10 Best Tourist Attractions in Samarinda

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Samarinda

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Samarinda10 Best Tourist Attractions in Samarinda – Samarinda is the capital city of East Kalimantan. The city also becomes the city with the highest population in Kalimantan. All this time Samarinda is known by its woven fabrics which has grid pattern with various colors. In fact, the city has more potential in tourism besides its typical woven fabrics.
Compared to several other cities in Indonesia, the tourism in Samarinda is not too famous. However the city actually has many tourist sites which worth a visit. Here are the 10 lists of tourist attractions in Samarinda which are no less that the others in Indonesia:

1. Red Land Waterfall

Red Land WaterfallRed Land Waterfall is located in Dusun Purwosari, KEcamatan North Samarinda, or about 14 Km from the centre Samarinda. The tourist site is very easy to access by public transports, you need to take the Segiri Market – Siring River transport.
The waterfall with 15 M high is unique. The current looks neat and clear, but when it hits the ground, the water turns into reddish turbid. It is due to the peat land. Despite of that, the tourist site in Samarinda still has many visitors especialy at the weekend.
If you don’t want to play water and get soaking wet, you can sit in the gazebo instead, while enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. Besides relaxing in the gazebo, you can fill your stomach at the food counter around, If you take children with you, in the waterfall area is also provided kid play area.

2. Pampang Culture Village

Pampang Culture VillageThe tourist site is interesting as besides seeing the local’s culture, you can also learn about the other culture. In Samarinda, there is a popular tourist site namely Pampang Culture Village.
The village is occupied by Dayak Kenyah Tribe. At the weeked, the tourist site is most visited by the visitors from outside the city or even outside the country. Every SUnday, at 1 PM – 3 PM there is held an art show in lamit or the village meeting place. The place is unique as it is a Dayak’s custom house with typical curves of the tribe.
The interesting thing is, when the art show is on the air, all the villagers wear their custom clothes, You can also hire it for taking pictures with Dayak’s custom house beackground. Besides, in the village there is alos souvenirs shop which sell various local’s handcrafts.

3. Unmul Samarinda Grand Park

Unmul Samarinda Grand ParkUnmul Samarinda Grand Park is located 10 Km from the central city Samarinda. The tourist sire is a Educational forest owned by Mulawaman University, but it opens for public. The visitors need to pay 5,000 IDR/individual to enter the grand park.
In the grand park area, there is a big lake that you go around by hiring water bike. If you want to go around the area, you can take andong. Besides, the tourist site in Samarinda has mini zoo and wood museum which contains information baout kinds of wood in Kaliantan.
Unmul Samarinda Grand Park opens everyday except Friday, at 9 AM until 4 PM.

4. Permai Batu Besaung Pond

Permai Batu Besaung PondThe tourist site in Samarinda has a green area which is usually used as the camping area. Although not camping here, but you can still enjoy the beauty of Permai Batu Beasung Pond here.
The land in this area has various height levels, so the river which flows it through turns into short waterfall. You can bath and play in the shallow area. Besides, you can also go for a walk exploring the area to see its beauty.
Permai Batu Besaung Pond is only 15 Km from the central of Samarinda.

5. Kumala Island

Kumala IslandKumala island is the tourist site in Samarinda which is located in the middle of Mahakam River. The island is originated from siltation of the river. If we see it, it shaped like an upside down boat.
The tourist site is similar to the Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park which is located in Jakarta. It is due to Kumala Island also describes the culture of Kalimantan from its custom building and also cow statue.
Besides the local’s valued building, there is also modern spacecraft provided here such as sky tower with 75 M, mini cart, hanging cart, and also bianglala. If you want to stay, there is DJD Resort which provides cottage and swimming pool.
The tourist site is located on the north side of Tenggarong, Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara, 27 Km from Samarinda City. To reach Kumala Island, you can cross it by using motor boat or haning cart from Tenggarong.

6. Green Valley Recreational Park

Green Valley Recreational ParkThe place is not far form Unmul Samarinda Grand Park, right in Samarinda – Bontang KM 15 path. In the Green Valley Recreational Park there are camping ground, flying fox, jungle replica, swimming pool, kid play area, gazebo, fishing pool and cafetaria.
Besides as the tourist site in Samarinda which is visited by most faily, the park is aslo used as outbound location for school kids and employee from many companies.
The Entrance ticket to the Green Valley Recreational Park is 5,000 IDR/ individual. In contrary, for outbound ticket you will be costed 180,000 IDR/individual.

7. Samarinda Islamic Centre Mosque

Samarinda Islamic Centre MosqueThe Mosque is located in Kelurahan Teluk Lerong Ulu, Samarinda. It was built in 2001 and was official in 2008. Samarinda Islamic Centre Mosque becomes one of religious tourist sites which most visited in the city.
The mosque’s architecture was inspired fro Hagia Sophia in Turkey, for example at the big motifs dome. The mosque has one main minaret with 99 M high which is matched with Asmaul Husna, and the six minarets with shorter size which represent Rukun Iman. Besides the stairsteps to the main floor are 33, the same total with tasbih balls.
Not only as praying house, the mosque is also a tourist site. Many visitor from outside the city coming to see the greatness of the mosque. At night, Samarinda Islamic Centre mosque looks very beautiful from distance with mahakam background.

8. Samarinda Weaving Village

Samarinda Weaving VillageOne of the typical nature of Samarinda is its woven cloth. The typical woven cloth of Samarinda has motifs of beautiful grid. If you want to buy it as souvenirs, just come to Kecamatan Samarinda Seberang. There are two villages which becomes the central places of the handcraft namely Baqa Village and Mosque Village.
The two village become tourist sites for the visitors from outside the city, besides buying the cloth, you can also see it making process. The making process of the cloth is very simple as still using traditional weaving machine not a machine which is called “gedokan”.
In order to create a piece of woven cloth, it takes 3 until 7 days as its motifs difficulty. No wonder since the price can reach millions Rupiahs per piece. If you want different motif from the others, you can book it first.

9. Pinang Seribu Waterfall

Pinang Seribu WaterfallThe waterfall is located in Kelurahan Sempaja Utara, North Samarinda. The waterfall has unique shape as it is steps which resemble stairsteps and can be taken. The water flows not too heavy so it is safe for kids to play there.
Besides playing water, you can hire water bike for 15,000 IDR to go around the artificial lake. YOu can also pay 10,000 for fishing in the pool. Here, there are many gazebos to relax while enjoying your lunch. If you want to stay longer there, you can stay at the villa which available within the area.
The entrance ticket of Pinang Seibu Waterfall is 5,000 IDR/individual.

10. Beras Basah Island

Beras Basah IslandBeras Basah Island is located in Bontang, East Kalimantan, right in Makassar strait. It takes 3 hours from Samarinda to reach this place. The long trip will be paid once you see the beauty of Beras Basah Island by yourself.
The view of white sand and clear blue water will make you forget the long trip to this place. You will be welcomed by a high lighthouse which is already abandoned. The beauty of the island is not only its white sands and its beach panorama, the underwater nature of Beras Basah Island is something can not be missed.
Do not forget to bring supply as the island is still virgin and inhabited. For lodging place, you can find it in Bontang City.

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