10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belitung

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belitung

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belitung10 Best Tourist Attractions in Belitung – Belitung can be said as one of tourist attractions that was once hidden. Not many people know the real beauty of Belitung. But since the appearance of Laskar Pelangi Movie, the real beauty of Belitung began to be exposed. It makes Belitung as one of the most favorite attractions fro the travelers who want to expose the beauty of Belitung.
If you put Belitung as one of your tourist destination lists, Here are some tourist attractions in Belitung:

1. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Pantai Tanjung TinggiTanjung Tinggi Beach is the famous beach is Belitung which was used as the shooting location of Laskar Pelangi Movie. The beach is located on the north side of Belitung, right 37 KM from Tanjung Pandan city. White sand, clear sea, and giant granite are the typical characteristic of the beach.
The waves in Tanjung Tinggi Beach is relatively quiet, so that you can swim safely. In the sea shore, there are some counters which provide seafood for the culinary tour.

2. Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Tanjung Kelayang BeachLocated on the north side of Belitng island, Tanjung Kelayang Beach is the second famous beach after Tanjung Tinggi Beach. The typical side of the beach is that it is as the mascot of Sail Wakatobi – Belitung 2011. Tanjung Kelayang Beach consists of two parts, namely west side with pile of granite and east side with beautiful white sand. You can do a lot of activities here such as swimming, diving, tanning, fishing, and do water stunt at the beach.

3. Lengukas Island

Lengukas IslandThe third famous tourist attractions in Belitung is Lengukas Island. The island is located on the North side of Belitung Island, you only need 30 minutes to cross to the Island. The interesting of Lengukas Island is the lighthouse which is located in the middle of the island.
The lighthouse has been there since 1882. From up the lighthouse, you can enjoy the beauty of Belitung Island from high area.

4. Berahu Hill

Berahu HillBerahu Hill is an integration place of resto and bungalow or villa in a beautiful beach in Belitung. Berahu Hill is located near from Tanjung Tinggi. From up the Berahu Hill, you can enjoy the beauty of white sand beach and clear light blue sea.
In order to reach the beach in bungalow, you need to take down 97 stair steps, so it is better not to use high heels. Since the beach is a part of the bungalow, you can enjoy the private beach sensation that you can’t find anywhere else in Belitung.

5. Punai Beach

Punai BeachPunai Beach is located on the Southeast side of Belitung, right in Tanjung Kelumpang village. Different from the typical beach of Belitung which has giant granite, at the beach you will find the white sand with small granite and more quiet atmosphere.
In front of the beach there is a small island named Punai Island. There was so many Punai Bird on the island in the past. In order to reach the island, you only need to walk when the beach is receding.

6.  Pasir Island

 Pasir IslandPasir Island is actually a bunch of land which consists of sand only. When the water is receding. the bunch of sand will be formed like as island. In contrary during the high tide, the whole island will sink under the sea. The island is not too wide, it is only about a soccer field.
When the water is receding, there are so many tourists coming to this place by using fishing boat. You will be amazed by the view of the island, as the island is near from the other islands.

7. Lake Kaolin

Lake KaolinLake Kaolin is actually not a public tourist spot, but a lot of photographers want to know about photographical potential here, so that many of tourist agents provide touring packet to this place. Kaolin is one of mineral wealth of Belitung Island. The beauty of the place is an integration between blue lake and white kaolin. The view of this place is similar to the White Crater in Bandung.

8. Penyabong Beach

Penyabong BeachPenyabong Beach is a beach which is located in Kecamatan Membalong, South Belitung. The beach is also known as Batu Lubang Beach. The beauty of the beach is almost similar to Tanjung Tinggi Beach, with the pile of Granite which spread out in the sea shore. The difference is that the granite in this beach is connected one another and long, mounted towards the sea just like natural port. The waves at the beach is not too big, so it is safe fro swimming, the sea is very clear and soft white sand as well.

9. Museum Kata

Museum KataMuseum Kata Andrea Hirata is the first literature museum in Indonesia. Here, you can see the various collections of Laskar Pelangi Movie. You can find various Andre Hirata’s masterpiece in the museum.
There is  a particular short story made by Andrea Hirata which is not issued on public, and you can only read it here. The museum was built by Andrea Hirata to inspire the kids and youngs in Gantong Village, in order to improve their art talent.
Besides the Laskar Palangi’s trail, here there are so many Andrea’s piece of arts. There is also a Warung Kupi Kuli which is the image of the miner’s life.

10. Nyiur Melambai Beach

 Nyiur Melambai BeachNyiur Melambai Beach is located in Lalang Village, Kecamatan Manggar, East Belitun. The beach is one of the beaches which is most visited by tourists, and also as the most popular tourist site.
Generally, a beach is full of coconut trees, but it is not is Nyiur Melambai Beach. The beach is full of pine trees around with typical white sand of Belitung. The shore line is long and the atmosphere is shady. The activities that you can do here are swimming, playing beach volley, and climbing rock as well.

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