10 Best Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Surabaya

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Surabaya10 Best Tourist Attractions in Surabaya – Surabaya is the capital city of East Java and the second biggest city in Indonesia. Besides as the business and education centre in East Java, the city which is known as a heroic city is also has many interesting tourist attractions. So what are the tourist attractions in Surabaya? Check it out:

1. Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu BridgeSuramadu Bridge is a bridge on Madura Strait. As its name, Suramadu Bridge connects Surabaya and Madura. With 5,500 M long, Suramadu Bridge is the longest bridge in Indonesia. It was built for fasten the building of Madura, these days Suramadu Bridge has become an icon as well as most popular tourist site in Surabaya.

2. Ciputra Water Park

Ciputra Water ParkCiputra Water Park is the biggest aquatic spacecraft in Surabaya with around 5 hectares wide. Located in West Surabaya, Ciputra Water Park has a theme which resembles the Sinbad’s adventure tales, as the kids will love it. The depth of Water of Ciputra Waater Park is not deep as Ciputra Waterpark was made for water play, not for swimming, the deepest pool is only about 1 meter, so that you don’t need to worry of drowning if you can’t swim. The costs of entrance ticket of Ciputra Waterpark is 70,000 IDR on regular days, and 90,000 IDR on the weekend. For adult who is over 60 years old, the ticket is on the house, enough by showing ID card.

3. Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya ZooSurabaya Zoo is one of popular tourist site in Surabaya. Located in Setail Street, initially Surabaya Zoo was the most completed zoo in Southeast Asia. The Entrance ticket of Surabya Zoo which has about 37 hectare wide is 15,000 IDR.

4. House of Sampoerna

House of SampoernaHouse of Sampoerna is one of tourist sites in Surabaya which should be visited, since the museum which is located in Surabaya Lama is a historical building as well as an interesting museum. With Dutch-styled architecture and the front poles shaped like cigarettes, House of Sampoerna is a historical place that is being preserved by the country. House of Sampoerna Museum has collections of tobacco processing machines, various kinds of trigger, shop replica, musical instrument and so on. Besides you can also buy souvenirs and see the cigarette making process on the second floor of House of Sampoerna.

5. Wonorejo Mangrove Forest

Wonorejo Mangrove ForestWonorejo Magrove Forest is one of most favorite tourist sites in Surabaya in Nature tourism category. Far from the city’s crowd, Wonorejo Mangrove Forest is an essential place to enjoy the tranquility of nature. Located near from Juanda Surabaya airport, Wonorejo Mangrove Forest offers original beauty of nature. At Wonorejo Magrove Forest you can walk along the bamboo bridge on the water and through the green of Wonorejo Mangrove Forest. The other alternative is enjoying Wonorejo Mangrove Forest by taking a boat.

6. Submarine Monument

Submarine MonumentSubmarine Monument is a museum which is located in Central Surabaya City. Submarine Monument is a real submarine. In the past the submarine participated in the battle of seizing Western New Guinea from the Dutch. The monument which is located in Pemuda Street is very interesting to see as it is very rare for us to see and get into a real submarine.

7. Surabaya Monumet

Surabaya MonumetSurabaya Monument is the most famous monument in Surabaya City. The monument which is located in Pahlawan street has more than 40 M high and shaped like upside down spike. Surabaya Monument was made on more than 1 hectare area for the remembrance and respecting all the Surabaya’s soldiers who died in the war against the colonizer. Besides, there is a museum which contains documentation photos under the monument.

8. Bungkul Park

Bungkul ParkLocated in Darmo street, Bungkul Park is a favorite spot for hanging out for Surabaya’s people. Bungkul park is facilitated by kids play, Jogging track, amphitheater, Skateboard field, fountain pool, internet, and green atmosphere. There are many of entertainment and cultural shows held on Bungkul Park. If you want to go on culinary tour, at Bungkul Park there are many traders of typical food of Surabaya.

9. Batik House

Batik HouseBatik House which is located in Tambak Dukuh street has more than 2,000 plies batik collections with different motifs and originated from various places in Indonesia. The Batik House got a record of the biggest batik logo in Surabaya.

10. Kanjeran Beach

Kanjeran BeachKanjeran Beach is a tourist site in Surabaya which is popular for family who want to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Besides enjoying the atmosphere of Kanjeran Beach, the visitors can also do various activities such as fishing, buying fish, and getting on a boat. There is also as kids plays at the beach, so it is very essential for family tour purposes.

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