Lourdes Tourist Attractions

Lourdes Tourist Attractions

LourdesLourdes Tourist Attractions – Situated in the Midi-Pyrénées region of southwest France, Lourdes is known globally for a major Catholic pilgrimage site, the Sanctuaries Notre-Dame de Lourdes, or the Domain. Each year, millions come to the Grotto of Massabielle where the Virgin Mary is claimed to have shown to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858. Religious processions go on every day for most of the year.

1. The Rosary Basilica

Rosary BasilicaThe basilica is constructed on a rock which known as Massabielle. It is surrounded on the north and south by two 130 m ramps, probably acting as 2 open arms to welcome pilgrims. The front of the Rosary Basilica is on the west while the Crowned Statue is on the east. The two ramps are decorated with statues which facing inwards towards the church, where the Eucharist is, a sacrament which the Catholics believe to be Christ’s Body, turned from bread during the mass. The Basilica is actually 3 separate churches which built at distinct periods, the crypt or the middle level was built first, secondly the upper church and thirdly the Rosary Basilica that is under the crypt. There are taps where water flows out from the magical spring along River Gave. People are on the line to collect the water. There is a bath where a lot of people are on the line for hours just to swim into the cold waters from the spring as well. It is only when you visit at the Basilica, then you will comprehend the wonders of the place. There is no appointed religious to bless you as there is no priest in charge, but just being there itself, through the possessions, it will slowly but surely felt into you the presence of the love of God.
Directions: Encounter Gare, turn left and walk along Ave de la Gare. To reach the Basilica just turn left into BD de La and walk straight on the main road.

2. Cross

CrossChrist was taken to the Sanhedrin leadership after being betrayed by Judas Iscariot He was beaten and mocked, still he denied to refuse that he was the Son of God. The Jewish leaders gave Christ up to the Roman governor of the province, Pontius Pilate, and asked for the death penalty.
The crucifixion, where the person would be tied to the cross is the Roman punishment. I have seen over the years from detailed specials that this death was an awful, painful death.
The 2nd, this station, is where Christ is handed his Cross over, to be picked up through the streets to the place where Christ would be raised.

3. Miraculous Spring – La Source

Miraculous Spring - La SourceBernadette Massabielle has one of a lot of apparitions attributed to her on February 25, 1858. The Lady of Lourdes ordered her to go to the spring, then drink from it and wash in it. Some have stated that they have been recovered by drinking water from it.
Studies have discovered that the water doesn’t contain any special properties at all as it is just normal spring water. La Source is not considered as holy water, which needs blessing by a priest. Even St Bernadette herself stated that the Lourdes water did not have any recovery properties, which the recovery would happen as a result of faith.
Still, you can go to the taps and it is freely distributed. Pilgrims will fill their containers with it and some of them try to take it home. It is forbidden at airports due to the regulations for liquids on planes).
You must bring your own container if you are at the water tap, inside the sanctuary, there is no place where you can buy a container.

4. Le Cachot

Le CachotNearly everywhere you go in Lourdes there are places which are associated with Bernadette and her family. In 1858, at the time of the apparitions The Cachot was where they lived. It was a disused jail, and the whole family dwelled in one small chamber.
Address: At Rue De Petit Fosses.

5. Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes

Cathedral of Our Lady of LourdesA visit to this immense cathedral is essential viewing. It is known as the largest Catholic pilgrimage destination in France, and one of the most popular Catholic shrines on earth.
In France, this small Pyrenees village of Lourdes draws millions of pilgrims yearly. In 1858, this is the site where a young peasant girl named Bernadette Soubirous, had some noted Virgin Mary sightings. Now, the cave where she saw our lady is at the base of the basilica which is near the river, it has been built on top of it.
Visitors visit to search of a miraculous healing or a spiritual experience. Most of a couple of places to eat, and the tacky souvenir shops are closed for a stress free visit go out of season.

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