10 Most Exotic Beaches in East Java

10 Most Exotic Beaches in East Java

10 Most Exotic Beaches in East Java10 Most Exotic Beaches in East Java – East Java is the main attraction for the either local or international visitors. Begin with Mount Bromo which its beauty is internationalized, Ranu Kumbolo, Jatim Park, Angkut museum, and others that you can find here.
Besides the beautiful mountain, East Java also has some exotic beaches. The location of the beaches is widespread form Malang, Jember, Banyuwangi, and others. For those who love beach, here we will describe about 10 most exotic beaches in East Java.

1. Papuma Beach, Jember

Papuma Beach, JemberPapuma beach is located in Lojejer village, Kecamatan Wuluhan, Kabupaten Jember. The trip from Jember to Papuma beach can take long time, so it is recommended to stay a night there. There are some accommodation and cottage with affordable price. It is about 150,000 – 450,000 IDR/night. The entrance ticket of the beach is from 5,000 to 7,000 IDR.
Papuma beach has very beautiful view. The mixture between white sands and reefs which spreading along the beach. One of the typical natures of Papuma beach is that there are seven huge reefs mounted to the beach. The huge size of the makes them look like an island. The seven reefs have their own names. At this beach, you can feel the sensation of the waves from up the reef. The beach is often used as the pre-wedding photo shoot session or landscape for the photographers.

2. Red Island Beach, Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach, BanyuwangiRed island beach is located in Sumberagung village, Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. You need three hours to reach the place from central city of Banyuwangi. What makes it specials is that the view when the sun is setting, the sky turns into Chinese red. Many people say that the beach has similar characteristics with Brazilian Beach. The beach is also called as “Kuta” of East Java.
Besides sitting there while enjoying the view of the beach, other kinds of activity that you can do there is surfing, as the beach became the destination of the international class of surfer in East Java. You only need to pay 25,000 – 50,000 IDR for the aquaplane. The condition of the wave is from 4 to 5 meters which is very good for surfing.

3. Sempu Island, Malang

Sempu Island, MalangSempu island is a small island which is still in the same location with Sendang Biru beach. It is exactly in Tambakrejo village, Kecamatan Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang. The island is under the protection of BBKSDA preservation.
Initially it had been official since 1928, Sempu island is a wildlife which has various of ecosystem such as beach forest, mangrove forest, and lowland tropical forest. However, as the increasing of the visitors coming to Sendang Biru, then they did camping in Sempu Island by using the fishing boat. What make it specials is that there is Laguna Segara Arakan within the island. In order to reach it, you most do tracking for two hours through the jungle and steep path.
Your long trip will be paid by the beauty of the white sand, the super blue of the sea water, and also the reefs which protect the Segara Anakan. You must not litter there in order to avoid environmental pollution.

4. Pantai Klayar Pacitan

Pantai Klayar PacitanKlayar beach is located in Kecamatan Donorojo, about 35 kilometers trip to the west of Pacitan city. It takes about one hour to reach the place. The beach is still virgin, so the path is quite difficult.
Klayar beach is one of the main tourism objects in Pacitan. The superiority of the beach is that the sand is as white as milk. There is a reef which shaped like Spinx and the natural waterfall with 10 meters high. The gradation of the sea water is from blue to green with the white sand will make you fall in love. The coral stands sturdily and mounted to the sea which make it looks like Tanah Lot, Bali.

5. Green Bay, Banyuwangi

Green Bay, BanyuwangiThis beach is more popular with its green bay of Banyuwangi which is located in Kecamatan Pesanggaran, Sarongan village, Banyuwangi. From the central city of Banyuwangi, you can take the south path which is 90 kilometers far. The superiority of the beach is the soft white sands, the clearness green sea water and also the 8 meters waterfall.
In order to reach the beach, you must do tracking through the lane about 2 kilometers long. In some part of the path, there is rope to help the tracker walking. Since the trip is exhausting, it is suggested to stay a night there. You can relax while enjoying the pure water, playing in the waterfall, fishing, or catch the shrimp.

6. Tiga Warna Beach, Malang

Tiga Warna Beach, MalangTiga warna beach is still in one area with the Sendang Biru beach exactly in Tambakrejo village, Kabupaten Malang. The beach is still new one in Malang since it became official as a tourist site in the middle of 2014. It is recommended to bring private transportation when coming there, as the path and transportation access does not work well yet.
You need to pay 6,000 IDR/individual to enjoy the beauty of the beach and you need to hire a guide to reach the place. One of the activities that you can do there is snorkeling. There are many of natural reef under its sea. Tiga Warna beach is also a location of reef preservation. The cost to rent the snorkeling apparatus is about 15,000/individual.

7. Banyu Tibo Beach, Pacitan

Banyu Tibo Beach, PacitanBanyu tibo beach is located in Widoro beach, Kecamatan Donorojo. It is one of the beaches in Pacitan which is good as your main destination references. It is called as Banyu Tibo because it means waterfall in Javanese. The waterfall at this beach is coming from a small river which flows on the cliff. The water flows then fall to the sea and joins the wave in a small bay. The river never dry at the dry season and the water is very clear as well.

8. G Land Beach, Banyuwangi

G Land Beach, BanyuwangiThe Javanese name for G Land is Pantai Plengkung which is the most popular beach in Banyuwangi and known as The Seven Giants Waves Wonder. It is due to G Land which has 4 to 6 meters waves high with 2 kilometers long. He beauty and wildness of the waves just like in Hawaii makes the surfer around the world coming to the beach.
For those who love surfing can enjoy the surfing with natural green forest background. The best time to surf is between April and September. The rug of the white sand is covered by the natural forest area which is still in Alas Purwo national park. So, you will experience the fresh air and mind, far from the crowded from the city.

9. Chinese Cave Beach, Malang

Chinese Cave Beach, MalangThe location of Chinese cave is in Sitiarjo village, Kecamatan Manjing Wetan, Kabupaten Malang. Since the beach is still natural, in order to reach the beach you must bring your own vehicles. You need to pay 4,000 IDR/individual to enter the tourist site in East Java. The parking costs 5,000 IDR.
Although the beach is not too wide, but it has a typical nature, that there are three islands in the middle of the beach. They are Bantengan island, Chinese cave island, and Nyonya island.
Despite it is a natural beach, but the facilities such as food counter, toilet, bathroom, and mushalla are provided here. The wave in this exotic beach is big enough to reach the seashore, so you have to be more carefully. When it comes to the receding time, you can cross to one of the islands by walking. Since the sand is so white and soft that you can feel the sensation of sleeping in the sand and enjoys the view of the blue sea.

10. Buyutan Beach, Pacitan

Buyutan Beach, PacitanBuyutan beach is located in Kecamatan Donorojo, Pacitan. It is not far from Klayar Beach. Form Pacitan city it is about 44 kilometers and can only be reached by private vehicles, as there is no public transportation around the location.
If you love the tranquil tourism site, you may come to this place. Buyutan beach is still virgin, there is not many visitors coming here yet. So the condition of the beach is still neat, with the milky white sands.
So, those are the list of the most exotic beaches in East Java. Since the beaches are still natural, the visitors are expected to keep the environment well. No littering or some kinds that will damage the beach condition. It is good if you bring a particular pocket to litter. So let’s keep the exotic and beauty of East Java beaches.

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