Paihia Tourist Attractions

Paihia Tourist Attractions

Paihia Tourist AttractionsPaihia Tourist Attractions – Paihia is one of most favoured tourist attractions in New Zealand. It is a small seaside town around 240 km north of Auckland and is situated on a sheltered inlet in the Bay of Islands’ heart which is protected by the Russell peninsula from the Pacific Ocean. This region includes Paihia town, Waitangi and Haruru Falls to the north, and the port of Opua to the south. The historic town of Russell is about 3 km across the bay. This region is located within the beautiful sub-tropical Far North of New Zealand. Paihia is known as the main tourist centre in the Bay which offering a various of accommodation choices for holiday visitors. It is the departure point for coach trips to Cape Reinga and cruises around the Bay of Islands Maritime Park, the northernmost tip of New Zealand, fishing charters, the ancient Kauri Forests and Ninety-Mile Beach. Here are some tourist attractions in Paihia:

1. Hole in the Rock

Hole in the RockThe Hole in the Rock is large natural rock arch which is situated on Piercy Island within the outer Bay of Islands. More than thousands of years, the limestone within the centre of the rock has been eroded which leaving a broad tunnel which can be navigated by the tourist boats. Local’s legend says that once you pass through the Hole within the Rock, you will return the Bay of Islands. The Tours depart daily from Paihia and Russell.

2. Cape Reinga

Cape ReingaA visit to Cape Reinga in the northern tip of New Zealand will overlook the divide between the blue Pacific Ocean and the vivid green Tasman Sea. During the stormy weather, the collision of the both two seas can be discovered by crashing waves which extending into the distance. Cape Reinga is believed to be a sacred place by Maori who have a faith that the spirits of the deceased leave from this point and bid a last farewell to Aotearoa before their return to their ancestral lands.

3. Russel

RusselA day trip to Russell will offer a quiet scenic town across the bay from Paihia with plenty craft and art shops and some excellent cafes and restaurants. Tourist can climb the Flagstaff Hill with dramatic sights over the bay, or book a window seat for dinner time in one of these plenty restaurants on The Strand and enjoy a beautiful sunset over Paihia. If you are coming here by driving, look out for Oyster Farms who are selling fresh local produce in venture or coolpacks to the far side of this island which has several excellent beaches which are reputed often to be visited by naturists or maybe backpackers. A vehicle barge sails from from Opua throughout the day and Passenger ferries depart from Paihia wharf.

4. Best Fish and Chips at Monganui Wharf

Best Fish and Chips at Monganui WharfTourists can enjoy the Best Fish and Chips at Monganui Wharf, New Zealand.The option of freshly caught fish is cooked, then served in a paper parcel.

5. Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Waitangi Treaty GroundsThe Waitangi Treaty Grounds were gifted to the country in trust by a former Governor General of New Zealand, Lord Bledisloe, and are often assumed as the birthplace of New Zealand. The grounds cover the Treaty House, the location of the original treaty signing took place, a Maori meeting house with the carvings by the local tribe and the historic three hundreds Maori canoe/waka that is still used for ceremonial purposes. This grounds also offer live cultural shows most evenings.

6. Swim with Dophins

Swim with DophinsThe bay is frequented by some species of seals, penguins, dolphins, and whales. There are a number of licensed operators who are to offer dolphin swimming experiences for tourists.

7. Bush Walk from Haruru Falls to Waitangi

Bush Walk from Haruru Falls to WaitangiThe bush walking track begins from the car parking lot just above Haruru Falls. It takes 6 km and 2.5 hour walk along the Waitangi river banks which includes both bush tracks where the trekkers often find various birdlife, and a board walk through the mangroves forest. This track can be slippery in places after the heavy rain. There is an excellent restaurant or cafe in the Treaty grounds which offers refreshment for the return trip.

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