10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aruba

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aruba

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aruba10 Best Tourist Attractions in Aruba – Astonishing Aruba is part of so-called ABC islands, which include Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire. The three islands are located south of the hurricane belt; the Atlantic Ocean’s area which is most likely to be struck by these devastating storms. It has made Aruba an particularly famous choice for those who wanting to go on vacation in the Caribbean during the fall and summer. The weather in Aruba tends to be less humid than the majority of the Caribbean’s other islands.
Aside from great weather, Aruba boasts fine resorts, gorgeous beaches, and casinos as well. Situated just 15 miles off of Venezuelan coast, this tropical island is an independent country which is part of the Netherlands Kingdom. Here’s an overview of the 10 best tourist attractions in Aruba.

1. Palm Beach

Palm BeachYou can discover the majority of Aruba’s high-rise resorts in Palm Beach. It also boasts a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, and casinos. So if you aren’t into renting a car, Palm Beach becomes the best tourist attraction in Aruba as it is really walkable. Furthermore, surfing in Palm Beach is typically calm, making it an ideal spot for swimming. And for those times when you feel bored with wading in the surf or catching rays, you can always rent a waverunner or a paddleboard from one of the plenty watersports concessions within the area. Palm Beach offers some of Aruba’s best nightlife as well.

2. Oranjestad

OranjestadIts capital, Oranjestad is the biggest city in Aruba. It is also a favorite cruise ship anchorage. So no wonder if the streets are sometimes crowded with cruise ship passengers who checking out the town’s restaurants and shops. Walking through Oranjestad, you will find a mixture of colorful colonial structures and high-rise resorts, shops, restaurants, and bars. Fort Zoutman which dates back to 1798’s, is the oldest building Oranjestad. Thesedays, the fort becomes the area of the Bon Bini Festival, a local music and dance show, that is held each Tuesday.
Strolling around Oranjestad is not a big deal even if you don’t own a car since there is a free tram service which makes a six-stop throughout the city. Oranjestad also offers Caribbean’s longest linear park. The main feature of the park is a paved trail which is prefect for biking, walking, and running.

3. Arikok National Park

Arikok National ParkIf you’re a nature enthusiast, then you will literally want to visit Arikok National Park, that covers approximately twenty percent of the island. Some creatures that you might run into at this hilly park include the Aruban burrowing owl, the Aruban whiptail lizard, the Aruban parakeet, and Aruban cat eye snake. This park is also home to three picturesque beaches; Daimari Beach, Dos Playa, and Boca Prins. One of the most popular features in this park is Conchi, which is also known as the Natural Pool. The picturesque natural pool is only reachable by 4×4 vehicles, on horseback, ATVs, or on foot.

4. Baby Beach

Baby BeachBaby Beach is one of best-known beaches in Aruba. It is a shallow, picturesque, artificial lagoon with such a calm waters, making it perfect for kids. Baby Beach is also famous for windsurfers and kite boarders. You can find this beach on the island’s southeast end, away from the rushing resort area. The water inside the lagoon is calm, however it’s a distinct story where its bay opening out into the Caribbean Sea. There, the current can be extremely intense. Unfortunately, the best snorkeling also can be found in this area. So if you are at Baby Beach and you do decide to snorkel, it’s very important that you stay alert and not let the beautiful fish lure you outside the lagoon’s protected waters.

5. Antilla Wreck

Antilla WreckThe second largest shipwreck dive in the Caribbean, the SS Antilla met its demise in quite dramatic fashion. Less than a year after the ship set its maiden voyage in 1940, rather than have it captured, its own German crew set it ablaze instead. The ship had been anchored in Malmok Bay when Germany attacked Holland. Not surprisingly, the Dutch government gave an order to all German ships within the Dutch Antilles to be confiscated, and that was when the SS Antilla was scuttled and finally sank. Now the wreck, that is teeming with the tropical fish, is a famous site for both scuba divers and snorkelers. In fact, it is considered to be Caribbean’s one of the best shipwreck dives.

6. California Lighthouse

California LighthouseBuilt between 1914 and 1916, the stone lighthouse is one of the most well-known landmarks of Aruba. It is named after the S.S. California sank in 1910. At Hudishibana near Arashi Beach, you can witness the newly renovated lighthouse. Despite modern technology now has made it obsolete, this 100 feet tall California Lighthouse is still a main attractions for travelers, especially since it boasts some of the best sights of the jagged coastline of Aruba. Moreover, if the trek to the peak of the building should make you hungry, there is an onsite restaurant situated in the ex lighthouse keeper’s house, there you can grab a bite.

7. Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Donkey Sanctuary ArubaDespite donkeys are not native to Aruba, they really played a such important role in history of the country. For plenty years, they were the primary transportation for locals and also assisted the building of the nation. The arrival of automobiles to Aruba ended it, and a lot of donkeys were set loose to look for themselves. Unfortunately, disease and accidents with motor vehicles finally killed most of the population. And there were only 20 donkeys remained in the wild by the 1970s. Animal enthusiast didn’t want to see the creatures vanished from the structure of the island, so they built a sanctuary where the creatures could live in one piece. The sanctuary is free for tourists, yet donations are acceptable.

8. Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista ChapelYou will want to check out Alto Vista Chapel even if you’re not a Catholic, which is situated on a hill near Noord town. Officially named as “Our Lady of Alto Vista,” it was the Aruba’s first Catholic church. This tiny church which has Yellow in color with a red roof, contrasts fine with the bright blue sea behind the chapel. The Chapel is open each day from 5 pm to 7 pm, and on Tuesdays there is a mass. Despite this current building was constructed in 1952, since 1750 there has been a chapel on this area. If you intend to come to the Alto Vista Chapel, be sure to check out first the Peace Labyrinth, a place where you can pray or meditate while strolling through its circuits.

9. Bushiribana Gold Mill

Bushiribana Gold MillWhen the explorers first stumbled upon the New World, most of them were in search of gold. In 1824, those dreams of riches eventually came true in Aruba when a 12-year-old shepherd boy discovered gold was while herding sheep. Finally, the extracting of gold from Aruba was over 3 million pounds. Some people even claimed that the name of the island might even reference the gold. At one time, it was called Oro Ruba which means Red Gold. Initially, the Aruba’s mining was conducted by individuals. But in the end, the whole mining rights on this island were given to a Dutch company. Now, the beautiful old stone remnants of the gold mill in Bushiribana are a famous attraction for travelers. They is accessible on foot or, if you’d love to, you can also see them as part of a ATV tour or horse riding.

10. De Palm Island Aruba

De Palm Island ArubaSeeking for a getaway while in Aruba which presents a bit of everything? Then you will want to register for this adventure of all-inclusive private island. You can choose between a half or full-day adventure, and the entry fee covers a lot of activities, including but limitless to banana boat rides, zipline rides, and salsa lessons. It includes breakfast, lunch buffets, and drinks as well. De Palm Island also offers its own waterpark. And since this is a coral island, the clouds of colorful tropical fish teemed the surrounding waters, so snorkeling is yet another choice. There are some other experiences available here for an extra fee as well, including massages. De Palm Island Aruba also presents an underwater helmet stroll which allow swimmers to enjoy a scuba-diving-like experience.

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