10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bolivia

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bolivia

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bolivia10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bolivia – For those who want an spectacular and pristine South American vacation should surely consider Bolivia. This mountainous nation is the only landlocked country on the continent, and boasts steep mountains with the highest navigable lake in the world, cultural cities, and rain forests and spectacular cloud. It is a little off the hit tourist path, that makes it likely to travel economically and catch a real scenery of Bolivian life. Here is a look at some of the best tourist attractions in Bolivia:

1. Salar de Uyuni

Salar de UyuniSituated in the Andes Mountains, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat on earth. It has an incredible flatness with the mean altitude variations within 1 meter over the Salar entire area. The expanse of salt causes an unending white sight during dry season, but the area is most fascinating in rainy season when the area is covered in water. The reflection of the blue sky causes a surreal and spectacular landscape, while several tourists insist on viewing the salt.

2. La Paz

La PazLa Paz is Bolivia’s administrative capital city, whereas Sucre is the constitutional capital city. Located on sheer hills at an height of about 3,650 meters above the sea level, La Paz is well known as the highest de facto capital in the world. The view from the air as someone flies into La Paz is breathtaking. First, the sprawling slums of the El Alto come into view, gradually giving a way to the view of La Paz itself, sticking to the sides which looks like a large gash on earth.

3. Tiwanaku

TiwanakuTiwanaku which was found on the Lake Titicaca southern shore was the capital of one of the most significant civilizations to exist previous to the Incas. The archaeologists have excavated only the city’s small part, but they assume that at its summit at least there were 20,000 people lived in the city. The excavations have indicated that the citizens lived in secluded neighborhoods, which were enclosed by the large adobe walls. The other remains discovered in the city include pyramid, large gates, temples, and the alien-like faces carvings.

4. Oruro

OruroThis town of miners is one of the largest towns in Bolivia, and is famous for its festivities and lavish costumes during the carnivale season. The festival features thousands of musicians and dancers which performing a wide variety of the ethnic dances. Off season, Oruro is a great place to experience the highlands, and is a home to some good museums and the Calle La Paz’s artisanal street, which makes a lot of the masks and costumes for the festival, as well as tourist reproductions to display and bring home.

5. Sucre

SucreSucre was once the capital of the nation, and is noted throughout South America as White city. The central area of the town has well-kept buildings and beautifully whitewashed which are worth viewing. This is a wealthy and old city whose is rising in status was attached very closely to Potosi. Tourists to Sucre can enjoy the local museums and beautiful architecture, or participate in several fantastic day-trips to see the seven waterfalls, volcanic craters, and dinosaur footprints.

6. Potosi

PotosiPotosi is regarded one of the world’s highest, and prior to its discovery by conquistadors, it was also one of the richest cities in the world. The famous city of silver was by plenty accounts everything which the Spanish were into with the El Dorado, besides that the metal they discovered was silver instead of gold. Now, Potosi is a popular site to visit in Bolivia which is known for its kind inhabitants, beautiful colonial architecture and tours of the noted mines which once housed more than sixty thousand tons of silver.

7. Copacabana

CopacabanaCopacabana is resort town on the shores of Lake Titicaca which looks so touristy, still it holds a long history of being a mecca for the religious pilgrims. This is the site to take a ferry to the islands of the Moon and the Sun, and to enjoy the Incas beach. Those who love to wander outside the tourist part of the town will find great views and pleasant hikes, and a combination of beautiful colonial and Incan ruins.

8. Sorata

SorataSituated between Lake Titicaca and La Paz, the sleepy town of Sorata becomes as a base camp for the tourists who want to hike in the mountains of Cordillera Real. The granite downhill of Cordillera Real lie in the Altiplano, or the high plains of the most extensive part of Andes Mountains. The six of the towering summits of the range are more than 20,000 feet high. The hikers visit Sorata to prepare and plan for the mountain-climbing treks.

9. Coroico

CoroicoThe name of this town is originated from the quechua word which means golden hill. Its location on the side of Andean foothills offers the resort village of Coroico a outstanding view of jagged, icy peaks, tropical foothills, and lush jungle forest. It is low enough in height to be warm, and as a nice stopping point on the way from or to La Paz. The extreme mountain biking is a attraction here, despite there are also some gorgeous hikes in this region to the beautiful hilltop and waterfalls sights.

10. Rurrenabaque

RurrenabaqueThe attractive town of Rurrenabaque is a paradise for the backpackers. It is located on the shores of Rio Beni, and is as a jumping off point for a lot of jungle, riverboat, and pampas tours which last between 1 and 30 days. The Tacanahe which is known as the lowland tribe people here are one of a little who were resistant to the Christianity, so this town doesn’t have the typical setup of a cathedral square centre. Now, however, it gets a numerous tourist trade which the culture mostly services to the Western tourist tastes.

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