10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batam

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batam

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batam10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batam – Batam is a small city which is full of tourism activity as the location is very strategic. Located in the middle of shipping line as well as near to Singapore and Malaysia is an advantage for Batam. Based on that reason, Batam becomes one of the city which has highest development in Indonesia.
Most visited by tourists from Singapore and Malaysia proves that Batam is a tourist site which worth a visit. So what are those?

1. Marina Beach

Marina BeachMarina Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Batam. Located in the west part of Batam, Marina Beach is not only a tourist site, but also a moorage for ferry. Besides the bautiful view, the beach also has green park which is essential for kid play location. In the location there are many food traders, so you don’t need to bring it from home. Besides there are cheap hotels until the class hotels for you to stay. The entrance ticket is 6,000 IDR for adult and 3,000 IDR for kids.

2. Barelang Bridge

Barelang BridgeBarelang Beach is an iconic building of Batam. The bridge connect many islands at once for industry improvement purpose. Barelang Bridge is very famous until when you think of Batam, the first thing on your mind is Barelang Bridge. The bridge is often called as Habibie’s Bridge as it was his idea to build the bridge in 1992.

3. Nongsa Beach

Nongsa BeachNongsa is a Kecamatan’s name in Batam. The kecamatan is famous with its beach named Nongsa Beach. Located in the eastern Batam, to reach Nongsa Beach it takes only about 10 minutes from the airport. There are many hotels and international class of resort here. Nongsa Beach has nature of small tides completed with the vast white sand. The interesting thing of the beach is that you can see Singapore City from the beach as the distance is very close. It is very beautiful at night.

4. Melur Beach

Melur BeachMelur Beach is one of tourist sites in Batam which has become the main attraction in Batam. The beach has vast vision, clear sea, and the vast white sands. Besides, Malur Beach is also surrounded by exotic green trees and has nature of still tides, it is very essential for those who seek for tranquility and want to rest from all the daily business.

5. Ocarina Park

Ocarina ParkOcarina Park is the Ancaol of Batam. It was official in 2008, it is still new one, but has already become one of the main attractions in Batam. Locate on more than 40 hectare field, Ocarina Park offers play spacecrafts which are essential for kids and adults. Besides the play area, Ocarina Park is often used as a place where the big events held such as concert. The entrance ticket to Ocarina Park is 5,000 IDR/individual, the cost of playing in the spacecrafts is not included.

6. Vietnam Town

Vietnam TownVietnam Town is located in Galang Island which is an inhabited island that was used as the shelter for Vietnam refugees. Vietnam refugees which are often called as Human-boat fleed to Galang Island as there was internal conflict in Vietnam. So Why the island is inhabited now? The government of Indonesia that let them live there gradually repatriated them to their homeland as there are no more any refugees on the island. Despite being inhabited, Vietnam town is still a good tourist site which most visited the condition is still like it used to be, completed with all the remnants.

7. Smile Hiil

Smile HiilSmile Hill, as its name, is a hill areas in Batam. The hill is not regular hill, from up the hill you can see the beauty of Singapore City, especially at night. The most unique thing, you can also see the plane taking off and landing as Changi Airport. On Smile Hill you can find various hanging out spots to enjoy the view. The best time to visit Smile Hill is New Year Eve as you can see the sparkling fireworks clearly from Smile Hill.

8. Batam City Square

Batam City SquareBatam City Square is a shopping centre which is located in Bunga Raya Street. The shopping centre is not only visited by the locals, but also there are many foreign visitors. The six-floored building offers the tour of shopping, recreation, and entertainment in one place, so no wonder if this place is crowded everyday. If you bring a car with you, no need to concern as the parking lot can take more than 1000 cars.

9. Melayu Beach

Malayu BeachMelayu Beach is a beach which is essential for picnic purposes as there are many tress so the atmosphere becomes shady. As the tides are still, Melayu Beach is very safe and good for swimming. At the beach, you can also play banana boat, namely a play which is to ride a banana-alike boat together by paying 25,000 IDR/indivudual. To enter Melayu Beach, you need to pay entrance ticket for 5,000 IDR.

10. Cape Bemban Beach

Cape Bemban BeachCape Bemban Beach is one of tourist sites in Batam which is worth a visit. It was officially opened in 2010 as a tourist site , these days Cape Bemban Beach has already become a marine iconic tourism in Batam. Form the beach, you can see the ship sailing to Singapore. If you visit Cape Bemban Beach, don’t forget to taste the seafood with coconut ice.

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