7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali – It is no doubt as recently Bali becomes the most popular tourist site in Indonesia. It offers various attractive tourist sites, from the beach tourism, mountain tourism, adventure tourism, natural tourism, until culture tourism and shopping tourism. Bali is the most complex tourist attractions in Indonesia and suitable for everyone.
Among all of tourist sites in Bali, which is the most popular one is the beach. So what are the most beautiful beaches in Bali? Let’s check it out.

1. Kuta Beach

Kuta BeachKuta beach is the Bali’s iconic tourist site. None comes to Bali without visiting this one. The tourist site which is located not far from the airport has long and curved shore line, so you can take walk in this beach. Besides the beach is also called Sunset Beach which offers the surfing experience which is good for the beginners. Since this place is very crowded by the visitors, you can find shopping place, restaurant, hotel, souvenirs shop, and so on around the beach easily.

2. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang BeachPadang Padang Beach is a beautiful place, but it is not too familiar for the Indonesian. The beach which hides behind a cliff is located in Pecatu area which is not far from Uluwatu. In order to reach the beach, you must through a cave which the people have to pass it in turn, as the width of the cave is only for one person. Despite it is not as big and as long as Kuta Beach. Padang Padang Beach offers the unique beautiful beach and very neat, so it is included in the lists that you must visit in Bali.

3. Lovina Beach

Lovina BeachThe same with Padang Padang Beach, Lovina Beach is not too familiar for the Indonesian. However, the beach which is located in North Bali offers the very distinct experience with the other beaches in Bali. The main attraction of the black sand beach is the dolphins. When you arrived at Lovina Beach, the first thing you see is the giant dolphin statue which became the icon of the beach.
In order to see the dolphins playing and jumping at its actual habitat, you must go to this beach in the morning, it is better before the sunrise. The early you come, the bigger chance you get to play with them, as at noon they will swim far from the beach. The total dolphins that you can see here is not only 1 or 2, but there is tens up to hundreds of dolphins that you can’t miss at all.
To get this unique experience, you need to take the fishing boat which capacity is for 6 people per boat. No need to worry to drown as the boat is designed for waving sea. Besides, you will put on enough safety apparatus.

4. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran BeachJimbaran Beach is not as crowded as Kuta Beach at noon, but in the evening Jimbaran Beach will be crowded by people. It is a beach which offers the culinary tourism at the sea shore. So don’t wonder if there are many restaurants at the beach. The main menu from the restaurant is the seafood which the material is still fresh as it is directly caught from its beach by the fishermen.
Besides eating inside the restaurant, you can also eat on the soft beach sand. In the evening, some restaurants will provide live music to complete you amazing dinner experience.

5. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland BeachDreamland beach is a tourist site in Bali which is located in South Bali, exactly in Pecatu. The beach is surrounded by a range of high cliff and it takes 30 minutes from Bali. The atmosphere and condition of Dreamland Beach is the same with Kuta Beach’s, but with the less visitors, so it is perfect for those who seeking for tranquil place.
The origin of name of the beach is quite unique. Dreamland Beach is named so because the locals was hoping that the project of tourism object and the house at the area con contribute them better working fields, unfortunately the project was stuck and never finished.

6. Pandawa Beach

Pandawa BeachPandawa beach which is known as the secret beach of Bali is a beach tourist area in Bali, which is essential for those who don’t like crowd. The beach which is located behind a lime stone has the amazing sunrise view. Pandawa Beach is located in Kecamatan Kutu Selatan, about 18 kilometers from the airport. Although it is not far, but there is no public transport passing around the area, so you need to take your own vehicles, taxi, or rental car.

7. Sanur Beach

Sanur BeachIf Kuta Beach is called as the Sunset Beach, so Sanur Beach is the “Sunrise Beach” which is very attractive. The beach which is located in the Eastern Denpasar City has typical characteristic of still waves, so you can’t play surfing on the beach. The still wave is a sign that the water around the beach is very good for snorkeling and diving for the beginners. The most favorite activity in the beach is enjoying the sunrise while swimming at the still sea.

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