Chruchill Tourist Attractions

Chruchill Tourist Attractions

Chruchill Tourist AttractionsChruchill Tourist Attractions – A town on Hudson Bay in the far north of Manitoba, Canada. Churchill is best known for the polar bears that inhabit the area in the fall. So, it is called the polar bear capital of the world. Safaris in raised, reinforced tundra vehicles allow for meeting in the wild. In summer, beluga whales are on view in the Churchill River. The area also offers wintertime Northern Lights visibility, one of the best sites to experience the northern lights and seasonal bird-watching as it is a birder’s paradise.
While in Churchill, take in some of its adventure kayaking, outstanding cuisine which Arctic Char is a must, extensive fur trade history, and hiking. So get ready for your once in a lifetime experience of tundra in Churchill.

1. Northern Lights

Northern LightsThe northern lights or aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon which is caused by interaction of filled particles from the sun with the atoms in the upper atmosphere. Scientists from around the world have visit Churchill to study the aurora borealis in the active night sky. Churchill is a excellent place see the northern lights as it is one of the top 3 places on the planet.
The otherworldly dancing shades of light glow in a rainbow of colours are at their most sparkling in January to March. Tourists can see the colourful arts of the Aurora borealis light up the pitch black nights under clear winter skies. Take a front row seat in the comfortable plexiglass covered Aurora Domes to watch this outstanding natural lightshow.
So, shape out your sky gazing getaway immediately!

2. Polar Bear

Polar BearChurchill is known as one of the few human habitations where tourists are able to meet face to face with the mighty polar bear from exclusive tundra vehicles which let tourists travel in safety and comfort over the snowy terrain.
Tourists can follow the bears as they gather along the coasts of Hudson Bay, while waiting for the ice to freeze. Jungle hikes offer a bears’ eye scenery of the amazing coastal landscape.
So, plan your once in a lifetime polar bear experience now!

3. Beluga Whales

Beluga WhalesCalled sea canaries for their bizzare high pitched whistles, chirping, clicking, and some other underwater vocalizations, about thousands of beluga whales occupy the Churchill River’s warmer waters after the ice breaks up.
The zodiacs and larger passenger boats will take the tourists out among these curious and intelligent creatures. Listen to the whales’ conversation using hydrophones and try to know what they are saying. If the tourists are more adventurous, they can venture out on or in the water, snorkeling or kayaking with these friendly sea mammals will become an unforgettable experience.
So, set your beluga adventure today!

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