10 Best Tourist Attractions in Banjarmasin

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Banjarmasin

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Banjarmasin10 Best Tourist Attractions in Banjarmasin – What’s on your mind when you hear about Banjarmasin? If the answer is floating market, you are not wrong. All this time Banjarmasin is famous by its traditional market which is floating on the water. No wonder, the city which is called as The City of Thousands Rivers is flown by many big and small rivers such as Barito River and Martapura River. It makes the river turns into one of the most important thing for Banjarmasin people.
Is Banjarmasin only about rivers and its floating market? Of course not. The city has many interesting tourist sites to be visited. Here are the lists of tourist attractions in Banjarmasin that you may consider on your vacation list:

1. Floating Market

Floating MarketIt’s not completed if talking about Banjarmasin without floating market. The market becomes the typical nature of Banjarmasin. It is a kind of transaction that is done on a boat. These days, it becomes one of the tourist sites in Banjarmasin which attract the most visitors.
one of the famous ones is the one in the Sungai Barito, exactly in Kelurahan North Kuin, Banjarmasin. The market is estimated that has existed since about 400 years ago. Things which are sold are various such as crops. food, and clothes. In order to be able to see the activity of the market, you should come in the morning as the market works from 5 AM until 7 AM.
In the past time, what happened here is barter or exchanging thing without using money. Despite money has been used now as the exchange, but there are some who still use barter method. The interesting thing from the market is the stick which its end is barbed to take the things as its difficult to bring the boat nearer.

2. Martapura River Siring Park

Martapura River Siring ParkOne more tourist site in Banjarmasin which relies on the river is Martapura River Siring Park which is located in Jenderal Sudirman and Kapten Tandean street.The park is located at the Martapura riverbank and crowded in the afternoon. From here, you can see the Jukung activity of typical Banjarmasin boat in the river.
You may bring your fishing tools and start fishing here. If you want to enjoy the view around the river, you can sit on the coach available while having culinary from the row of counters at the park.
In Sunday, the park is getting crowded as there some punks who train skateboard and BMX here. This place is often used as their competition place.

3. Mascot Park

Mascot ParkAs its name, the tourist site presents two mascots of Banjarmasin city namely Bekantan and musk tree. At the entrance door, you will be welcomed by Bekantan statue as grown human sized. Not far behind it, there is a musk tree statue with hanging monkeys.
On the left entrance, there is plant house which contains many cactus, aloe vera and some kinds of plant in the pot. For the facility, Mascot park has parking area, musholla, toilet, park benches, food counter, and kids play area.
The tourist site is located in Banjarmasin city exactly in H. Djok Mentaya stree.

4. Wasaka Museum

Wasaka MuseumWasaka Museum stands for Waja Sampai Kaputing which is the motto of struggle of South Kalimantan people. The tourist site is located in H. Andir Street, Kenang Ulu village, North Banjarmasin. The architecture of the building is the Banjarmasin custom course which shapes a stage with high roof.
Inside it, there various collection of photos, typewriter, fighting uniform, and weapons which were used to fight the colonial such as keris, and Duch’s guns. Besides there is an old fashioned bike which was used to send the letter secretly.
The interesting thing is the proclamation texts which is created in 17 May 1949. The content of the text is different with the one which is famous among the Indonesian. This is due to according to Linggarjati Treaty, Kalimantan couldn’t be included in Indonesia. Despite of all that, Kalimantan peolpe kept fighting to be included as a part of Indonesia and had succeeded to declare its independence four years later after Bung Karno recited the proclamation text.
wasaka Museum opens everyday but Monday of National holidays, stars from 8.00 until 12.30 . The entrance is totally free.

5. Kembang Island

Kembang IslandKembang island is an island which is located in the middle of Barito River. The tourist site becomes monkeys habitat and some kind of birds. According to the local, in the island there is a big monkey which is the King of them.
When you are on the island, be careful with your luggage. The monkeys is often curious and wants to see the things you bring. You should bring snacks or fruits to diverse them from your bag.
The interesting thing is, in the island there is a temple and altar shaped like white monkey or Hanoman. The altar, for Tionghoa people, is used to put offerings for the certain animals.
The Tourist site is located about 1,5 Kilometers from the Central Banjamasin. In order to see the monkeys’ activity closer, the cost is 5,000 IDR for the locals and 25,000 IDR for the international visitors. Not fair huh?

6. Sultan Suriansyah Mosque

Sultan suriansyah MosqueThe mosque is called as Kuin Mosque as the location is in Kelurahan North Kuin. It was built between 1526-1550, the mosque become the oldest mosque in Banjarmasin.
Just like the other typical building of Banjarmasin, Sultan Suriansyah Mosque shaped like house on stilts with Typical South Kalimantan curves and overlapping roof. Some parts of the mosque look similar to Demak Great Mosque especially on its roof. It is because there were connections between the two empires in the past time.
The most unique thing is the mihrab which has its own roof separated from the main building.

7. Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque

Sabilal Muhtadin MosqueSabilal Muhtadin Mosque is called as the biggest mosque in Banjarmasin. The mosque with five minarets can carry 15,000 People.
Its name was taken from the book written by Syaikh Muhammad Arsyad Al Banjary which was a big ulama in South Kalimantan. The mosque which is built in 1981 became one of the religions attractions which is visited by locals or international visitors.
Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque is located in west margin of Martapura River, exactly in Kelurahan Antasan Besar, Central Banjarmasin.

8. Intan Martapura Market

Intan Martapura MarketIntan Martapura Market is located in Ahmad Yani street, Martapura, or about 45 kilometers from central Banjarmasin. The market becomes the good destinations for those who love diamonds. Martapura is famous by its diamonds mining which is the biggest one in Indonesia. The place has the best quality of diamonds.
At the market, there are 87 diamonds stores. Besides buying in the stone shape, you can also buy the stone which has been processed into various things such as necklace, bracelet, ring, and also brooch. The market visitors are not only the locals but also many from Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

9. Tepian Sungai Martapura Culinary Center

Tepian Sungai Martapura Culinary CenterIf you want to taste the Banjarmasin typical culinary in one place, you can come to the Banjarmasin culinary center which is located in Pos street which connects between Sudirman adn Hasanuddin street.
In the 300 meters road, there are about 52 food counters which sell various Banjarmasin typical culinary such as laksa, nasi kuning, soto Banjar, and Lupis. Besides of that, there is fried rice as the national food and also others region’s culinary such as Padang and Palembang cuisine.

10. Sasirangan Village

Sasirangan VillageIf in Cirebon there is Trusmi Botique as the gift centre, her there is Sasirangan Village. Here, you can find Sasirangan Botique which is Banjarmasin typical botique. The shopping centre is locaeted in Seberang Masjid street, Melayu Village.
Besides buying, you can also see the its making process here. Sasaringan Botique has characteristif of clear color. You can buy the cloth one or the done ones such as clothes, shawl, bed cover or table cloth. There are also various accessory which are made from botique cloth such as bag, purse, and hand handkerchief.

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