10 Best Tourist Attractions in West Java

10 Best Tourist Attractions in West Java

10 Best Tourist Attractions in West Java10 Best Tourist Attractions in West Java – West Java is the closest province to DKI Jakarta. West Java often becomes the weekend tourist sites for Jakarta people as it is very near and easy to access. There are so many tourist attractions in West Java, but which ones that worth a visit?

1. Port Ratu Beach

Port Ratu BeachLocated in the west coast of West Java, Port Ratu Beach with its beach which has characteristic of big and strong waves, very good for surfing. At Port Ratu Beach there is hotel facilities, from the big and luxury one to the small and cheap one. Alongside the beach you will find seafood restaurants. The local have faith toward Ratu Kidul, the ruler of south sea.

2. Curug Cikaso

Curug CikasoCurug Cikaso is a big and stunning waterfall in Sukabumi. Curug Cikaso has 3 waterfall which are close to one another with 80 meters high and 100 meters wide. If the sunlight is clear, there is possibility that a small rainbow will appear in the waterfall. The location of Curug Cikaso is near to Ujung Genteng Beach.

3. Mekarsari Recreational Park

Mekarsari Recreational ParkMekarsari Recreational Park which is located in Bogor, is one of the biggest central fruit preservation in the world with 246 hectares wide. Beside as the researching and preservation of superior seeds, the place is also the essential tourist site for any ages in West Java. Besides having the complete collection of plants, Mekarsari Recreational Park can also be an educational means for the kids, family picnic area, fruit garden tour, vegetable garden tour, and company events.

4. Nusantara Flower Park

Nusantara Flower ParkNusantara Flower Park which is in 2 hours from Jakarta is a 23 hectare flower park. Here, besides thousand kinds of flower, there are also entertainment facilities which is very essential for family such as Imagiational nature spacecraft, mini theater, labyrinth park, musical fountain, flower rug, rose park, and others. Nusantara Flower Park also has picnic place for those who coming with family, and observational tower which is meant to see the throughout beauty of the park.

5. Buniayu Cave

Buniayu CaveBuniayu Cave is located in Sukabumi, about 5 hours trip from Jakarta. The cave adventure tour is not very familiar yet, but for those who love adventure, the cave is very perfect. Inside the cave, you will see beautiful stalagmite and stalactite, but before you get down to the vertical cave and through the eternal darkness. Inside the cave, there are also some animals that you can’t see on earth’s surface. In order to finish the challenge, you must have good physical condition and get enough rest as you going through a cave is very fun and exhausting as well.

6. Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran BeachPangandaran Beach which is located in the Southeast of West Java was acknowledged as the best beach is West Java, The superiority of the beach are that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset in one beach, soft white sand, clear and clean water, as well as the completed facilities. Pangandaran Beach is so famous, so that when it comes to holiday it will be crowded by tourists, some of them forced to set a tent here as the all the hotels are full.

7. Green Canyon

Green CanyonWith the shady trees, green cliff, clear river, and a cave which is full of beautiful stalagmite and stalactite, Green Canyon is the most famous popular tourist site in the south of West Java. You can enjoy the beauty of Green Canyon with many ways, you can take the outboards boat, rowing boat, or swimming. In order to reach Green Canyon, it will take long time, about 9 hours trip from Jakarta, but you won’t regret anything after enjoying the outstanding beauty of Green Canyon.

8. Citarik River Rafting

Citarik River RaftingCitarik River which is located in Sukabumi is one of the most popular tourist sites, as Citarik River is very essential for rafting. Citarik River Rafting has been the most famous rafting for the Jakarta people since long time. Citarik River is not deep, but it has many stones, so that you will be challenged to pass through the stones and conquer Citarik River. The current of Citarik River is not too heavy, so it is also essential for anybody, including those who have never try rafting before. Citarik River tends to be crowded by outdoor activity lover at the weekend.

9. Citatih River Rafting

Citatih River RaftingCitatih River Rafting is the most popular alternative of rafting in Sukabumi. With the heavy current and the deep river, Citatih River has more difficulty and challenge than Citarik River, but it is still safe for anyone, including fro those who can’t swim. It is known that Citatih River Rafting is more challenging than Citarik River.

10. Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Genteng BeachUjung Genteng Beach beach which is located in Sukabumi is 200 KM from Jakarta. The most unique thing of the beach is that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset in one location. Ujung Genteng Beach is essential for surfing as the characteristic of typical south beach’s big and strong waves. The beach is a favorite place for turtles, many turtles coming here, so that you can see them here. In August, they laying eggs here.

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