10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pekanbaru – Pekanbaru is the capital city of Riau. The Malayan culture is very thick here. Along the road, you can see a lot of women wearing knee-length typical Malayan robe. The city is known as one of the business cities in Indonesia.At least, there are 170 oil palm plantations which export raw and processed products overseas.
Becoming a business city doesn’t mean that there are no any tourist sites in Pekanbaru. Here are the 10 best tourist attractions in Pekanbaru that you may consider:

1. Riau Fantasy

Riau FantasyRiau Fantasy is a the biggest and the most completed recreational park in Sumatra. The Tourist site which is also known as Labersa Water and Theme Park name has 6,5 hectare wide. As its name, it is divided into wet and dry spacecraft.
In the water play spacecraft, there are several kinds of pool and water surfboard such as Adventure Pool. There are several towers which are connected with shaky bridge in the pool. There is also a hanging giant bucket which can take 3,000 litres of water and ready to pour down when its full. Besides of that, there is adult pool with 1,5 meters deep and kids pool with 30 centimeters deep completed with fountain for playing.
For the dry spacecraft, there are various play which tests your adrenaline such as kora-kora, sky tower, wave blaster, speedy coaster, and family swinger. If you want more relaxing play, you can try the merry-go-ground and touring cart. The supporting facilities in the area besides musholla, toilet and cafetaria, are gazebo and free wifi.
Riau fantasy is located in Labersa street or about 45 minutes from central Pekanbaru. To enjoy the available spacecrafts, you must pay 60,000 IDR on Monday-Friday and 70,000 IDR on Saturday-Sunday.

2. Alam Manyang Recreational Park

Alam Manyang Recreational ParkThe tourist site offers the family spacecrafts in the outdoors. Alam Manyang Recreational Park is surrounded by hills, the air is chilly so it is essential for relaxing with family. In the area, you can also see Leighton Bridge which pass through Siak River.
If you take children with you, there is ball bathing area, kids play park and 3D film studio in the tourist site with 24 hectare wide. There is Topeng Monyet and clown magic shows to entertain your family.
Alam Manyang Recreational Park opens everyday from 08.00 AM until 06.00 PM by 20,000 IDR/individual for the entrance ticket.

3. Lembah Sari Artificial Lake

Lembah Sari Artificial LakeThe Lake is located in Limbungan village which is 10 kilometers from the Central Pekanbaru. Initially, the lake is a irrigation dam which was used to flow the water to the locals’ rice fields. Then, the artificial dam became one of tourist site in Pekanbaru.
Surrounded by hills, the tourist site is essential for picnic purpose as there are many tress and the chilly air. Besides rolling mat and picnic, you can rent a rowboat and water bike to go around the lake.

4. Sang Kulim Zoo

Sang Kulim ZooThe zoo which has 10 hectare wide turned into a tourist site in Pekanbaru which is visited by most of family at the weekend. Sang Kulim Zoo has many kinds of animal that you can introduce to the kids from monkey, bird, snake, porcupine, and many more.
Besides observing the animal collections, there are kids play area such as surfboard, swing, fishing pool and kids swimming pool. If you are lucky. you can ride an elephant by paying 10,000 IDR for 10 minutes.
Sang Kulim Zoo can be reached within 30 minutes from central Pekanbaru. To enter, you must pay 20,000 IDR for adults and 10,000 for children.

5. Siak Sri Indrapura Palace

Siak Sri Indrapura PalaceMoving a little bit from Pekanbaru, you can visit the Siak Sri Indrapura Palace. The palace which now becomes one of tourist site is the remnants of the Siak Empire which was the biggest Islamic Empire in Riau during 16th until 20th century. This palace is also called as Ashareyah Al Hasyimiyah Palace.
The palace was built in 1889 by Sultan Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Syaifuddin. The main building adopted Europe, Arab, Malay architecture style. The Second Floored building still looks glorious although it has been 100 years age. On the first floor, you can see the kingdom collections such as bronze statue of Wilhelmina Queen From Netherlands and Sultan Syarif Hasyim I statue which is made from marble decorated with diamonds. There is also a drum which is more that 200 years age. The last time it was played was in 1914 when the inauguration of Sultan Syarif Kasim II.

6. Sanapelan Mosque

Sanapelan MosqueIt is one of the remnants of Siak Empire in Pekabaru. The Mosque which is known as Masjid Raya Pekanbaru was built in 1762 and became one of the oldest mosques in Riau. When it was built at the first time, the mosque was small and made from timber. There days, you can see it as a great mosque dominated by typical Malayan yellow and big dome. After being renovated, its size is up to 60 x 80 meters now.
Once upon a time, there was an old well which its water was believed to be able to heal any diseases. They say, the well became famous to the neighbour country and attracted the visitors from Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia to come to prove it. However the well has been shut now for some reason.

7. An Nur Great Mosque

An Nur Great MosqueThe great mosque integrated the architecture style of Malay, Arab, Turkey, and India. An Nur Mosque is called as the Taj Mahal of Pekanbaru. The main building is symmetric size of 50 x 50 meters with a big pool and a fountain exact in front of it which makes it looks like Taj Mahal India.
The Mosque which consists of 3 floors with green domination can carry 4,500 people. An Nur Mosque has 5 domes and 4 minarets. In the evening, the mosque looks very beautiful with colorful lights that deflects in the pool. The interesting thing here is there is free wifi facility here.
Besides as the house of worship, the mosque becomes one of the tourist site in Pekanbaru which is most visited. The mosque area turned into ngabuburit place in Ramadhan and crowded with the food and chlothes seller. While waiting for the breaking the fast time, you can shop various of cuisine and accessory such as kopiah, tasbih, perfume, and many more.

8. Soeman H.S Library

Soeman H.S LibraryTouring to library? why not? Don’t imagine that Soeman H.S is a small library, full of bookshelf, seems narrow and boring. In this place, you will see that the library can be one of the tourist site and interesting learning place at all once. The name of the library was taken from a Riau novelist’s, Soeman H.S
The library’s building looks very unique from outside. The shape resembles a rehal or a folding book stand for the Koran during recitations. Soeman H.S Library consists of six floors and has various supporting facilities such as musholla, cafe, canteen, meeting room, and auditorium. There is also a room for Literature of Malay culture. The library has the most completed Malay culture of literature in Indonesia.
The library is not only for adult. You can take the children here. There is Children Library and kids corner which is very fun for kids. No need to have the membership card to read the book collections here. You are free to read them on the couch or floor, the reading room is very comfortable as it has AC and free internet access.
Soeman H.S Library is located in Jenderal Sudirman street 462, Pekanbaru. The entrance cost is free. It opens every Monday-Friday at 8 AM – 5 PM and Saturday – Sunday at 9 AM – 2 PM.

9. Pasar Bawah

Pasar BawahIt is not competed if you are going to Pekanbaru without stopping by at the icon of the city. Pasar Bawah is the oldest traditional market which consists of four floors. The building of the market is the integration from Malay and Tionghoa. Located at the Siak Riverbank makes it easier to access.
Pasar Bawah these days turns into one of the tourist site in Pekanaru. At this place, You can find chinese porcelain, Middle East Rug, and secondhand electronical stuufs from Singapura and Malaysia which is still usable. You can also find various Peknbaru typical snacks as Durian Lempuk, Salai Fish, dodol kedondong, chocolate, and candy from neighbour country.

10. Dekranasda Pekanbaru

Dekranasda PekanbaruDekranasda becomes a typical tourist site of Pekanbaru. In this city, Dekranasda sells it products in several strategic locations, for instance in Sisingamangaraja Street and Durian Street.
In Dekranasda shops, you can buy various souvenirs for present such as songket cloth, weaving, batik and various handicrafts from typical Malay timber. The offered price is various from ten thousands until millions Rupiahs.

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