10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lembang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lembang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lembang10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lembang – Lembang is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bandung. The tourist site which has chilly air is the main choice for Jakarta and around visitors at the weekend, so it is no wonder if the way to Lembang is so crowded at the weekend.
What makes it so popular? Off course its interesting tourist sites and essential fro family is the first factor behind Lembang’s popularity. So What are the tourist sites in Lembang that worth a visit?

1. Mount Tangkuban Parahu

Mount Tangkuban ParahuMount Tangkuban Parahu is a popular tourist site in Lembang. Almost all the people who come to Lembang want to visit the mount shaped like upside down boat. The tourist site is located about 20 KM north of Bandung. With 2,000 M high above the sea level, Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a chilly area, so do not forget to bring your jacket.

2. De Ranch

De RanchDe Ranch is a family touris tsite which is located in Lembang. The unique thing of the place is the cowboy atmosphere. In De Ranch Lembang you can play various fun game with kids, and also ride a horse, either in De Ranch area or outside. The place is often used as a company’s event as its vast field.

3. Maribaya

MaribayaLocated about 22 KM from Bandung, Maribaya is a tourist site in Lembang that has hot water source, waterfall, and park. The place is famous by its nature and sulfur hot water, so don’t be surprised in the place is crowded by visitors at the weekend. The favorite activity in Maribaya is bathing in the hot water and trekking.

4. Bosscha Observatorium

Bosscha ObservatoriumBosscha Observatory is an interesting place in Indonesia. The place is the only spot observations of stars in Lembang. Bosscha Observatory is often visited by Schools and universities as it has good educational values. If you want to visit Bosscha Observatory, you can’t just come here, but you must have a confirmation first. As a reminder you cannot see the stars using Bosscha Observatory everyday.

5. Sapu Lidi

Sapu LidiSapu Lidi is an unique place in Lembang. with the relaxing atmosphere of the village, sapu Lidi is able to attract many visitors. So what’s the thing that you can do at Sapu Lidi? Here you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the village which is surrounded by rice fields, you can also get on a traditional boat in the river here. The culinary tour in the restaurant here is no less attractive as you can taste the culinary while enjoying the village’s atmosphere. If you want to stay in, Sapu Lidi has lodging facilities, but is is quite expensive.

6. Hot Water Ciater

Hot Water CiaterHot Water Ciater is one of tourist sites in Lembang which is most visited. As its name, it offers hot water. But, it is not ordinary hot water, but it is natural hot water from Mount Tangkuban Perahu crater. Ciater Hot Water is good for bathing activity as it has various kind of natural mineral which is believed to be able to heal any diseases. Besides, some say that it can make you more pretty or handsome. The tourist site in Lembang is very crowded by visitors at the weekend.

7. Kampung Daun

Kampung DaunYou love to go on Culinary Tour/ If yes, don’t forget to visit Kampung Daun. The place has typical village atmosphere of Sunda which completed with waterfall. At night, the atmosphere at Kampung Daun is getting romantic, it is very essential for young couples. The food menu available in Kampung Daun included Indonesian’s and alos West’s.

8. Floating Market

Floating MarketFloating Market is an unique tourist site in Lembang. Just like in Kalimantan, at Floating Market you can find a market which the sellers are on a floating boat. However, as Floating Market is a tourist site, the things on sale are not the typical things on the regular market, but it sells the delicious typical Bandung cuisine, which is very essential fro the culinary lovers.

9. Kampung Gajah

kampung gajahLocated in North Bandung, Kampung Gajah offers an unique integrated tourist site. Although Its name is Kampung Gajah (Elephant), you won’t find many elephants here. With more than 60 hectares wide, Kampung Gajah has a wide field to carry 30 kinds of spacecrafts which are essential for adults and kids. Besides, Kampung Gajah has waterboom facility and restaurant.

10. Jendela Alam

Jendela AlamJendela Alam is an alternative family tourist site in Lembang. Located in Sersan Bajuri Street, Jendela Alam is a tourist site with chilly air which is very essential to educated your kids about animals. They can learn how to treat animals, how to raise them, interacting with them, leaning how to plant, fruit and vegetable harvesting, playing water, and adventuring. It’s very completed. Jendela Alam opens every day from 9 AM to 4 PM (Monday to Friday), and 8 AM to 4.30 PM (weekend and holiday).

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