10 Best Tourist Attractions in East Java

10 Best Tourist Attractions in East Java

10 Best Tourist Attractions in East Java10 Best Tourist Attractions in East Java – East Java which is the largest province in Java Island provides a lot of attractive natural capital. Therefore, it often becomes the holiday destination after Yogyakarta. The province has a lot of tourist areas which should not be missed at all.
One of the most visited city in East Java is Malang city. This city provides tourism object of Jatim Park Group, Angkut museum, BNS, and many more. Besides Malang and Jatim Park Group, it still has other stunning tourist sites. Here are the list of natural capital which should not be missed in East Java.

1. Mount Bromo

Mount BromoOne of the best tourist sites in East Java that is worth a visit is Mount Bromo. It seems incomplete for a traveler if he/she has not visited it yet.
The beauty of Mount Bromo is not only well known among the local visitors, but also among international visitors. Geographically, it is located among four kabupaten namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang, and Lumajang. In order to reach it, you can take a route from Malang, Pasuruan, or Probolinggo. Enjoying sunrise, exploring sands, and enjoy the beauty of Bromo valley are the three things you should do here.

2. Papuma Beach

Papuma BeachPapuma beach is located in Lojejer village, Kecamatan Wuluhan, Kabupaten Jember. For some people it is also known as Papuma cape beach dues to its land position.
Papuma beach has very stunning view. It is the mixture of white sands and coral stones widespread the coast line. The typical nature of Papuma beach is the seven-reef which is mounted on it. The huge size of them caused as if they were an island.

3. Ijen Crater

Ijen CraterIjen crater is located in the Ijen tourist park wildlife area, Kecamatan Licin, Kabupaten Banyuwangi and Kabupaten Bondowoso. The natural capital area in East Java is the largest acid crater in the world which its height of caldera wall is up to 500 meters and its crater width is up to 5,466 hectare. Ijen crater is ever used for shooting for a certain Indonesian movie.
The beauty of Ijen crater is very famous among the international visitors. In the morning, the view is very fascinating. It is the mixture between orange-colored sunlight and the greenish-colored of the crater. At the early day, you can enjoy the outstanding blue fire natural phenomenon. However, to enjoy its beauty, you should to climb the Mount Ijen first. So it is better to maintain your stamina first.

4. Red Island Beach

Red Island BeachRed island beach is located in Sumberagung village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Kabupaten Banyuwangi. Red island beach looks like many other beaches in Brazil. The beach is also similar with Kuta Beach in Bali, so that it is good for surfing.
Besides the amazing sunset at the beach, in fact the red island beach becomes the international class of surfing destination in Java Island. The size of the wave is four to five meters which is very essential for surfing of any levels. While surfing on the wave, you can also enjoy the beauty view of green mountain and the chilling breeze.

5. Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura WaterfallMadakaripura waterfall is located in Kabupaten Probolinggo, and it is still included in the area of Bromo National Park – Tengger – Sameru. So if you are deciding to visit Mount Bromo, you should stop by to see the beauty of the waterfall.
Madakaripura waterfall is the highest waterfall in Java Island and the second after Sigura-gura waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by super high walls (200 Meters) and the moss make it looks more amazing. There are two caves around it. They say that it was the cave where Patih Gajah Mada Meditated.

6. Baluran National Park

Baluran National ParkBaluran national park location is in Banyuputih, Situbondo, and Wongsorejo areas. It is exactly in northern Banyuwangi. Baluran natonal park is the largest savanna in Java Island which has various animals and plants species. Visiting this location fells like as if you were in Africa. That is why it is called as the Africa of Indonesia.
In this natural capital of East Java, you will be presented with the view of groups of animal who live wildly just like in Africa, and the view of about 444 kind of typical plants.

7. Sempu Island

Sempu IslandSempu island is a small island which is still in one location with Sendang Biru beach. It is exactly in Tambakrejo village, Kabupaten Malang. Sempu island is a wild life which has various kind of ecosystem. For instance beach forest, mangrove forest, low-land tropical forest. What makes it special is that Laguna Segara Anakan which exists inside the island.
In order to reach Segara Arakan, you must do tracking for two hours through the jungle and steep road. Since there is dead water here, so you can do swimming or camping with friends. However, since the Sempu Island is a wild life, you should not pollute the environment by littering or other kinds of behavior.

8. Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu KumboloRanu Kumbolo is located in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It is exactly in between Kabupaten Malang and Kabupaten Lumajang. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of Ranu Kumnolo, you should be in good physical condition. At least, do some jogging or any kind light sports for a week before departure, as you need to do tracking for 4-5 hours to reach this lake.
You will not be bored with this long tracking as the view on the way to Ranu Kumbolo, you will be presented with steep stones, hills which yew and pine are thriving here, also some thick smoke from Mount Sameru. However, you are not allowed to take a bath, swim, or take a dump in the lake as the water is super clear and it is drinkable.

9. Klayar Beach

Klayar BeachKlayar beach is located in Kecamatan Donorojo. The natural capital of East Java is still virgin, so that the way there is very difficult. Klayar beach is one of superior tourism objects in Pacitan. The superiority of the beach is that, besides the sand is as white as milk, there are lots of reefs which shaped like Spinx, and the natural ten-meter-water-fountain. The reefs in this beach are the same like Tanah Lot’s in Bali.

10. Songa Rafting

Songa RaftingFor those who like a adrenaline-trigger activity, visiting Songa rafting is the best option. It is located in Krajan Condong street, Wangkal, Gending, Probolinggo.
The river which is used for rafting is Pakalen River. There ara two sets of rafting tour that can be chosen. They are Upper Songa and Lower Songa. Joining Upper Songa trip, you will enjoy the beauty of tropical forest for two hours, with the breezing air and there some natural phenomenon such as waterfall and bat caves. In contrary, at the Lower Songa, you will cross through 34 rapids with any kind of levels for two hours.

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