10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bengkulu

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bengkulu

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bengkulu10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bengkulu – Bengkulu is identical with Rafflesia Arnoldi. The giant red flower looks beautiful but it smells so strong, that’s why it is called corpse flower.
Besides the endemic flower, in fact Bengkulu has high value of history. The province becomes important region under British colonial.
To know more about Bengkulu, here are the 10 best tourist attractions in Bengkulu that you may consider:
1. Fort Marlborough

Fort MarlboroughThe fort is one of the evidences that there was British reign here. If it was used as defense fort, but not it is used as one of tourist attractions which is most visited in Bengkulu.
Built in 1713 – 1719, Fort Marlborough is called as the second strongest defense which belonged to British in eastern area after Fort St. George in India. The fort which is 240 x 170 M wide if we look from above, it shaped like a turtle. There is a bridge which connects between the head and body of the giant turtle.
Besides as the defensive fort, the tourist site was used as the storage place and trading of spices in eastern Indonesia. Inside it, you can find prison, British administrative office, cannon, shelter room, arsenal,  and 6 x 4 M tunnel.
If taking bus, you can take bus with which path is Bengkulu terinal – Bengkulu town square then get off right in front of the site.

2. Exile House of Bung Karno

Exile House of Bung KarnoThe house which is in Soekarno-Hatta street, Kecamatan Gading Cempaka, became the evidence of The struggle of Bung Karno with the people of Indonesia to seize the independece. During four years 1938 – 1942, a 9 x 18 meters house became Bung Karno resident.
The Chinese architecture can be seen from ventilation shape and Tionghoa typical ornaments in some part of the house. It is assumed that it initially belonged to a Chinese trader then to be rented by the Dutch as Bung Karno’s exile place.
In this tourist site, you can see the books collection of Bung Karno. There are also bike, chair, bed, tailor machine, and even love letter between Bung Karno and Fatmawati. The interesting thing is, behind the house there is a old well which has myth that those who wash their face with its water, so all their wishes will come true.
By Only 2,000 IDR, you can enter this place. It is usually crowded at the weekend.

3. Jamik Mosque Bengkulu

Jamik Mosque BengkuluDuring the exile, Bung Karno was not only busy with his books and his country. The first president of Indonesia also left his marks in Jamik Mosque Bengkulu.
Along with the local, He rebuilt an old mosque in the end of Soprapto street, central of Bengkulu. His marks can be seen from the its roof which shapes like pyramid which describes the cultural unity in Bengkulu and in Indonesia. Besides of that, He also added some poles curved with gold.
The mosque which becomes one of the tourist attractions in Bengkulu is located 1.2 KM from Fort Marlborough.

4. Bengkulu Country Museum

Bengkulu Country MuseumBengkulu Country Museum becomes a perfect tourist site for those who love historical and cultural tour. The museum which located in Pembangunan street #8, Padang Harapan, Bengkulu, has more that 6,000 collections of historical remnant which are divided into 10 categories.
One of it collections which attracts much attentions from the visitors is printing machine “Red Money” with Golden Press brand. Besides of that, the other collection are 126 anonymous ancient scripts, Bengkulu typical cloth which is called Kain Bersurek, custom house miniature, household utensils, custom uniform and traditional weapons.
The tourist site opens everyday except Monday and national holiday, from 8 AM until 1 PM.

5.  Long Sand Beach

 Long Sand BeachThe beach has 7 KM beach line long and becomes one of the beaches which has the longest coastline in Indonesia. Besides the coast line, its ups and downs line reaches 500 M as there are any corals in the way. One of the unique thing is that you won’t find any coconut trees here. Here, the coconut trees are replaced by the row of yew and pine trees.
The facility in this beach is completed from the kids play area, restaurant, souvenirs shop, and lodging house. The tourist site in Bengkulu is know by its beautiful sunset. Besides of that, in the morning or afternoon, the beach is used as the jogging line.
The tourist site is located in business area, so it is near to the office building and shopping centre. From the central Bengkulu, Long Sand Beach can be reached within 15 minutes.

6. Tapak Paderi Beach

Tapak Paderi BeachOne more of the most visited beach in Bengkulu is Tapak Paderi Beach. It is located about 100 M from Fort Marlborough. The beach is famous by its beautiful view of sunset. Many visitors choosing to enjoy this moment by having roasted corn, fried banana, and coconut ice which available around the beach.
The beach is usually used as the Tabot Festival location which is the remembrance of the pass away of Husein Ali bin Abu Thalib. There are many art shows and competitions which held during festival. Besides of that, there is also Kaget market held which sells various culinary, clothes, and souvenirs.

7. Lake Dendam Tak Sudah

Lake Dendam Tak SudahThe lake has a unique name. Some say that it comes from a legend. Once upon a time, there was a couple who is not approved by their families and decided to drown themselves in the lake. After the couple vanished in the lake, the relationship of their families was getting worse. This is why a lot of people called it as Lake Dendam Tak Sudah.
The lake has beautiful view and become one of tourist sites in Bengkulu which is visited the most by recreational and reserach purposes. Here, you can find rare orchid, namely Pen Orchid.
There are many food counters that you can visit to relax and taste the Bengkulu typical culinary while enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. you can also go fishing in the middle of the lake by hiring the locals’ boat.
Lake Dendam Tak Sudah is located in Curup city, North Bengkuku, or about 6 KM from central Bengkulu.

8. Lake Mas Harus Bastari

Lake Mas Harus BastariLake Mas Harun Bastari has an unique island in the middle. The lake has an island shaped like C. The locals say that the C represents Curup City’s name.
Around the lake there is the locals’ vegetable garden and shay trees. The tourist site has completed facilities for the visitors from parking area, musholla, toilet, kid play area, souvenirs shop and food counter.
The activities that you can do here is fishing, Besides of that, there are also other playing spacecrafts such as water bike, flying fox, and going around the lake by boat.
It is located in Kecamatan Selup Rejang, Kabupaten Rejang Lebon, Bengkulu.

9. Rat island

Rat islandRat island is the most favorite marine tourist site in Bengkulu. A coral island which is 2 hectares wide is located 10 KM from central Bengkulu. From the Long Sand Beach, you can through 40 Minutes trip with a motor boat to reach the island.
If you are lucky, you will see the green turtle and scaled turtle which hatching egg at night. You can also enjoy the tourist site by diving, snorkeling, and fishing
Here, there is a lighthouse which still working. The island becoming the transit place for the ships when the wave is big.

10. Berau River

Berau RiverBerau river is located in Kabupaten Muko-Muko, Bengkulu. The river becomes the favorite location for rafting as its heavy current. Besides rafting, there are many visitors who fishing and catching fish in the river.
If you come at the right time, you can see the ceremony “anak daro mandi ke air” which is a kind of ritual to bath a newborn in the river. There is also rowing boat competition which held when Kabupaten Muko-Muko’s anniversary.

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