10 Best Tourist Attractions in Manado

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Manado

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Manado10 Best Tourist Attractions in Manado – Manado is the capitol of North Sulawesi. The city has motto Torang Samua Basudara which means that we are all brothers and sisters. People of Manado is known by the hospitality for the visitors, as for them that those who come to their city are brothers and sisters.
The city is usually used as the temporary stop by before continuing the trip to Bunaken Sea Park which is already famous as one of the best underwater tourist spots in the world.
In fact, Bunaken Sea Park is not only the best one in Manado. To know the Minahas land closer, here’s the list of the best tourist attractions in Manado.

1. Bunaken Sea Park

Bunaken Sea ParkThis is tourist attraction in Manado that made the city became famous throughout the world. In 2005, UNESCO determined that this place as one of world’s legacy sites. It is no wonder since the sea biotic here is extremely rich. You can find various kinds of corals and beautiful colorful fish.
The underwater nature here became the paradise itself for diving lovers, snorkeling, aquatic photography. With 39 diving spots available, of course you will love to dive longer here. If you can’t swim, you can still enjoy the beauty of its underwater by using a particularly designed submarine available here. The ship board is a transparent glass, so you can see clearly the outstanding view of its underwater.
You can come for swimming anytime here, but the best time is between May-August. During the time, the sea is clearer as looking distance becomes better. Besides, the temperature is ideal for diving.
The tourist spot can be reached within 35 minutes by taking speedboat from Manado harbour.

2. Malalayang Beach

Malalayang BeachThe beach is only 4 kilometers from the central city of Manado. It also has beautiful underwater nature. No need to worry if you forget about diving apparatus, as there is a rental place for those things.
The wave at the beach is quite still, so you can play water on its black sand. Besides diving and playing water, the other interesting activity is enjoying the typical cuisine of Malalayang Beach namely fried banana and dabu-dabu sauce. The tourist site of Manado is known by the amazing view of sunset. You can enjoy it by having a plate fried banana added with typical Manado sauces.

3. Sawangan Rafting

Sawangan RaftingDiving is not challenging enough for you? You should try Sawangan Rafting then. The river flowing very swift, so the beginner, it is recommended t hire a guide.
You will conquer the flow and stones there for two hours. The length of the track is 9 kilometers. The journey will begin from River Park Resot, Sawangan Village. During on the boat, you can enjoy the view of the plump of shady trees at the riverbank. If you are lucky, you can also see monkeys hanging on the trees.
To experience the extreme sport, you need to pay 180,000 IDR.

4. Kima Atas Waterfall

Kima Atas WaterfallStill related to water, this time the another tourist site in Manado that worth a visit is Kima Atas Waterfall. As its name, the waterfall is located in Kelurahan Kima Atas, or about 15 kilometers from central Manado.
There are plenty trees around the waterfall which makes the air becomes chilly. The waterfall consists of three levels with normal flow, so it is safe to swim in there.
If you don’t want to play with water, you can place a rug and sitting while enjoying the locals cuisine. You can still found ATM machine within the area, so no need of running out of cash.

5. Tondano Lake

Tondano LakeTondano lake is volcanic lake which came from the ancient eruption. Just like Toba Lake in North Sumatra, the tourist site also has an island at the middle and located on a highland of 600 meters from sea surface. The lake which has 4,000 hectare wide is enclosed in Mount Tampusu, Mount Kaweng and Mount Masarang.
You can see the fishermen activity who catch the fish by using bamboo woven fish trap here. If you want to look closer, you can get on a motor boat which can take 10 men for going around the island. By taking this boat, you will be costed 50,000 IDR and wait until it is full of ten men.
After being satisfied going around, you can taste the cuisine around the lake. Do not forget to Betutu fish which is the typical fish here.

6. Tandurusa Tourist Park

Tandurusa Tourist ParkTandurusa Turist Park is located in Kecamatan Aertembaga aor about two hours trip from the central Manado. At the tourist site, you can find plenty typical Sulawesi animals such as hog deer, black monkey, tarsius, and other kinds of bird.
The most interesting one is the tarsius which became the icon of North Sulawesi. Tarsius shaped like monkey but it body is no more than 15 cm. Its hands and feet is longer than its body. one of its typical nature is its big round eyes and its size is almost half of its face.

7. Bless Hill

Bless HillLooks like the motto of the people who said that we are all brothers and sisters are not for nothing. It can be seen from Bless Hill which is the symbol of the religious prosperity in Manado. You can find the all Religious Building of five officials religions in Indonesia within one place.
Bless Hill is located in Kanonang or about 55 kilometers from central Manado. Not far from the entrance door, you will be welcomed by a monument with 22 meters high which is called as Tolerance Monument. it shaped a pentagon which in every side there is a symbol for each religion with the qoutes from its holy book.
Going on the higher place, there are five religious building connected by curving stairs. In order to go around the place, you must go up and down hundreds of stairs, so it is better if you wear comfortable shoes/slippers.
Besides the Tolerance Monument, there is a white cross tower with 53 meters high. The tower can be seen from the boulevard area which is located in the central Manado.

8. National Museum of North Sulawesi

National Museum of North SulawesiThe easiest way to know about the culture of a region is by visiting its museum. In National Museum of North Sulawesi, you can see the culture of Minahasa tribe which is the original one of the province.
The tourist site which is located on WR. Supratman street has various collection which describe the local’s culture. You can fin custom house miniature, fishing tools, household items, and the historical remains. There are about 2,810 collections available in the museum.
In order to enter the place, you need to pay 1,000 IDR for adult and 2500 IDR for kids. The Museum opens everyday except Sunday or national holidays.

9. Boulevard Area

Boulevard AreaBoulevard area is located along the Pierre Tandean street. Initially, the area was the location for street vendors, until then the government turned it into Manado’s Landmark.
In the afternoon, the tourist site is crowded by the citizen who enjoy the sunset. If you want to prove the beauty of its sunset here, you should come before 5 PM for available seats.
In the evening, the area becomes the central culinary area in Manado. It is not only the typical cuisine of Manado available here, but there are many others. while enjoying dinner, you can see the beauty of Manado Tua across the sea.

10. Pumohon Flower Town

Pumohon Flower TownMoving a little bit from Manado, about 22 kilometers there is a Tumohon City which is called as Flower Town. It is located in Mount Lokon, the land is very fertile and essential for every flower cultivation. In here, every house has its own private garden which is full of colorful flowers.
Between June-August, there is usually a ornamental flower festival held. You can see the flower parade and various art performance along the town road. If You are not satisfied staying a night here, no need to worry as there a lot of lodging places in Tumohon.

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