10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pangandaran

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pangandaran

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pangandaran10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pangandaran – Talking about Pangandaran, the first word comes to our minds it the beach. Pangandaran has been famous by its beaches, not only among Indonesian people, but also among the international people. Although the beaches in Pangandaran have beautiful and attractive panorama, but are the tourist attractions in Pangandaran just the beaches? Of course not. Here are the lists of tourists attractions in Pangandaran that worth a visit:

1. Cukang Taneuh

Cukang TaneuhOr it was called as Green Canyon by a Frenchman in 1993. Grand Canyon is located in Kertajaya village, Cijulang, Ciamis. From Ciamis you have to pass through 130 KM trip from Pangandaran.
In the tourist site, you can hire a boat with 75,000 IDR which can be used by 5 people. The boat can be hired from 7,30 AM to 4 PM. You can enjoy the beauty of the chasm with the chilly water and the attractive green view. Besides, Green Canyon is near to Batukarnas tourist site and also Nusawiru airport.

2. Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran BeachSurely it is not completed if you don’t come to the beach. The beach is the favorite for the tourists who come to Pangandaran. Located in Penanjung village, Kecamatan Pangandara. If you come from Ciamis’s direction, you must go to the south about 92 KM.
At the beach you can enjoy the amazing view of sunrise and sunset, swimming safely as the sloping beach and also enjoying the marine park. Pangandaran Beach is famous by its white sand. In order to reach the location, the road access has been enhanced by asphalt and good lights.

3. Batu Karas Beach

Batu Karas BeachLocated in Batukarnas village, about 34 Km from Pangandaran. The tourist site is a place which has quiet atmosphere and friendly waves, so that you’ll be enjoyed being at the beach.
The tourist site is also essential for those who love surfing as the beach is the integration of Batu Hiu Beach and Pangandaran Beach. You can stay at the hotels or the lodging places around the beach, so you can enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

4. Sumur Mudal Cave

Sumur Mudal CaveNot only the beaches, the natural cave exists in Pangandaran is also the favorite tourist site for the tourists. One of the is Sumur Mudal Cave.
The name of the cave was given as in the past there was a water source inside the cave which resembled a well (sumur) with boiling water (mudal). The cave is one of tourist sites that you can’t miss when you visit Pangandaran.

5. Curug Bojong

Curug BojongIn fact, the waterfall of Curug was named Curug Sawangan. But, noe it has been famous by Curug Bojong name as the water is derived from Bojog village. If you want to visit this place from Pangandaran, take the Babakan path then to Sakahuri with about 6 KM trip.

6. Keusik Luhur Beach

Keusik Luhur BeachLocated in Kertamukti village, Kecamatan Cimerak, or about 45 KM from Pangandaran. The integration of natural view and blue sea become the typical characteristic of the beach.
From up the hill which exists in the beach, you can see the view of waves pounding the reefs. Keusik Luhur’s name was taken from the beach’s background. Keusik which means sand, and Luhur which means high. The name was taken since the big waves which make the sand flows to the rocks.

7. Santirah River Tubing

Santirah River TubingDo you like adrenaline ignition water tour? You can come to Santirah River Tubing. Here you will experience of rafting without using rubber boat, but using big tire.
The current of Santirah River which is in Selasari village will make you get soaking wet with tottering sensation between the current and river rocks. The distance between the tourist site from the central city is only 15 KM.

8. Saung Muara

Saung MuaraIf you are looking for a beach which can be a camping area with family or friends, so Saung Muara is the right place. Located in the end of Pamugaran street, the location can be reached from the Pangandaran entrance door, turn right and passing through 1 KM road. You will find the beautiful scenery with chilly air and Mangrove around.
Here, you can enjoy the view of fishermen who looking for fish. Saung Muara has facilities such as gazebo and musholla. You can also enjoy the culinary tour at the counters along the beach. Enjoying the sunset view while having BBQ with friends or family will be an unforgettable moment here.

9. Pangandaran Waterpark

Pangandaran WaterparkAlthough it is still new, but the waterpark can be interesting tourist site to visit. Different from the other waterparks, Pangandaran Waterpark is located near the sea shore of Lembah Putri. You can find it about 5 Km from Pangandaran tourist site’s door right in Kecamatan Kalipuncang.
There are some pools that you can enjoy and also field for riding ATV. In order to enter the waterpark you need to pay between 10,000 IDR to 25,000 IDR.

10. Krapyak Beach

Krapyak BeachThere are so many attractive beaches in Pangandaran. If you are fed up with Pangandaran Beach and Batu Hiu, you can visit Krapyak Beach. The tourist site is located in Bagolo village, Kecamatan Kalipuncang, Ciamis or about 20 KM from Pangandaran Beach. If you from Ciamis’s town square direction, you will through about 78 KM.
The interesting thing is that the way to the beach is quite good and there are also street signs available. However, there is still no public transport available, so you need to bring your own.

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