10 Best Tourist Attractions in Madeira

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Madeira

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Madeira10 Best Tourist Attractions in Madeira – The archipelago of Madeira of is an autonomous Portuguese region, however it is situated off Morocco’s coast in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Consisted of four different islands, Madeira is home to the primary islands of Porto Santo and Madeira as well as the smaller islands of Selvagens and Desertas Islands. Madeira is famous as the Garden Island and the Atlantic’s Pearl, and it boasts a comfortable and mild climate year-round. From mountain scenery to the bustling town of Funchal, there are a lot of best tourist attractions in Madeira that you will never forget.

1. Levada Walks

Levada WalksThe levadas are known as a system of aqueducts, plenty of which dated all the way back to the fifteenth century. The levadas have a serious role in providing local farms with water which is significant for agriculture. The best ways to explore Madeira is on one of the numerous distinct walking paths these levadas have. The levada walks takes you along the open canal system, and they can be seen in both the drier regions of the south and the wet regions of the north. If you come to this area, don’t miss such popular levada walk of Rabaçal. The walk is just 6 miles (10 km) long, passes through 3 levadas and lets you see over two dozen waterfalls along the way.

2. Madeira Botanical Garden

Madeira Botanical GardenMadeira Botanical Garden is one of the best attractions in Funchal city. Famous as the Jardim Botânico da Madeira for the locals, the gardens are perched above the city and situated just a mile from downtown. It means you will enjoy outstanding sights while you explore the more than two thousand plants which fill the hillside gardens. Many of the plants are pristine, however there is a part reserved for rare foreign plants. This Botanical Garden is home to the Parrot Park as well, where you’ll have the opportunity to witness an fascinating collection of colorful and tropical birds.

3. Pico do Arieiro

Pico do ArieiroCabo Girao perhaps is a marvelous viewpoint, however it is located far away from the only one in Madeira. Miradouro means viewpoint in Portuguese, and it is exactly what you will see at Pico do Arieiro. The mountain is Madeira’s third highest, and it can easily be reached by car, or along a hiking path which takes about 2 or 3 hours to finish. Pico do Arieiro is one of the several spots where you can see snowfall on the island during the winter. Best of all, the peak boasts truly breathtaking sights over Curral das Freiras and the valley floor below.

4. Cabo Girao

Cabo GiraoIf you’re looking for that epic sight, just look no farther than Cabo Girao. It is one of the highest ocean cliffs on earth, and it boasts a truly marvelous vantage point. To add to the already marvelous sight from the cliff, there is a glass skywalk now. So you can see straight to the water below through its floor. It creates an unparalleled feeling, and this is what makes Cabo Girao as one of the best tourist attractions in Madeira. Cabo Girao is situated on the southern coast of the island just outside of Funchal.

5. Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Monte Palace Tropical GardenMonte Palace Tropical Gardens, or The Jardim do Monte Palace are the gardens located outside of a former hotel called Monte Palace. The garden is home to over 100,000 plants species, which would be wonderful on its own. However, what sets them apart is the cycads, or known as collection of so called living fossils. There are many of birds which roam the property freely as well, including peacocks, geese, swans, and ducks. You’ll also see a museum with some floors devoted to everything from African sculpture to minerals from around the world. It means that Monte Palace Tropical Garden is attractive on both rainy and sunny days.

6.  Porto Moniz Natural Pools

 Porto Moniz Natural PoolsPorto Moniz is located at the northwestern end of the island, a destination famous for its tasty honey cake and sugar cane. You may want to check the natural pools out in the area beyond just the bakeries. The cooling of volcanic lava, and the water within them comes from sea formed this natural swimming pools. The Salt water flows in and out of it, so you’re always swimming in fresh liquid state. Despite the pools are natural, there are facilities such as showers and lockers that you can use when you pay a visit.

7. Porto Santo

Porto SantoPorto Santo is an island which located northernmost the Madeira archipelago. It is widely known for its beautiful beaches, which stretch for almost 6 miles (10 km). This island is not as developed as Madeira, so that there are more coastal hikes and walks for nature enthusiasts. Make sure to check out the walk around Pico da Facho, which is the highest sight on this island, for amazing sights. Porto Santa also boasts much of history, with the most popular landmark and also a museum, the famed Christopher Columbus House. He lived and even got married here, so there are a lot streets and destinations which still bear Colombus’ name.

8. Sao Vicente Caves

Sao Vicente CavesApproximately 890,000 years ago, the result of a volcanic eruption formed the Sao Vicente Caves. The lava flow’s exterior cooled rapidly, whereas the interior took longer. It formed countless lava tubes, which since the 1990s, many of which have been open to the public. The admission’s price allows you to stroll through these remarkable underground caverns, and it includes a visit to the Volcano Center as well. It has great exhibits collection which explain more about volcanic activity, and the geological formation of Madeira’s remarkable landscape.

9. Ponta de Sao Lourenco

Ponta de Sao LourencoPonta de Sao Lourenco is located along the eastern tip of Madeira, a picturesque peninsula which now becomes a nature reserve. Unlike most of the island, the Ponta de Sao Lourenco is windy and arid with ravishing volcanic rock formations. It is the spot to explore if you’re a fan of remarkable natural landscapes. Hiking becomes the best way to get around here, and there will be no shortage of paths to check out. Consider hiking for a full day which will take you up and down stone steps, to the vantage points which overlook the Atlantic Ocean and down to the black sand beach called Prainha.

10. Monte Toboggan Run

Monte Toboggan RunMadeira Botanical Garden is situated above the city of Funchal. When you finish exploring these gardens, no need to come back down on your own. Instead, you may experience the Monte Toboggan Run. This kind of transportation was widely utilized by aristocrats since the middle of the nineteenth century. You are climbing into a wicker basket with two seats from the top, that glides down the mountain on wooden runners. Guiding and pushing the basket will take 2 men wearing the traditional all white costume, wearing rubber shoes, and straw hat which also serve as brakes.

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