10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aceh

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aceh

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aceh10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aceh – Aceh is located in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. It has potential beauty of nature, from its beaches to mountains. Although having the destruction of tsunami in 2004 which caused lots of its tourist sites were destroyed, Aceh managed to bounce back and organize its sites very well.
If you are going to visit Aceh, you should know where to spend your day there. Here’s some list of the best tourist attractions in Aceh:

1. Baiturrahman Great MosquebaiturrahmanThis iconic mosque of Aceh was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in 1612. The main building of the mosque is white, with a great black dome which is surrounded by seven minarets. In front of the mosque there is a big pool and a fountain which reminds us of the Taj Mahal in India.
As a historical site which had high value of art, this mosque became the religious tour destination in Aceh which is visited the most due to its beauty. This site is very stunning for the people who came there as its historical and the beauty of its Turks Utsmani-styled architecture. Baiturrahman great mosque is known as one of the most beautiful mosque in Indonesia.
If you want to buy some souvenirs, you may come to Pasar Aceh which is located behind the mosque. After you are satisfied of going around, you must feel hungry. You can find some delicious local food there.

2. Blang Kolam WaterfallBlangkolamIt is very unfortunate if you miss this tourist site. Blang kolam waterfall is located in Sidomulyo village, north Aceh. It takes 30 minutes to reach from Lhokseumawe city.
In this site, you can see a twin waterfall with 75 meters long which is surrounded by shady trees. There are a lot of people who swim, sit, and relax around the waterfall.
If you want to have a distinct experience here, you should take a tent or camping equipment with you. In Blang Kolam Waterfall, you can camp and enjoy the beauty of nature by paying 5,000 IDR/individual. However, if you are not rather to camp, you need to pay 2,500 IDR for entrance fee.

3. Suhom WaterfallsuhomThe Suhom waterfall is located in Suhom village, Kecamatan Lhoong, Aceh Besar. To reach this site, you need to through a steep road with the view of the mountainous Paro and Kulu. Do not be surprised if you see there are plenty of monkeys wondering around on the way there. They usually want some fruits or food from the trespassers.
This fifty-meter-high-waterfall is divided into three levels, but you are not allowed to reach the second and third levels for the safety reasons since there is a high voltage electrical generator up there.
Nonetheless, this tourist site provides an outstanding view. You can swim in the two-meter-pond beneath the waterfall or accompany the children playing in the children pool. If you are not interested, you can still relax in the gazebo while eating your food.

4. Lampuuk BeachlampuukLampuuk beach is located in Meunasah Masjid village, Lhoknga, Aceh Besar. The ticket entrance is 3,000 IDR.
The citizen of Aceh should not be jealous with Bali which has plenty of beautiful beaches, as there a lot beaches with outstanding view in Aceh as well. One of them is Lampuuk Beach. It is also called as “Kuta Beach” of Aceh. It has a five-meter-long-coast-line from south to north with the smooth white sands and a cliff at the end of the coast. There are a lot of ways to enjoy your day at the beach such as surfing, tanning, swimming and playing with banana boat.
One more interesting way to kill your time here is to see the preservation of tortoises. You can also participate in releasing the woodpeckers to the sea. It is very fun to spend your holiday time while keep the conservation of nature.
If you are not satisfied enough yet of spending your time at Lampuuk Beach fo one day, you may stay in the cottage in the beach area. Besides you can enjoy the beauty of the beach longer, you are enjoy the roasted fish here.

5. Lhoknga Beach

lhokngaLhoknga beach is not far from Lampuuk Beach. This tourist site is about 20 kilometers from Banda Aceh. You can relax under the shady trees or playing beach volley ball in the vast and slight sands.
If relaxing and tanning is not fun enough for you, try to do surfing in the sea. As Lhoknga Beach has great waves with 1.5 up to 2 meters which is perfect for surfing.
If it is going to early evening, do not go home yet. You had better not miss the wonderful sunset at the beach. This beach is getting crowded in the early evening, many of them coming here to enjoy the sunset while relaxing and eating roasted corn.

6. Ulee Lheue Beachulee lheueThis tourist site is located 3 kilometers from the central Banda Aceh, exactly in Kecamatan Meuraxa.
The most popular activity in this beach is fishing. If you forget your fishing tools, do not worry, you can buy them here. If you don’t feel like fishing, you can rent a fishing boat to sail in its sea or just sitting at the sea shore while eating roasted corn. You can also see the mountains range from Ulee Lheue Beach.

7. Rubiah Island

rubiahRubiah island is in Sabang, exactly in the northern of Weh Island. The name of Rubiah is taken from a name which was written in a tombstone in the island.
This tourist site is well known as its beauty of the undersea. At least, there are 14 out of 15 biotic creatures which are preserved in Indonesia living its underwater.
Prepare your diving and snorkeling apparatus and have fun when swimming with various tropical fish and playing with colorful of coral reefs. If you don’t take the apparatus with you, you can rent them for one day by 40,000 IDR.

8. Kuala Merisi

kualaKuala Merisi is a perfect place to enjoy the beach with the tranquil and calm atmosphere. It is located in Ketapang village, Kecamatan Krueng Sabee. It has long coast line with good waves which is good for playing in its shore.
You can sit there if you take a mat with you. You can also enjoy the sound of the waves and wind. In this tourist site, people often do surfing as its wave is good enough for this kind of sport.
Besides, this coast provides good other facilities such as bathroom and restaurant.

9. Tsunami Museum

tsunami museumThis museum is built in 2009 which is to commemorate the victims of Tsunami in 2004. It is located in Sultan Iskandar Muda street.
Inside the museum, there is a long gang with the sound of waves and water which will remind us to the disastrous accident of tsunami. It is often visited by tourists who want to see the remains of disastrous accident of tsunami. There are a lot of items left on display here such as victim’s bike. Besides, there are the pictures of the victims, the story about the tsunami from the witnesses, and an earthquake
It is built as the central educational site and a as shelter just in case if it happens again.

10. Pantan Terong

pantan terongPantan Terong is a hill which is usually used to see the beauty of the center of Aceh. This tourist site is located in 1,890 meters from the sea surface. You should take a jacket with you since it’s quite cold chill up there.
From Pantan Terong you can see the Laut Tawar Lake which looks like a gigantic pan. You can also enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset there, so take a camera and capture this moment.

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