10 Best Tourist Attractions in Padang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Padang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Padang10 Best Tourist Attractions in Padang – Padang is the capitol city of West Sumatra Province. The city which is known by the legend of Siti Nurbaya and Malin Kundang has beautiful sea and hills, so it has various interesting tourist attractions. So what are they?

1. Three Floored Waterfall

Three Floored WaterfallLocated in Cendikar village, The Three Floored Waterfall is one of tourist attractions in Padang which still remains a mystery. Why so? The answer is there not many people know about this tourist site, there is not much information out there about the Three Floored Waterfall. Why is it called Three Floored Waterfall? Because the waterfall is three-floored, it is not everyone can enjoy the three-floored, as the way there is very difficult, even you have to crawl as it is very steep and slippery. The Three Floored Waterfall is such a essential tourist site for the nature and adventure lovers.

2. Adityawarman Museum

Adityawarman MuseumAdityawarman Museum is the most popular museum in Padang. The museum which was built in 1974 besides as the icon of Padang City, but also becomes one of tourist sites that worth a visit. In other words, Adityawarman Museum is the mini park of Padang. The museum which is located on 2,6 hectare field is a place where all Padang’s historical items are kept, so its culture will remain preserved.

3. Aie Manih Beach

Aie Manih BeachAie Manih Beach or so called as Sweet Water Beach is one of tourist sites in Padang which is very famous. The beach is famous by the Malin Kundang’s Legend and it is believed as a proof of the legend do exist. The story of Malin Kundang itself was about a son which didn’t admit his own mother after he had became wealthy. Therefore, Malin Kundang was cursed into a stone, and the stone now is located in Aie Manih Beach. Besides being famous by Malin Kundang Stone, the beach also offers beautiful view with the background of Mount Padang, as well as its tide which is safe for beach tour.

4. Nirwana Beach

Nirwana BeachNirwana Beach is located about 14 KM in the south of Padang. The beach which is located not far from Teluk Bayur Port is one of most loved places in Padang, as it is easy to access and it is not far as well as the fresh atmosphere offered here. The best time to visit Nirwana Beach is in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the sunset view, then continue with the view of spotlight form Teluk Bayur Port.

5. Jambak Sand Beach

Jambak Sand BeachLocated 17 KM from Padang City, Jambak Sand Beach is one of tourist sites in Padang which is most pupular among the visitors as the panorama which is offered is very beautiful and romantic, especially when sunset. It takes about 30 minutes driving to reach the place, Jambak Sand Beach is the favorite place for Padang people who seeks for quietness.

6. Mecca Minuature

Mecca MinuatureMecca Miniature, as its name, is a religious tourist object which is located in Lubuk Minturun. The tourist object which was built in 2010 is still new, but these days it has become one of the most unique tourist site in Padang as it is very similar to the original one. Mecca Miniature is often used as training ground fro those who want to go to the Holy Lands. Besides, you can see some kinds of fauna here such as camel, fish and snake.

7. Siti Nurbaya Bridge

Siti Nurbaya BridgeSiti Nurbaya Bridge is an iconic bridge which its name was taken from a phenomenal history made by Padang’s artist named Marah Rusli. Siti Nurbaya in Padang offers the outstanding view, completed with the wooden ship goes back and forth at noon, the beautiful sunset, completed culinary tour in the evening, caused many people come and see the Siti Nurbaya Bridge everyday.

8. Anai Valley

Anai ValleyAnai Valley is one of Tourism mascot of Padang, and also West Sumatra. Located in the roadside of trans sumatra stret, Anai Valley has three waterfalls. The most popular one is the 35 M high waterfall, located in the roadside, and often called as Anai Vallet Waterfall. It is located about 60 KM from Padang City, or 2 KM trip by vehicle.

9. Sitinjau Lauik

Sitinjau LauikSitinjau Lauik or often called as Padang Scenic Point, is a place with 1,000 meters above the sea level. As its name, the tourism activity which is most favorite here is enjoying its vast and green view, as well as the view of Indian Ocean from distance. Besides, there is public bathing place for those who want to rest for a moment form the steepness of Sitinjau Lauk road. If you come at night, you can also enjoy the sparkling view of Padang.

10. Padang Beach

Padang BeachLocated in the centre of Padang, Padang Beach is very easy to access, so it is always crowded by the locals who want to refresh their mind from all the daily activities. At the beach which has no sand, there is a kid play, so it is very essential for family tourist purposes.

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