10 Best Tourist Attractions in Papua

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Papua

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Papua10 Best Tourist Attractions in Papua – If you think that Indonesia is less attractive than those in Europe, You should visit Papua. The Easternmost Island of Indonesia which has all the beauty of nature that is too much to explore. The land and its underwater becomes a paradise for the nature lovers. Not only its richness, Papua also has locals culture wisdom which still exists in this modern era. Exploring Papua surely turns out to be an interesting experience which becomes a story to your family and friends.
Visit Papua, Explore its richness. If you are still confused about your tour destination, here are the 10 best tourist attractions in Indonesia that you can’t miss.

1. Cendrawasih Bay National Park

Cendrawasih Bay National ParkThe National Park which has 1,453,500 hectare is almost 90% water. No wonder since Cendrawasih Bay National Park becomes the largest and the widest marine conservation in Indonesia. At this place, There are 196 kinds of Mollusca and 209 kinds of fish that you can find in its underwater. Often the turtle, tortoise, shark, and dolphin will accompany with when diving.
It was official in 1993 by the forestry ministry. Besides enjoying its underawter, you can also explore the islands. Mioswaar Island which is one of the tourist islands in Papua has a cave with sulphur hot water source which is worth a visit. Besides Mioswaar Islands, There are Yoop Island, Munfor Island, Nuswori Island and others that you can’t miss.
The tourist place is administratively located within two kabupaten namely Wondama and Nabire. The national park also turned into whale shark research center which runs by the government corporate with others institutions.

2. Raja Ampat

Raja AmpatWho hasn’t known Raja Ampat? It is one of tourist place in Papua which attracts the domestic and international visitors. Raja Ampat area consists of four big islands namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and other small islands around.
Raja Ampat has varios marine biota. According to The Nature Conservancy’s report, about 75% world’s marine species can be found in Raja Ampat. During diving, you will be accompanied by 1,511 kinds of fish and sea turtles. Although you can dive whenever you like here, but the best time to dive is in October and November. During these months, the wather is nice and the sea is very clear, so the visibility when diving is very ideal.
If you don’t want to dive, you can still experience the beauty of Raja Ampat by tracking in the islands. Afraid of getting lost? Chillax as you can hire a guide here. The guide here is the local who works as fisherman. Do not forget to bring betelnut of candy for the locals. Those two are believed as friendship mark and it will make you easier to interact with them.
At this place, there are many souvenirs that you can buy as the present such as Asmat Tribe statue, music instrument, and traditional cloth.

3. Lake Sentani

Lake SentaniThe lake which has 9,360 hectare wide is the largest one in Papua. Located about 50 kilometers from Jayapura City, Sentani Lake offers the outstanding beauty. At least there are 21 islands on the lake with 75 meters above the sea level.
There are many kinds of activity that you can do here such as swimming, fishing, eating the cuisine around the lake, rent a boat to go around the lake. Besides, there is 24 villages around the tourist area which you can visit and interact directly with the locals. The view of row of houses on stilts with fishing net are just ordinary things here.
The most interesting thing is the yearly event namely Lake Sentani Festival which is usually held in the middle of June. During the festival, this place will be crowded by the visitors who want to see the various art shows and locals’ culture. Besides enjoying the shows during the festival, you can also taste the Papua typical cuisine available here.

4. Lake Paniai

Lake PaniaiLake Paniai is no less attractive than Lake Sentani. Even the lake was called as the most beautiful one when the World’s lake conference in India in November 30th 2007 which was participated by 157 countries. The lake is located on 1,700 meters above the sea level with 14,500 hectare wide. When it goes to twilight, the view is so amazing. You can see the cliff, flying birds above the lake.
At this place, you can fish with you the Mee and Moni Tribes women which are called as mama. Paniai Lake is one of the largest freshwater fish producer in Papua, many fish that you can find here such as the goldfish, tilapia and tilapia fish.
The are enough facilities provided in this sites such as security post, guide, boat rental, fishing tools, and food counters. if you want to enjoy its beauty longer you can stay at the locals’ house.

5. Baliem Valley

Baliem ValleyBaliem Valley is the place where Dani Tribe Lives, Yali and Lani which are located around Jayawijaya Mountains. Being located on 1,600 meters above the sea level makes the temperature in this place reach 10-15 degree celcius at night. At this place, you can see and interact directly with the native tribe who still wear koteka for men and rumbai skirt for women.
In August, Baliem valley becomes the interesting tourist site of Papua which attracts many visitors. For three day there is a yearly event held namely Baliem Valley Festivel. It is actually a way of commanding to get rid of tribal war which often occures here. The tribal war has been banned, as the replacement there is a festival held which changes the war into art and cultural shows to attract visitors.

6. Sauwandarek Tourist Village

Sauwandarek Tourist VillageIf in Baliem Valley you can interact with the tribe lives in the mountains, in Sauwandarek village you can see the native tribe who lives in the coast. Sauwandarek village is still located in Kabupaten Raja Ampat area, exactly in Meos Mansar. At this place, you can see the traditional house which is made from wood and thatched roof.
The tourist site is occupied about 36 heads of family. The women here are usually creating hat and bag from sea pandan leaves. If you like their handcraft, you can buy there.
Here you can do diving and snorkeling. Besides of those, you can do tracking to the unique lake around the village. Its name is Yenauwyau Lake. It is called unique as the water in this lake is salty, not like freshwater like the most lakes. According to the locals, in the lake there are white turtles if you see them that you will be lucky.

7. Bosnik Beach

Bosnik BeachPrepare your camera since the beauty of the beach will make you stop taking pictures here. Bosnik beach which is located 15 kilometers from central Biak city has extensive sand with clear blue water and the row of coconut trees which make it as perfect view for taking pictures.
It is very essential for hanging out with family. By paying 10,000 IDR, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach which is located in Woniki Village. Besides playing volleyball at its sloping beach, you can also rent a saung by 50,000 IDR and enjoy fresh unriped ice and also the local culinary.

8. Amai Beach

Amai BeachAmai Beach is a exact tourist site for those who love serenity. The beach is relatively quiet, but it doesn’t mean it is not interesting. At the end of the beach, there is estuary which makes the salty and fresh water meet each other here. The freshwater is usually used by visitors to rinse themselves after swimming at the beach.
Besides swimming, you can also play volleyball, dive, snork, or hang out in the gazebo which can be hired by 50,000 IDR. If you want to stay, in Amai Beach there is lodging house on stilts style.
Amai Beach is located in Deparere District or about 2 hours trip from Jayapura. The trip to the beach will test your adrenaline as the up-down and curved terrain. However it is all will be paid as you reach and see the beaut of Amai Beach. To enter the place you must pay 25,000 IDR which is included parking fee.

9. Rumberpon Island

Rumberpon IslandRumberpon Island is located in wandoma bay or 5 hours trip with ship from Manokwari. The island has a beach which is called as Long Sand Beach as the coast line is very long that up to 6 kilometers.
At the tourist place, you can do the main activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, and swimming. If you want different experience, try to visit the mangrove at the other coast of the island. You can also go to alang-alang field to see bird deer here.

10. MacArthur Monument

MacArthur MonumentMacArthur Monument is a memorial tribute for the General Douglas MacArthur who was the major general of USA in the WW2 era. The monument is still in Mount Ifar, Jayapura. Here you can enter the museum, to see the photos and military journey of General MacArthur. The place was the evidence of the glorious major general in creating strategy of several great war. Located on the 325 meters high above the sea level, you can see the Lake Sentani and the Sentani airfield from here.
MacArthur Monument is a 3 meters high monumet which is dominated with yelloe and blach colors. On the monument there is history abou the general written in Bahasa and English.
A glimpse about MacArthur, the general was famous by his words, (I came through and I shall return). He said it when his military base in Philippines is destroyed by Japan and he said to he along with his army were forced to retreat to Australia. After setting the strategy, in 1994 he landed in Hamadi bay, Jayapura, and built a base which is in the MacArthur Monument now. The general proved his words as then he and his army managed to take down Japan and paid back the American’s loss at Philippines and Pearl Harbour.

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