10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belgium

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belgium

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belgium10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belgium – A Travel to Belgium brings out forth images of lovely canals, tasty beer, medieval rooftops, and even more delicious chocolates. However, there is much more for someone to see in this remarkable country of Europe, where the time fells like passing at a slower speed and people are welcoming and hospitable to tourists. From modern cities boasting glamorous galleries and designer shops to the boulder streets laden with native indulgences and museums, the best sites to visit in Belgium which offers something for everyone to enjoy going on a vacation.

1. Bruges

BrugesThe history and spirit of the Vikings sheds strongly in this magnificent city of canals which have given it the title as the Venice of the North of Europe. Easy to cross, Bruges is the home to majestic medieval architecture, especially on the southern side of the main hub of the city, The Grote Market Square. Outflanking its western side, tourists can enjoy the neo gothic style amidst Provincial Court. The prominent Belfry Tower is located in the north of the square. Other places that should not be missed include the marvelous Saint John’s Hospital which was built in 1188, and the fabulous Gruuthuse Mansion.

2. Brussels

BrusselsBrussels which is known for its diversity of places and sites of interest is the capital of Belgium and is probably where the tourists will start their sightseeing. As the headquarters for plenty European institutions, Brussels may also be considered as something of a capital city for the European Union. Particularly, the Grand Place is the central city which was established in the thirteenth century. Pubs and Terrace cafes are many around the central square, as the other places of interest like the outstanding Gothic style Town Hall. Shopping is many amidst the Galleries St. Hubert which is a centrally located glass roof arcade which is full of theaters, cafes, and shops.

3. Ghent

GhentThe best kept secret of Belgium, Ghent is a historic city. During the Medieval Ages, it was one of most powerful and the richest and towns in Europe. Ghent was once considered the second biggest city in the north of alps, after Paris. The effect of its rich past can be seen when seeing the marvelous churches architecture and the rich traders houses. The whole town center is restored in its fashion, and keep breathing the atmosphere of the thriving late medieval town state. This is especially so alongside the lovely old Graslei harbor, and the Gravensteen castle and the grand medieval cathedrals.

4. Antwerp

AntwerpAntwerp is famous for a city with a lot of faces. Although it is not as historically preserved as Ghent or Bruges, Antwerp is such a dynamic city which offers a perfect integration of history and the current-day modern life. Lovers of great beer, great food, and good times, the city is most famous for its Diamond District, where over 70 % of the rough diamonds in the world are traded. Art are plentiful in Antwerp, with the Revenshuis celebrates Peter Paul Ruebens’s baroque works and the Museum of Plantin Moretus is the home of bookbinder and printer Christoffel Plantin. Architectural wonders wait which has about 1351 construction of Our Lady gothic Cathedral, and the noble combination of the baroque and the Gothic architecture of the Church of Saint Paul.

5. Ardennes

ArdennesFor biking, camping, and hiking, the tourists to Belgium should visit the Ardennes rugged hills with their tight forests, cliffs, and caves. They are as the home to wild boar, lynx, and deer and conceal a number of hospitable villages, plenty castles and a several other remarkable sights. The outstanding Han-sur-Lesse caves, the modern Labyrinth of Barvaux, and the castle of Bouillon are several of the best options. The Namur city makes a great starting point to explore the Ardennes and has several good sights itself as well.

6. Mechelen

MechelenA spirited city which doesn’t attract the tourism that plenty of other Belgium cities do, in fact, Mechelen is one of the best tourist attractions in Belgium. From Beguinage Brewery tours to the tours of river boat, there is so much to do and see in this Flanders local. A trip to the peak of the massive tower of St. Rombout Cathedral is the best way to catch a panoramic scene of the Antwerp Harbor and this scenic city. The one don’t miss stop is the important Carillion School, where the students come from all around the world to get teaching on playing this complex bells instrument.

7. Tournai

TournaiNeighboring to France, the lovely and quaint Tournai community is an excellent site to tune out the bustle and hustle of the larger cities of Belgium. Over two thousands years of the rich cultural history can be discovered in this area, and this city serves as the home to what is trusted to be the one of the world’s most beautiful churches, the five towered Romanesque Notre Dame and Gothic Cathedral. Built between the 12th and 13th centuries, the cathedral is a home to the Our Lady Shrine and operated by Jordaens and Ruvens. The Belfry town is the oldest in Belgium and presents the tourists with 257 steps which lead to the most incredible views in Tournai city. The Museum of Fine Arts is full of the masterpieces from contemporary and primitive artists which are ranging from Rubens and Campin to Van Gogh and Roger Van der Weyden.

8. Leuven

LeuvenLeuven which is home to the world’s oldest Catholic university is home around 100,000 residents with almost 35,000 of them are being students who keep the city alive when classes begin. The two apparently endless streets are filled with interesting galleries and shops, while the more historical city section boasts splaces such as the Grand Beguinage, and the The Belfry on St. Peter’s Church. The tourists will find plenty things to do in Grote Market which sits in Leuven, where the places such as the City Hall are neighboring to exceptional dining choices and street side pubs and also cafes. This location of the city makes it as an ideal choice to Brussels as a main hub of the vacationer to explore the rest of Belgium.

9. Dinant

DinantDinant lies along the shining Meuse River in Namur province which is just 65 km south of the capital. The Grotto of Dinant and the Caves of Han are several of the natural tourist attractions which draws the tourists here. These caves are some of European most beautiful and largest and are located within a Wildlife Reserve which are teeming with the pristine flora and fauna. While the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, the city’s landmark is still incredible after being partially reconstructed post a mass landslide, as does the restored Citadel which passes over the city. Accesses to most of the sanctuaries of Dinant are reachable with an appointment, but the Beauraing Sanctuary is open daily.

10. Mons

MonsAs the capital city of the Hainaut province, Mons is famous for the surprising and magical ringing of the majestic Belfry bells of the town, which are hailing from the 80 meter tower. Winding streets makes tourists to easily transverse the city sites which are a rich mix of architectural styles. The Gothic-style of Mons Town Hall is flagrant, and the Sainte-Waudru’s Collegiate Church boasts a very impressive collection of sixteenth century alabaster statues of Jacques Du Broeucq. Certainly, stopping by the House of Van Gogh is an obligation for seeing stunning reproductions of the works of the master.

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