10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sentul

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sentul

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sentul10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sentul – Sentul is a mountainous city which is located not far from Jakarta. Since the easy of access and its location not far from Jakarta, Sentul is often become the tourist destination at the weekend for Jakarta people or around it. So what’s the deal with tourist attractions in Sentul?

1. Jungle Land

Jungle LandJungle land is one of tourist attractions in Sentul which is most visited by Jakarta people or around it at the weekend. The themed amusement park has international class with more than 40 different spacecraft plays and each of it has its own attraction for the visitors, so that every visitor will feel comfortable to be in Jungle Land for hours. Jungle Land operates at 10 AM until 5 PM on regular days. and from 9 AM until 5 PM at the weekend. The entrance ticket is 200,000 IDR if we come at 9 AM until 3 PM, and 100,000 IDR if you come above 3 PM.

2. Angel’s Waterfall

Angel's WaterfallAngel’s Waterfall is located in Sentul Paradise Park. The waterfall with more than 40 M is originated from the association of water source in Sentul Protected Forest. Now it’s not only waterfall that available there since there is a water park behind the Angel’s Waterfall. The play water park which is more than 6,000 M has white sand which is directly came from Bangka are so the atmosphere is just like at the beach.

3. Ah Poong Market

Ah Poong MarketAh Poong Market is one of unique culinary destinations in Sentul area. Because of it unique, Ah Poong market managed to steal the culinary lovers’ hearts which come from Jakarta or around the area. So what’s so unique about Ah Poong Market? Ah Poong Market is a culinary centre which sells its food on a floating boat on Cikeas River. Ah Poong Market opens everyday from 10 AM until 10 PM at regular days, and from 7 AM until 10 AM at the weekend. The billing system of Ah Poong market is using deposit system, so you need to fill your saldo first then get a card as the medium of exchange in the area. Besides having culinary tour, you can also get on a traditional boat to go around the area for free and also play at the kids play area. If you like this kind of tourist site, you can also visit the floating market in Lembang which is similar to this tourist site.

4. Statue Park & Bamboo Ecoartpark

Statue Park & Bamboo EcoartparkIt is located in Sentul City, the Statue Park & Bamboo Ecoartpark is an art centre which is located in the middle of green park. The statue collection of the park is made by the local artists and also international’s, fro example the Statue by Bontaro from Korean, Salvador Dali from Spain, and others.

5. Bellanova Country Mall

Bellanova Country MallBellanova Country Mall is a shopping centre which is located in Sentul City, Bogor, West Java. Just like the other shopping centres in Jakarta, Bellanova Country Mall also offers fun shopping experience and completed with various entertainment such as movies.

6. Mount Pancar Pine Forest

Mount Pancar Pine ForestMount Pancar Pine Forest is a good place for those who seek for tranquil place away from daily business. You can enjoy the green view and smell the pine tree which will comfort your heart. Mount Pancar Pine Forest is very close to Sentul City, it only takes about 15 minutes from Sentul City. The advantage of this place is that you won’t stuck by traffic if compared to the way to Puncak.

7. Alam Fantasia

Alam FantasiaAlam Fantasia is a tourist site in Sentul City which is very essential fro family especially kids. Alam Fantasia offers various safe and fun kid plays, of course with affordable price as well. Enough by paying the entrance ticket by 10,000 IDR, you and your family can enjoy various kinds of play which is very fun for kids. For instance boom boom car, rail car, and so on. Besides the air is very cool so you and your family would like to stay longer here.

8. Mount Pancar Hot Bathing Place

Mount Pancar Hot Bathing PlaceMount Pancar Hot Bathing Place is located in Sentul area, in the middle of Mount Pancar Pine Forest. Although located in the middle of pine forest, the Mount Pancar Bathing Place is very easy to access as there are many road signs there. To enter this area, you need to pay the entrance ticket for 2,000 IDR/idividual, the vehicle is not included. Then, when you reach the Mount Pancar Bathing Place you need to pay the bathing place entrance for 10,000 IDR/individual, added by the parking fee. The Mount Pancar Bathing Place opens 24 hours and has 3 kinds of different pool, namely public pool, 3 flavors pool, and family pool. Not only those who want to tour going here, but also for those who ills as the Mount Pancar Bathing place is believed to be good for health.

9. Science Garden

Science GardenScience Garden or knowledge park which is located in outdoors area and focused on education about energy with a fun way for kids as they can plat while learning here. One of most interesting spacecraft is rope bike. On this one you will ride a bike on a rope. Difficult? no way! By using the knowledge of using a burden which is hung under the bike, the bike will be stable and it’s easy to pass the rope. No need to worry of falling since there is safety net under the rope.

10. Sentul City Culture Park

Sentul City Culture ParkLocated across of Alam Fantasia, Sentul City Culture Park is most favorite a play area and also meeting point in Sentul area. Having beautiful view of mountains, Sentul City Culture Park is very essential for hanging out with coffee. Besides as hanging out place, Sentul City Culture Park is also very essential for playing as there are plays which are vert good for kids and adults. The play and activity that the place offers are ATV, flying fox, paintball, high rope, tracking, camping, trampoline, painting, until horsing.

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