San Agustin Tourist Attractions

San Agustin Tourist Attractions

San Agustin Tourist AttractionsSan Agustin Tourist Attractions – Overlooking resort area of San Agustin from the top of the hill on advent, tourists may be excited by the its gardens’ unforeseen subtropical lushness, which come in sharp contrast to the desert landscape crossed until then. As for the beaches in San Agustin, the beach is beautiful which starting from San Agustin and ends in Playa del Ingles. The beach in San Agustin is much quieter than the nearby prevalent beaches of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. San Agustin also offers various option of restaurants and entertainment site for the tourists among which the Scala Music Hall & Theatre and Gran Canaria Casino deserve special mention.

1. San Agustin Beach

San Agustin BeachStarting from San Agustin and ends in Playa del Ingles, San Agustin beach is a beautiful beach. A fine day out at the beach in San Agustin is one of the best things to do in San Agustin. San Agustin is approximately 670 m.
San Agustin beach also features one of the finest beaches for windsurfing in Gran Canaria. The beach have equipment and board hire facilities and windsurfing schools which providing tuition for amateurs and other levels. Some other water sports activities in San Agustin beach include snorkeling and scuba diving.

2. Sioux City

Sioux CityThis City is a western style theme park, which is an American wild west town with buffalo, horse, and cow shows in Gran Canaria situated in San Bartolome de Tirajana, around San Agustin.
The park is located on a picturesque natural environment with the rugged, cactus-filled canyon of greatly wild beauty at The Eagle’s Canyon (Barranco del Águila) and there is a small zoo there as well. Everything in the park is the American Wild-West’s exact replica. The park offers best attractions for the tourists and lets the them enjoy the wild wild west with their kids.
Sioux City also has a variety of fun, fascinating shows covering a wide type of Western Themes, with Indians, Cowboys, chases, brawls, and duels many more.

3. Playa del Ingles Beach

Playa del Ingles BeachPlaya del Ingles beach is a beautiful beach that stretches for approximately 3 km. lengthways and about 2 km. Inland at its vast point and ends just where other favourite holiday resort Maspalomas starts. Bordered by two beaches, Playa del Ingles beach is features Maspalomas beach on the western and San Agustin beach on the eastern.

4. Gran Karting Club Gran Canaria

Gran Karting Club Gran CanariaThe largest karting circuit with professional layout and excellent curves for all ages and levels in Gran Canaria, Gran Karting Club Gran Canaria is situated in Tarajalillo, near Maspalomas.

5. Dunes of Maspalomas

Dunes of MaspalomasOne of the most popular tourist attraction in Gran Canaria, Dunes of Maspalomas is the amazing sandy peaks by the beach that is worth a visit. A must see place, Dunes of Maspalomas is famous for the most unique natural formation in the islands.

6. Holiday World

Holiday World in Maspalomas,Holiday World is a funfair which is situated in Maspalomas. As one of the most favourite theme parks in Gran Canaria, there is biggest funfair and are variety of open-air amusement opportunities on the Canary Islands.

7. Aqualand

Aqualand in MaspalomasLocated in Maspalomas, Aqualand is a famous water park in Gran Canaria. Aqualand is a fine spot to kill time and have fun with the family in Gran Canaria.

8. Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park in MaspalomasPalmitos Park is an amazing park which is located in Maspalomas. The park provides an aquarium botanical garden and orchid house where butterflies, birds, and fish are housed to catch the tourists’ interest.

9. Mundo Aborigen

Mundo Aborigen on the road to FatagaIt is a reconstruction district of an ancient Canary village which is devoted to the Aborgines, Guanche. Mundo Aborigen is situated on a beautiful scenery which is overlooking the Barranco de Fataga around Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas, on the way to Fataga. It is Gran Canaria’s biggest gorge.

10. Nature Activities

Nature ActivitiesThe most fabulous feature of Gran Canaria is the wondrous variety of its landscape and lovely nature. Enjoying the fascinating nature and make trips along picturesque environment is good things to do in Gran Canaria. The island’s reachable terrain affords as plentiful kinds of landscape as would a whole continent, a thing that is undeniably attractive to nature enthusiasm.

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