10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tasikmalaya

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tasikmalaya

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tasikmalaya10 Best Tourist Attractions in Tasikmalaya – Tasikmalaya is a city in West Java which is located 106 KM in North Bandung. Although it was official as a city in June 21st 2001, but Tasikamaya is a city with good tourist attractions. If you have time to visit Tasikmalaya someday, you need to try some tourist sites which are most visited there, here are the lists of 10 tourist sites in Tasikmalaya:

1. Ciawi Hot Bathing Place

Ciawi Hot Bathing PlaceIf you are going to Tasikmalaya from Bandung, from the Negreg intersection you can take Ciawi route. On the way, you will pass through Ciawi Hot Bathing Place. The bathing place is interesting to visit if you stop by during the trip. There are two pools, cold water and hot water which can be found in its every chamber. There is also some restaurant along the way that can be a good place to eat after bathing in hot water.

2. Mount Galunggung

Mount GalunggungCrater and also hot bathing place in Mount Galunggung are the most visited place in Tasikmalaya. The mount is one of volcanoes in Tasikmalaya and after 1982, Mount Galunggung becomes a tourist site which provide nature views such as lake, swimming pool, bathing pool and hot bathing place.

3. Cipatujah South Beach

Cipatujah South BeachWho knows that the south coast of Kabupaten Tasikmalaya has a beautiful and exotic beach. The beach is Cipatujah South Beach, the beach area that you should visit in Tasikmalaya. In order to reach the beach, you must pass through Kawalu, Sukarata, then Cibalong and Karang Nunggal. In the area, there are also beaches which are close to one another such as Sindang Kreta Beach, Pamayang, Batu Pacakop and Batu Karas.

4. Kampung Naga

Kampung NagaIf you are curios about the traditional side of Tasikmalaya, you can visit Kampung Naga. It is a traditional village which still holds the customs as well as keeping its ancestors’ heritage. From the buildings to the lifestyle which is embraced by the locals is still old-fashioned. In order to reach the village, you can take a main route of Garut and Tasikmalaya.

5. Situ Gede

Situ GedeSitu means natural lake, so Situ Gede means big lake. With about 47 hectares wide, the lake is one of tourism icons of Tasikmalaya City. There are many facilities in the lake such as jogging track, recreational spacecraft, fishing area, boat area, and meeting area that you can find in Situ Gede. The area of Situ Gede is most visited on Saturday and Sunday.

6. Manonjaya Grand Mosque

Manonjaya Grand MosqueAbout 12 KM from the central city of Tasikmalaya, there is a Manonjaya Grand Mosque which is most visited by tourists who want to know more about Tasikmalaya City. The mosque is believed that has been built since 1832, at that time was still the reign of Sukapura Kingdom under Raden Tumenggung Danuningrat, which was the origin of Tasikmalaya.

7. Teejay Waterpark

Teejay WaterparkThe waterpark is the new most entertaining water spacecraft which is located in Asia Plaza complex in Hz Mustofa street. With about 28 hectares wide, there are so many facilities provided such as wave pool, current pool, gazebo, tube slider, and also food court. With 20,000 IDR of entrance ticket on the weekday, and 30,000 IDR at the weekend, you can enjoy all the facilities available in the area.

8. Mangkubumi Indah Water Park

Mangkubumi Indah Water ParkIn the area of Mangkubumi Indah Water Park there are not just the pools for kids and adults, but there are various kinds of spacecraft with natural atmosphere as well. Only in this place, you can feel the sensation of swimming with chilly mountainous atmosphere. Besides, there are also other facilities such as hotel, flying fox, water bike, gazebo, and the entertainment stage as well as meeting building.

9. Water Splash Indihiang

Water Splash IndihiangIn fact in Tasikmalaya there are so many waterparks or water plays which are interesting to visit. If you are fed up with one waterpark, you can try to visit another, one of them is Water Splash Indihang which is located in Brigjen Wasita Kusuma street, Indihiang.
The waterpark has been built since 2009. It has various facilities such as current pool, kids pool, whirl pool, flying fox, trampoline, spilled bucket, and also food court. There are some other challenging plays such as ATV and also paintball which you can play with your family.

10. Maarif Garden Waterboom

Maarif Garden WaterboomInitially, the spacecraft was meant for family’s purpose. It was built in August 2008, Maarif Garden Waterboom provides so many plays that you can enjoy with your kids, namely swimming pool, waterboom, flying fox, gelo ball, going around with Mini cart, Fish spa, grotto for resting as well as typicals culinary of Tasikmalaya.

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