10 Best Tourist Attractions in Solo

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Solo

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Solo10 Best Tourist Attractions in Solo – Solo City which is also known as Surakarta is a city which is a strategic location in Central Java. Since its strategic location and located in the middle of land path, Solo City is always crowded by visitors who are in the way to another city then stop by Solo for a while. Besides as the stopping by place, Solo also has interesting tourist attractions. So what are the tourist attractions in Solo?

1. Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu

Grojogan Sewu TawangmanguGrojogan Sewu Tawangmangu is a tourist site in Solo in the most famous natural capital category. Located in the west side of Mount Lawu, Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu is a waterfall which is very beautiful and has millions mystery. Location of Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu waterfall is not far from Solo City, only about 37 KM in the east side of Solo City, right in Kabupaten Karanganyar. The entrance ticket of Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu is 18,000/individual.

2. Pandawa Water World Solo

Pandawa Water World SoloPandawa Water World Solo is an aquatic spacecraft which has become one of popular tourist sites in Solo. Located in Solo Baru, Pandawa Water World Solo offers fun water play experience for your family with completed facilities, so that it is essential for any ages. The entrance ticket of Pandawa Water World Solo is 50,000 IDR on Monday until Friday, and 100,000 IDR on Saturday, and Sunday.

3. Balekambang Park

Balekambang ParkBalekambang Park is a tourist site in solo which is often used for spending holiday time. Balekambang Park which located in Ahmad Yani Street has about 10 hectare wide. Balekambang Park is divided into two parts, namely Partini Water Park which is used for playing boat, and Partinah Forest which has various kinds of rare plant. Balekambang Park has been functioning as recreational and educational park since 2008.

4. Surakarta Palace

Surakarta PalaceSurakarta Palace is an affordable tourist site in Solo. Just by paying 10,000 IDR for the entrance ticket, the tourist is already able to enjoy the collections of ancient items in the museum, and also taking pictures with the soldiers of Surakarta Palace. The most interesting thing which is on display in Surakarta Palace is the golden carriage.

5. Candle Monument

Candle MonumentCandle Monument is a memorial monument of 25 years of Boedi Uetomo. With its unique shape that resembles a lt candle, Candle Monument represents dedication and spirit of Indonesian’s struggle of the Independence. With it unique shape, Candle Monument which is located in Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husode is very essential for the tourists who want to take pictures in Solo.

6. Jumog Waterfall

Jumog WaterfallJumog Waterfall is a alternative tourist sites which is famous in Solo, Central Java. Jumog Waterfall is also as beautiful as Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu waterfall. Located about 40 KM from Solo City, Jumog Waterfall offers natural capital with beatiful panorama. By paying 5,000 IDR you can already enjoy the beauty of Jumog waterfall and play water under the waterfall.

7. Sriwedari Park

Sriwedari ParkSriwedari Park is a park in Kecamatan Lawiyan which is identical to historical unsure. In the past, Sriwedari Park was used for recreational site for the King’s family. These days, Sriwedari Park is one of tourist site in Solo which is worth a visit. Besides of that, in this site there is Wayang Orang building which presents Wayang art with the theme of Mahabarata and Ramayana history.

8. Batik Kauman Vilage

Batik Kauman VilageBatik Kaman Village is one of tourist site in Solo in shopping tour category. Batik Kauman Villag is the central of Batik art which is located close to Susunan Surakarta Palace in Central Solo. The most Batik products in Batik Kauman Village have dark color with modern motifs. Batik Kauman Village’s product is already popular in the world, many foreign visitors who subscribe to buy batik in Kauman Batik Village. The batik’s price can reach millions Rupiahs.

9. Klewer Market

Klewer MarketKlewer Market is the biggest textile centre in Solo with more that 2,000 vendors who selling everyday. Located in Solo’s town square, the visitors can find various kinds of batik in Klewer Market, from domestic batik, to the international batik. As the time passed by, some of the vendors in Klewer Market started to sell clothes instead of batik, such as school uniform, tie, jacket, shirt, and also tailoring service as the customers’ demands.

10. Purba Sangiran Ancient Museum

Purba Sangiran Ancient MuseumPurba Sangiran Ancient Museum is an unique museum which has collections of fossils of homo sapiens. The fossils of homo sapiens is already 2 million years old. With more than 13,000 fossils collections of homo sapiens, Purba Sangiran Ancient Museum is the most completed homo sapiens museum in Asia. Besides, Purba Sangiran Ancient Museum also has other collections such as the fossils of animal, plant, stone and their tools.

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