Tlacotalpan Tourist Attractions

Tlacotalpan Tourist Attractions

Tlacotalpan Tourist AttractionsTlacotalpan Tourist Attractions – Located right in the middle of the big bend of Gulf Coast, Tlacotalpan owns genuine early 19th Century colonial architecture. The only thing which tells you that you are not wandering the streets of the port city in the 1800’s is the light traffic. Adding to the splendor of the quite intact architecture is the sun which setting over Río Papaloapan. Refraction adds to the appealing pastel colours of the some homes. Tlacotalpan which was once booming river port remains pristine from its 1820 heyday that makes this unique small town worth a visit. Search for a high water mark in the town which commemorates a devastating flood in early 2000.

1. Candelaria Temple

Candelaria TempleThis unique temple constructed in the late seventeenth century. It features pastel colors within the Catalan statue of Our Lady of Candelaria, that distinguish it from the other churches, moreover its decoration which is Moorish-style, that is seen in the vaults and domes, made of coral stone which was brought from Veracruz, to contrast with the neoclassical altarpiece.

2. House Rafael Murillo

House Rafael MurilloAn old house built in 1783, House Rafael Murillo is recently a handicrafts’s house, where tourists can buy the most magnificent and typical Tlacotalpan, including highly regarded as the wooden rocking chairs, clothes and all types of accessories which are made of fine lace.

3. Zaragoza Square

Zaragoza SquareThe main square of town, Zaragoza Square situated in the center looks a kiosk gold, and around are the most important structures like the Shrine of Our Lady of Candelaria, the Parish of San Cristobal, the Plazuela Agustin Lara, Craft House Rafael Murillo, and the Municipal Palace which are worth a visit.

4. Banca Nieves Bar

Banca Nieves BarWith more than sixty years, Banca Nieves Bar is a place where Agustin Lara chatted with friends. It is recommended to try the variety of toritos while waiting for the drink to cool off, tourists can see plenty pictures and objects which cover the walls of the place.

5. Salvador Ferrando Museum

Salvador Ferrando MuseumSituated in a typical nineteenth century house, Salvador Ferrando Museum was owned by Salvador Ferrando, a tlacotalpeño painter. Stroll through the wooden door, tourists will meet an important set of collections of his work, where typical landscapes and people plasma of the town. The museum also exhibits some other objects and colonial antiques.

6. Mini Zoo / Museum

Mini Zoo / MuseumHere in this museum/zoo, Crocodiles were captured more than 30 years ago by its founder Pius Barrán, as well as parrots, herons, tortoises, and pelicans which live in cages or roam the house yard which are exhibited. In addition much with antiques and objects which were collected by Pius himself to all his life.

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