10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sukabumi

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sukabumi

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sukabumi10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sukabumi – Sukabumi is one of popular tourist attractions in West Java. Since the location is only 120 KM from Jakarta, and about 100 KM from Bandung, Sukabumi is often visited by the locals around Jakarta and Bandung, especially on holiday and weekend.
There are many tourist sites in Sukabumi, especially its natural tour. So what are the tourist sites in Sukabumi which worth a visit?

1. Situ Gunung

Situ GUnungSitu Gunung is a lake which is located in Kecamatan Kadu Dampit, Sukabumi. Being Located in the foot of Mount Pangrango, about 16 Km from Sukabumi City, Situ Gunung is a very beautiful and green lake. The lake is one of favorite locations for photographers, it can be seen from the great numbers of photos of Situ Gunung issued. Just like the other lake tour, here you can play boat, picnic, camping, fishing, and others. For those who never visit Situ Gunung, it is suggested to don’t come at night as the way there is still lack of lights, besides the mobile signal is not good here.

2. Cibangan Beach

Cibangan BeachCibangan Beach is located 10 KM from Port Ratu, Cibangan Beach is a clean beach and has quiet tides compared to the beach at Port Ratu. In order to reach Cibangan Beach, you must take the road to Cisolok. It takes about 1 hour from Port Ratu to reach the place. Since the tides is quiet, Cibangan Beach is essential for swimming. If you want to stay, don’t worry as there are many hotels and cottages along the beach.

3. Citarik River

Citarik RiverCitarik River is one of tourist site in Sukabumi which is most famous. The activities that you can do at Citarik River are rafting, flying fox, team building, paint ball, and others. Usually Citarik River is used for recreational purposes of a company as it characteristic is to build teamwork. If you come with a small group, don’t need to worry as the visitors of Citarik River rafting are so many, so that you can raft together with them.

4. Cicatih River

Cicatih RiverCicatih River is an alternative adventure tour and team work in Sukabumi. Citatih River has distinct characteristic from Citarik River. The current is stronger, the river is wider, the path is longer, and the challenge is more extreme. Citatih River is essential for those who want to trigger adrenaline, but for the people who never try rafting, It is recommended to try Citarik River first because rafting in Citatih River is more challenging that Ciratik River.

5. Buniayu Cave

Buniayu CaveBuniayu Cave is the most exhausting tourist site in Sukabumi. why so? Buniayu Cave is a big and deep cave, in order to take all its challenges, you will need a strong and healthy body. With 5 hours trip, you will be exhausted as the terrain is not a straight way, but you need to through a Mud lake, holding on the edge of the rocks, climbing the rocks, through the pile of stones, and others. During the trip in the cave, you will enjoy the view that you will never find on the surface of the earth, so it will be an unforgettable experience. Remember, just for those who have strong and healthy body can conquer the challenge of Buniayu cave.

6. Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Genteng BeachUjung Genteng Beach is a beautiful beach which has green turtle breeding. Ujung Genteng River offers the natural balance so it can get rid all of your burden on your mind. Located in Kecamatan Ciracap, about 220 kM from Jakarta, the beach is quite far, but you won’t be disappointed as you can see the white sands and great tides at Ujung Genteng Beach. Besides, you can also do surfing and fishing at the beach.

7. Cimaja Beach

Cimaja BeachCimaja Beach has been famous as one of famous tourist site in Sukabumi these days. Located in Cimaja Village, about 10 KM from Port Ratu, Cimaja Beach offers beautiful view as well as great tides but safe, so that it is very essential for surfing. Many people visited Cimaja Beach and said that the beach is very beautiful, even better than Bali’s. No wonder that there are many foreign tourists come to this place, most of them are surfers. If you want to see the what’s the world class surfers’ got, this is the place.

8. Selabintana Recreational Park

Selabintana Recreational ParkSelabintana Recreational Park which is located in the foot of Mount Pangrango is a tourist site in Sukabumi which offers the green atmosphere of mountains, completed with various facilities. Selabintana Recreational Park is very essential fro the family who want to go to the greenish site. Enough by paying entrance ticket for 5,000 IDr, you can enjoy the bauty of Selabintana Recreational Park which is located about 7 KM in north Sukabumi City. The facilities available here such as parking lot, swimming pool, musholla, toilet, playing area, camping area, lodging, tea plantation, protected forest, ATV play, flying fox play, and others.

9. Ciptagelar Village

Ciptagelar VillageCiptagelar Village is located in Kecamatan Cisolok, Sukabumi. Cipatgelar Village is a village which is already 650 years old with dynasty cultural, so that visiting Ciptagelar Village will be an unique and unforgettable experience. In order to experience the culture of Ciptagelar Village, you must pass through a hard road, but all of those will be paid with its culture, as you can’t find this kind of culture anywhere else.

10. Ratu Crater

Ratu CraterLocated in the slope of Mount Salak, Ratu Crater is an active crate which spread out hot steam. Ratu Crater is a favorite place for the nature lovers, as in order to reach Ratu Crater, you need to through by hiking on footpath about 3 hours. For a novice hiker, it is suggested not to hike at night. Besides, don’t forget to bring hiking equipment such as boots, umbrella, compass, raincoat, flashlight, food, and others.

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