10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung – Lampung is a province which is located in the southeast part of Sumatra Island. Lampung was official as one of Indonesia’s Province in 1964. There are Various tourist attraction which it offers, so it attracts many visitors. So what are the best tourist attractions of Lampung?

1. White Sand Beach

White Sand BeachLocated about 20 KM from Bandar Lampung City, White Sand Beach is one of tourist sites in Lampung which is most favorite as it is close to the capital city. It only takes about 20 minutes to reach this place. As its name, the beach has white sand, completed with row of shady trees along the beach. The tourist site also becomes the favorite tourist site at the weekend for Bandar Lampung’s people, so don’t be surprised if you find the place very crowded at the weekend.

2. Bay Kiluan

Bay KiluanBay Kiluan is one of famous tourist sites in Lampung as it offers unique experience. So what kinda experience that you can get in Bay Kiluan? Just like in Lovina Beach, Bali, Bay Kiluan Bay offers seeing dolphins experience directly from their habitat. The sensation of seeing dolphins in the sea is very different than seeing tame dolphin. The best time to see the dolphins in Bay Kiluan is between April to September when it is on dry weather. I suggest that before you go, you should ask the homestay manager about the weather and dolphins’ whereabouts, as the natural appearances of them in Bay Kiluan depends on the weather.

3. Way Kambas National Park

Way Kambas National ParkWay Kambas National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia. Way Kambas National Park is a park which focuses on training and protecting elephant, so the main attractions of the park is the elephant. Besides the elephant, Way Kambas National Park also protects some other animals which almost extincts such as Sumatran tiger and Sumatran Rhino. way Kambas National Park is located about 2 hours trip from Bandar Lampung City. To enter the area, you must have a permission from the official at the entrance door. Here you can also see various elephant attractions, such as elephant football, riding elephant, and others.

4. Kubur Island

Kubur IslandKubur (grave) Island sounds creepy for some people, however Kubur Island is the paradise for the fishing lovers. According to the local history, the island was named kubur (grave) as it was once used as sowing dead’s ashes place. Located in Lampung Bay, the island ca be reached by boat within less than 20 minutes. Kubur Island is quiet relatively at regular days, but it is crowded at the weekend as there are many people coming to fish here. The population of fish around the island is high and various, as there are many big reefs which is the fish habitat around Kubur Island.

5. Siger Tower

Siger TowerSiger Tower is a beautiful yellow building which now becomes the icon of Lampung. It stands beaufifull on a hill, Siger Tower is the zero point of Sumatran causeway which already become on of the transit and tourist place in Lampung. In order to enter the Siger Tower area, you need to pay the entrance ticket and parking fee which is affordable. Siger Tower is a pride building of Lampung as it has traditional architecture.

6. Putri Malu Waterfall

Putri Malu WaterfallLocated in Way Kana area, Putri Malu waterfall is on of tourist sites in Lampung which its name is not too familiar. The unique name of Putri Malu Waterfall is originated from the shape of crooked waterfall as it seems like being shy. Putri Malu Waterfall has about 80 M high, completed with comfortable and chilly atmosphere. Putri Malu Waterfall is most visited by the natural lovers who then take pictures and swimming in the pond under the waterfall. Besides, you can also enjoy the rock climbing, camping and trekking in the area.

7. Mount Krakatau

Mount KrakatauMount Karakatau is quite familiar among the people. It is located in Sunda Strait, Mount Krakatau is a tourist site in Lampung which offers not only mountainous tour, but also sea tour. Mount Krakatau erupted in 1883, now it turns into a famous tourist site. These days Mount Krakatau has become a nature conservation place, so that in order to enter the area, you should have permission from the bureau first.

8. Lembah Hijau Tourist Park

Lembah Hijau Tourist ParkLembah Hijau Tourist Park has been opened since 2006. Having 30 hectares wide field, Lembah Hijau Tourist Park is tourist site in Lampung which has wildlife, culture, and custom concepts. 80 % out of 30 hectare field are natural areas and the rests are buildings. Having such recreational park, water boom, and mini zoo, Lembah Hijau Tourist Park is a completed tourist site for family. The entrance ticket of Lembah Hijau Tourist Park costs 10,000 IDR, to enter the water boom area, you need to pay the additional charge by 35,000 IDR/individual. Water boom is the most favorite spacecraft in Lembah Hijau Tourist Park.

9. Tanjung Setia Beach

Tanjung Setia BeachTanjung setia Beach is a good alternative for the surfers who already bored with surfing on Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, West Java. Located in the west side of Lampung, Tanjung Setia Beach has one of the best tides on earth, according to the surfers who already try the Tanjung Setia Beach. The location is quite far, about 270 KM from Bandar Lampung, and it takes about 6 hours to reach it. But do not worry, the surfing lovers won’t be disappointed, considering its location which is quite far and remote, Tanjung Setia Beach has good condition and not spoiled by human.

10. Pugung Raharjo Ancient Park

Pugung Raharjo Ancient ParkLocated in Pugung Raharjo Village, Pugung Raharjo Ancient Park is a complex of remnants from the pat. It is located 52 KM from Bandar Lampung City, Pugung Raharjo Ancient Park has ancient collections such as stone grave, stone table, stone table, stone corpse, and others. The historical site is very popular these days, it is good for you to try to visit the place and learn about history.

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