10 Best Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

10 Best Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

10 Best Tourist Attractions in New Zealand10 Best Tourist Attractions in New Zealand – New Zealand is a friendly, otherworldly, and photogenic country which offers the tourists invulnerable chances for exploration and adventure. The rugged islands are the home to mountains, beaches, fjords, glaciers, dense native forests, and thermal regions which have been well preserved by the environmentally-conscious culture and government. New Zealand is a site where the traditional Maori culture mixes with modernity in charming villages, wide expanses of the untouched wilderness, and cosmopolitan cities. Heavenly and Pristine, the island country has something for everybody, including the following list of 10 best tourist attractions in New Zealand.

1. Milford Sound

Milford SoundMilford Sound is located among the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand. Lying at the most accessible and northern end of the Fjordland National Park, Milford sound presents some of the most staggering coastal sight in the world with its dark blue waters and dramatic peaks. The frequent downpours of the area only enrich this South Island beauty, sending plentiful waterfalls cascading down to the cliffs.

2. Bay of Islands

Bay of IslandsBay of Islands is one of the most famous holiday site in New Zealand. The scenic area contains about 144 islands, some great sandy beaches and many secluded bays. This beautiful bay has a lot of marine life including the big marlin, dolphins, whales, and penguins. No wonder, it is a famous tourist spot for the sailing yachts on international sport fishermen and world cruises.

3. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National ParkNew Zealand’s first national park, Tongariro is well known for its extremes and surprises. The park’s various range of ecosystems includes desert-like plateaus, tranquil lakes, untamed forests, active volcanoes, and herb fields. Begin your trek from the Whakapapa Visitor Center, taking about a three-hour hike from the amazing Taranaki Falls. This short hike will get you through forest and scrubland and across the volcanic eruptions’ lava line from hundreds of years ago.

4. Rotorua

RotoruaRotorua is popular as the thermal wonderland in New Zealand. There are plentiful hot springs and geysers around and in the city. A lot of these are in reserves and parks. Natural steam eruptions, mud and hot water occasionally happen in new locations. Close to the Wai-O-Tapu is also famous tourist attraction with plenty hot springs famed for their colorful sights, in addition to Lady Knox Geyser.

5. Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef GlacierThis glacier which is situated within the Westland National Park in the southwest area is one of the most accessible in the world. Tourists can take the helicopter ride over the dazzling Ice Age remain or walk right up to the massive glacier foot. Together with the Fox Glacier it is one of the major drawcards of the South Westland for the tourists.

6. Kaikora

KaikoraThe small coastal town which is situated on the South Island is a paradise for the seafood lovers. You can spot albatrosses, sperm whales, fur seals, and dolphins off the shore, then partake in a feast of blue cod, mussels, fresh crayfish, and many more. The Land lovers can take a wilderness path through the dramatic and untamed Kaikoura forest.

7. Napier Art Deco

Napier Art DecoNapier which is a small city in the Bay of Hawke on the east coast of the North Island is well known for its eye catching architecture of Art Deco. Most of Napier in 1931 was leveled by an earthquake. The reconstructing era coincided with the short lived Art Deco time and as a result the architecture of Napier is strikingly distinct from any other city on earth. Thousands of tourists come to Napier every February for the Art Deco, an event which is dedicated to the the soapbox derby, picnics, style, and vintage cars.

8. Sky Tower

Sky TowerSky Tower is a telecommunications and observation tower situated in the largest city of New Zealand. At a height of 328 meters, it is the tallest free-standing building in Southern Hemisphere and the Sky Tower has served as an iconic building in the skyline of Auckland. The tower presents the fine dining in an Orbit revolving restaurant and views of up to 80 km away.

9. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National ParkSituated on the northern end of the South Island of the country, this extensive national park is a dream for the hikers. Closed to the vehicles, one have to enter by foot, small plane, or boat, still the trip is well worthy. While traversing the terrain of the mountains, wood pigeons, oyster catchers, wekas, blue penguins, and the other rare birds can all be found.

10. Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel PeninsulaThe north-eastern peninsula is popular for its golden and white sandy beaches which frame fascinating coastal scenery, the forests perfect for days exploration and the other natural wonders. Begin your visit in Thames which is a small but scenic city with a rich history of the gold mining. Don’t miss a stop at the Hot Water Beach, where from the springs under the sands, the tourists can dig their own hot pool.

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