10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tangerang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tangerang

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tangerang10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tangerang – Tangerang is a city which is located in the West Jakarta. Tangerang is often called as the buffer city of Jakarta as its factories. In fact, there are a lot of tourist attractions in Tangerang and around which worth a visit. So what are the tourist attractions in Tangerang? Let’s check it out.

1. Thousand Doors Mosque

Thousand Doors MosqueThousand Doors Mosque of Nurul Yaqin Mosque is a mosque in Tangerang which was built on 1 hectare field. Built by an Arab’s descent in 1978, the mosque has so many doors so that it is called as Thousand Doors Mosque or Sewu (thousand) mosque. Besides, in the mosque which is located in Kampung Bayur Tangerang, there is a giant prayer beads which was made of wood.Thousand Doors Mosque is often visited by tourists as the unique of building design and giant prayer beads. The visitors coming here not only from Tangerang, but also from foreign country, usually from Malaysia and Brunei.

2. Tanjung Pasir Beach

Tanjung Pasir BeachTanjung Pasir Beach is located about 25 KM in the North Tangerang. Tanjung Pasir Beach is one of most popular tourist attractions in Tangerang, as besides enjoying the beach, the visitors can also cross to the Thousands Islands with a wooden boat. Here you can also see the view of fishermen who catching the fish in the sea.

3. Pintu Air Sepuluh Dam

Pintu Air Sepuluh DamLooking great, sturdy, and interesting, Pintu Air Sepuluh Dam has become one of interesting tourist attractions in Tangerang. Pintu Air Sepuluh Dam had been building since 1927 and was one of Dutch’s remnants in Sangego street, Kecamatan Karawaci, Tangerang. As its name, Pintu Air Sepuluh Dam has 10 water doors which damming and organize Cisadane River with each width is 10 meters. With interesting view and chilly air, the location is often used as kids play area, hanging out, fishing, and killing time.

4. Al Adzom Mosque

Al Adzom MosqueAl Adzom Mosque which is located in Satria Sudirman, Tangerang. Standing on 2 hectare field and can take about 15,000 people, Al Adzom Mosque is the biggest and the grandest mosque in Tangerang City. The most unique thing of the mosque is that the shape of the dome which consists of 5 stacked blue domes, 4 of them as the buffers, and the rest is as the main dome. The facilities available in the mosque are praying place, wudhu place, analyzing chamber, mihrab chamber, and library.

5. Tanjung Kait Beach

Tanjung Kait BeachTanjung Kait Beach is located about 30 KM in North Tangerang. The unique of Tanjung Kait Beach is that the fisherman village which is mounted to the sea and its bamboo pier. With the existence of fisherman village in Tanjung Kait Beach, it means that you can find the cheap seafood culinary here. You can also have the seafood at the house on stilts which is on the sea, it is very interesting. Besides, you can also enjoy the sunset, cross to Untung Jawa Island, fish in the area. With the quiet atmosphere of the fisherman village, sounds of waves, and the seafood, Tanjung Kait Beach is a good place to refresh your mind.

6. Cangkir Island

Cangkir IslandAlthough not being maintained very well, Cangkir Island is one of interesting tourist sites in Tangerang. Located in Kecamatan Kronjo, Cangkir Island has about 2.5 hectares wide and as an integration of marine tourism, historic tourism, pilgrimage tourism. At Cangkir Island there is a grave which belonged to Pangeran Jaga Lautan who was an Islamic proselytizer in the area. The place is usually most visited by people who want to visit the grave.

7. Situ Cipondoh

Situ CipondohSitu Cipondoh which is located in Tangerang, exactly on Kyai Haji Hasyim Ashari street, is a lake tourism in Tangerang. Besides being able to enjoy the view, at Situ Cipondoh you can also fish, play water bike, play cart miniature, boat, flying fox. The location is essential for family’s tourist place as there are many trees and kids play area.

8. Marcopolo Water Adventure

Marcopolo Water AdventureMarcopolo Water Adventure is an interesting water park, as its position which is on a building. The types of pool available here are current pool, therapy pool, waterfall pool, kids pool, adult pool, whirl pool, gliding pool, and so on. The supporting facilities are ship-shaped restaurant, medical room, changing room, storage room, buoy, toilet, vast parking lot. Marcopolo Water Adventure is located in Tangerang, Great Western complex.

9. Ocean Park Water Adventure

Ocean Park Water AdventureOcean Park Water Adventure is located in Kecamatan Serong, South Tangerang. Ocean Park Water Adventure is a water spacecraft which has been built since 2006. Ocean Park Water Adventure is very essential fro family with any ages as besides the fun pool for the adult, there is also kids pool. The most favorite pool is the still current pool, so that you can relax on a buoy and enjoy the atmospehere of the place.

10. Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park 

Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park Located in Kecamatan Teluk Naga, Tangerang, Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park is a crocodile breeding which has become one of tourist sites in Tangerang. The typical nature of Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park is that there is a giant crocodile statue on the roadside. Being official in 2002, these days, Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Park already has more than 500 crocodiles. Besides seeing the crocodiles, you can also buy some product made of them such as crocodile leather wallet, even you can buy crocodile’s egg.

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