Tanah Lot Tourist Attractions

Tanah Lot Tourist Attractions

Tanah Lot Tourist AttractionsTanah Lot Tourist Attractions РTanah Lot is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in Bali. Tanah Lot presents stunning natural beauty which is hard to find anywhere else. There is no shortage of great sites to visit in Tanah Lot, but if you are looking for the real tour experiences, you can find it within easy travel distance from your place. Tanah Lot is a great place for sightseeing activity at convenient distances.  This great place is easy to find, and you can also take your pick from a range of amazing experiences and beautiful sights:
1.  Tanah Lot Temple

 Tanah Lot TempleTanah Lot Temple was built by Pedanda Bawu Nirartha Rawuh in XV century AD from the kingdom of Majapahit. Tanah Lot Temple is a part of Sad Kahyangan. Tanah Lot Temple in the middle of the beach is a worship place of the gods who guard the sea. The Tanah Lot temple which is simple in its shape is dramatic in its ocean-front area, and as one of the mainstay temples in worshiping the Balinese gods. The Tanah Lot has a long history in the tourism world. The temple itself is constructed on a small promontory, which is only reachable when the low tide coming.
At the western section there are freshwater springs which are considered as sacred place by Hindus. Although there are several caves below where there are many snakes live which are large, medium and small in distinct colors. The poisonous snakes which live in nearby the caves are protecting the temple and contributing to the dangerous reputation of the temple. However, the snakes are not harmful if they are not disturbed by the visitors.
The indescribable beauty of the temple is due to the location of the temple which is located in the middle of the sea or apart from the mainland. There are some other temples which are smaller around the temple, including Pekendungan temple.
During the high tide, the rock appears like a large boat at sea which is its shape. If the tide is low, the visitors can immediately reach the temple to pray, or simply enjoy the beauty of its beach.
In this area, from the parking area to the attraction places, there are plenty art shops offering the local crafts products, many beverages and food stalls. There are also toilet facilities, which the cost of rent is pretty cheap.

2. Sunset Terrace

Sunset TerraceSunset Terrace is an area in Tanah Lot area which offers the perfect setting to have an unforgettable sunset moment. With its beautiful panorama, you can have luxurious breakfast and lunch. You can also relax with your favorite meal or beverages as well as enjoying Tanah Lot Temple’s panorama when the water was on high tide. At the Sunset Terrace area, from high place above the rock, you can see the beautiful sunset while you having food or drink which are provided by the booths, a place which sells famous beverages in this area, called fresh coconut water or Kelapa Muda and some other beverages.
Tanah Lot is famous for a beautiful place to see the sunset, the guests usually will visit it in the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset. Sunset is the best time to come to Tanah lot, when the golden red skies are framing the temple and waves crashing into the rocks. It is better to avoid the tourist crush at this area as it can be dangerous.

3. Enjung Galuh

Enjung GaluhEnjung Galuh is the best place to see the amazing sights in Tanah Lot. The place is situated in the west or right of the Tanah lot Temple. he tourists can see the temple from a distance and also beautiful sunset from here. You can have a beautiful romantic moment of sunset at Tanah Lot while drinking a tropical coconut water which is provided here. Tanah Lot is a favorite place to visit in Bali where a lot of tourists from local and international would love to pay a visit.

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