Kaikoura Tourist Attractions

Kaikoura Tourist Attractions

Kaikoura Tourist AttractionsKaikoura Tourist Attractions – Kaikoura is known for a basis for wildlife experiences of all species. It is a great place to eat crayfish as well which in the Maori language kai means food and koura means crayfish. A simple two-hour drive north of Christchurch, Kaikoura becomes a great day trip or a fun stopping on the way to Marlborough. The environment of Kaikoura is truly outstanding. The village is located between the Pacific Ocean and the rugged Seaward Kaikoura Range. The mountains are covered with snow in winter which adding to the drama of the landscape.

kaikouraThe special talent of Kaikoura is marine mammal encounters such as dolphins, whales, and fur seals live permanently in the coastal waters area. Whale watching trips depart the town few times a day and the local seal colony is always amusing. There are a lot of shops, cafés, and restaurants to explore.
Some distinct species of whale can be viewed off Kaikoura at different times within a year, while most frequently the huge Sperm Whales. Flukes lifting clear at the beginning of the deep dive, while building up the strength of adolescent male Sperm Whales to move to the mating grounds of the warm north, they enjoy the rich diet of the Kaikoura waters. Usually diving to depths of 1 kilometre, Sperm Whales are known to dive to 3 kilometres, while holding their breath for up to 2 hours. Probably wrestling with a giant squid or gulping down a few groper.

kaikouraThe coastal waters of Kaikoura are home to a system of birdlife and other marine mammals which making it the perfect tourist destination for marine experiences the whole year round. The Sperm Whales share this part of the ocean as well with albatross, dusky dolphins, and fur seals amongst others. Migrating species like the rare hector’s dolphins, orca, and humpback whales visit throughout the year.
Local tour operators offer the opportunity to watch sea-birds, whales, dolphins and a lot of other species of marine life everyday by boat, land, and flight. Visitors can even join seals and dolphins in their ocean environment with wetsuits provided.
Kaikoura is famous for its fine fishing grounds, which anyone is able to enjoy by boat with a local guide. Visitors can kayaking around the ruggedly lovely Peninsula, or experience scuba diving the undersea world for some of the finest coral diving in New Zealand.

kaikouraVisitors can see the outstanding Kaikoura Mountains from above, and fly over the seaside township and the rocky peninsula. Perhaps even land atop a snow capped Mt. Fyffe and look down to the coast which is 5000 feet below. Or control of a small aircraft with the local Aero Club. There is no experience needed!
Back on land a fine range of activities awaits the visitors, ranging from hunting, four wheel motor biking, and horse trekking, to wine tasting, star-gazing, or experiencing the hospitality of Maori.  Check out the local historical and scenic sites, including the fascinating Maori Leap Cave.
If the visitors enjoy walking, the Kaikoura area presents walks for all levels and tastes of fitness, ranging from a thirty-minute length, to half and full day tracks and more energetic climbs and tramps.

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