10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batu, Malang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batu, Malang

10 Best Tourist Destinations in Batu, Malang10 Best Tourist Attractions in Batu, Malang – If you are going to Batu, Malang, but you are still confusing about which area that worth a visit in Batu, this time we will talk about places that worth a visit in Batu, Malang. So do not forget to take a camera to capture the amazing views.

1. East Java Park #1

East Java Park #1East Java park or which is well known as Jatim Park is a tourism and educational park. Jatim park is the iconic place of East Java which has 56 kinds of spacecraft such as giant pool (with Ken Dedes, Ken Arok, Mpu Gandring backgrounds), spinning coaster, drop zone, 3D ghost hunter, and so on.
The interesting spacecrafts available in this park are volcano, nusantara gallery, science center, flumride, and mythologies, and miniature of various temples in Indonesia.
East Java park was acknowledged as the 1st winner in national level of huge scale human-made park category by the Tourism Minister and creative economic. The entrance ticket of East Java park for the weekday is 55,000 IDR whereas for weekend and holiday is 75,000 IDR.

2. East Java Park #2

East Java Park #2East Java park #2 consists of Secret Zoo, Fauna Museum, Inn Tree Hotel. Fauna museum is a museum that contains mummified animals and fossil of ancient animals which came from various parts of the world.
If you are feeling enough seeing the mummified animals, then you can see various live animal in Batu secret zoo. It offers you various collections of fauna from any part of the world which is placed in a place which is similar to their habitats.
Secret zoo presents different theme in every fauna location. Begin at Savannah, African Village, Fantasy Land, River Adventure, Feeding Birds, Tiger Land and so on. Secret Zoo has won the award of The Best Winner Traveler Choice 2014. The entrance ticket for weekday is 70,000 IDR whereas for weekend and holiday is 100,000 IDR.

3. Angkut Museum

Angkut MuseumAngkut museum is the development of East Java Park Grup. As its name Angkut (Transportation), the unique museum has various kinds of old-fashioned and modern transportation from around the world, either land, marine, or air transportation. It stands regally on 3,7 hectare area.
Angkut museum is divided into few zones as its transportation background. For instance education zone, German zone, Batavia zone, British zone, Gangster and Broadway zone, Las Vegas zone, Italy zone, Hollywood zone, France zone, and Floating nusantara market. You can also feel the real atmosphere of world’s big cities here such as London, US, Italia, or Paris.
The most attractive zone is Gangster and Broadway. There, you will be presented by a small city atmosphere with foreign suburbs completed with the police station, movies building, and stores. You can find the Broadway theatre while watching old movie Charlie Caplin as well.

4. Eco Green Park

Eco Green ParkEco Green Park is located in Oro-oro Ombo street #9A, Batu. It opens everyday from 9.00 AM until 5.00 PM. The entrance ticket costs 40,000 IDR/individual the regular days, and 60,000 IDR/individual at the weekend.
Eco green park is suitable for family tourist site. At least, there are more than 10 zones here namely Insectarium Zone, Walking Bird Zone, Music Plaza Zone, Jungle Adventure Zone, Animal Farm Zone, World Parrots Zone, Duck Kingdom Zone, Upside Down House Zone, and so on. There is brand new zone added in this park, it’s cattle milking squeeze zone. You will see the demo of how to squeeze dairy cattle milk Friesian Holsten (FH). There are two types of dairy cattle which came from Australia.

5. BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)BNS is a tourist site that you should visit a night. BNS was built for supporting Batu City as all day city holiday, which means that you can enjoy the holiday all day and night in this city.
The operational time of BNS is form 3.00 AM until 12.00 AM. There are various scapecrafts for any age levels here.
Some of the favorite spacecrafts that you can take are air cycling, 4D cinema, ghost house, kid zone, China paper lantern park. The China paper lantern park is a favorite spot for taking pictures and also the icon of the park. The entrance ticket is 20,000 IDR at weekday and 30,000 IDR at weekend. There is also a special ticket that allows you to play any kinds of spacecraft by paying 90,000 IDR/individual.

6. Paralayang and Tree House

Paralayang and Tree HouseParalayang and tree house is within one area. It is exactly in Mount Banyak. On this mount you can see the the full view of Baru city.  If you go to this place at night, you can see the flickering glare of Batu city with the sparkling stars at the sky.
For those who like tranquil situation can sit on the wooden chairs while enjoying the view of Batu city form elevated place. In contrary for those who like extreme stuff can try the Paralayang sport. No need to worry about falling off as there is a guide with you.
Visiting Paralayang, do not forget to stop by the tree house. Fancy sleeping and stay in a wooden house with the outstanding view? You can stay at the tree house. It is only 250,000 – 350,000 IDR/night. If you’d rather not, you may still see the view and taking picture by paying 5,000 IDR.

7. Kusuma Agrowisata

Kusuma AgrowisataKusuma Agrowisata is located on Upper Abdul Gani street, Batu. It is one of the agro tourism pioneer which provide hotel facility. You can enjoy the harvesting tourism in the plantation of apple, red guava, orange, dragon fruit, strawberry, and free pesticide hydroponic vegetables as well. Later you will be accompanied by a guide to go around it.
Besides of those mentioned above, there is outbound facility and waterpark for kids or adults as well. It is 45,000 – 60,000 IDR for the harvesting tourism which depends on the packet day that you take. For outbound, the kids cost 85,000 IDR and 125,000 IDR for adults.

8. Batu Town Square

Batu Town SquareBatu town square is located in the middle of the city. It becomes the central entertainment for the locals or foreigners. As it name, in the town square there is a super giant apple replica which become the icon of Batu city. There is a rainbow exact in the middle of it. That is why it is different from the others.
The rainbow can be ridden by all the visitors by paying about 3,500 IDR/individual. On the rainbow, you can enjoy the view of Batu city at night. Besides, there is a water park and several good locations for taking pictures.
The pureness of this place is highly maintained, so do not try to litter if you do not want to get fined. The visitors who coming to this place is around 1,000 to 5,000 people everyday.

9. Coban Rais and Coban Rondo

 Coban Rais and Coban RondoSince it is located in highland, Batu city has several beautiful waterfall tourist sites. Two of them are Coban Rais and Coban Rondo. Coban Rondo is a waterfall site that is suitable to be visited with family, as the distance between the waterfall and entrance door, also the way is accessible.
The location of Coban Rondo is in Pandansari village, Kecamatan Pujon. Coban Rondo waterfall has 60 meters high. There is also a labyrinth park which is perfect for playing and taking pictures.
In contrary of Coban Rondo, Coban Rais is a waterfall tourist site which is suitable for those who coming with friends because it is perfect for camping purpose in the star hill area. When you come to Coban Rais, do not forget to bring your own food stock and prepare your stamina, as the track to the waterfall and the entrance door is quite far.

10. Kaliwatu Rafting

Kaliwatu RaftingIf you love kinds of extreme sports that will trigger you adrenaline, you should do rafting in Kaliwatu Rafting. It is located in Pandanrejo street #4, Bumiaji, Batu. The rives used for rafting is quite swift with lots of stones.
It takes 7 kilometers and 2 hours duration to raft in this river. You can see the beautiful view of the green tress on your way rafting. It opens from 09.00 AM which costs 125,000 IDR/individual.

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