park for recreational purpose. The tourist site in Pontianak which most visited in the afternoon and evening is located in front of the mayor’s office
The 3 hectare wide park has a replica of equator monument in one of its corners. Besides of that, there are many benches that you can use to real while enjoying the culinary tour around the place.

7. Aloe Vera Center

Aloe Vera CenterAloe Vera center is a Aloe Vera preservation place which is located in Budi Utomo street, Siantan Hulu, North Pontianak. From Kapuas Terminal, you can take Siantar Hilir transportation.
Here, you can find aloe vera with huge size. Just imagine, every stem of it can reach 1.2 Kg. You can also see the producing process of the plant into various food such as dodol, candy, and flour. Besides of that, Aloe Vera can be made into cream for skin.
Before going home, you can also buy the various processed products as the souvenirs for friends or family at home.

8. Long Sand Beach

Long Sand BeachThe beach is located in Kecamatan Tujuhbelas or about 17 KM from Singkawang City. The typical view of beach can be seen here, white sand, clear blue water and the row of trees around it. You can play volleyball, swimming, fishing, or surfing here.
The facility provided here is sufficient, from the hotel, cottage, restaurant, souvenir shop and bar. To enjoy the beautiful view of its beach, you will be costed 10,000/individual.

9. Sinka Island Park

Sinka Island ParkSinka Island Park is an integrated recreational park which is located in Ma’jantuh Bay. In the tourist site there are zoo, swimming pool, and beach.
Sinka Zoo is a mini zoo which is available in the site. Inside it, there are about 200 animals out of 62 species exist. To enter the zoo you must pat 10,000 IDR.
If you want to enjoy the beach panorama, you can come to Banjau Beach. To enter the place, you must pay 20,000 IDR. There are many pieces of stone at the edge of the beach, so it is not good for swimming. For swimming, you can go to the swimming pool available here.
Besides of that, you can cross by the wooden bridge to the Simping Island. The island is called as the smallest island in the world. The interesting thing is, although it is small, there is a pagoda here. To step a foot on the island, you will be costed 15,000 IDR.

10. West Kalimantan Museum

West Kalimantan MuseumThe museum is also called as Country Museum of Pontianak. The historical tourist site is located in Jenderal Ahmad Yani street. The museum is divided into three zones which has different collections. From the artifacts discovered in West Kalimantan, collection of Kingdom’s items, handcrafts and culture of Dayak, until the collection of Chinese porcelain.
Outside the museum, there is a small park with a wooden bridge which is often used as the photo shooting location by the visitors. The museum opens every Tuesday until Thursday, at 8 AM – 4 PM and Friday until Sunday, at 8 AM – 3 PM, On Monday, the place is closed.

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