Pantanal Tourist Attractions

Pantanal Tourist Attractions

Pantanal Tourist AttractionsPantanal Tourist Attractions – Pantanal is South America’s territory lying mostly in Western Brazil but also extending into Bolivia. It is considered one of most diverse the largest freshwater wetland ecosystems in the world. The Pantanal becomes one of Brazil’s major tourist attractions for its wildlife. While Amazon gains the press coverage, the Pantanal is a better place to spot the wildlife. Unlike the open marshes of the Pantanal, The Amazon’s dense foliage makes it hard to observe the animals. Some large cattle farms provides accommodations and organized tours.

Pantanal Tourist AttractionsThere are few people and no towns in Pantanal. Distances are so substantial and ground transport are so poor that people have to get around in motorboats and small airplanes as car travel is restricted by the seasons. Transpantaneira is the main access road that runs deep into the Pantanal. At Porto Jofre, This raised dirt road sectioned by small wooden bridges ends 145km southern Poconé. At the border with Bolivia, the much-mooted road connection of Porto Jofre to Corumbá has long been ignored due to concerns about the common absurdity of having the road becomes underwater for half the year.

Pantanal Tourist AttractionsPantanal is accessible via four major gateways: Cuiaba, Mato Grosso in the north, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul in the south, Corumbá, Mato Grosso do Sul in the west, and Coxim, Mato Grosso do Sul in the east. Campo Grande and Cuiaba are the capitols of their each states and own major international airports. From Campo Grande and Cuiabá Chapada dos Guimarães tourists can access Bonito. From Bolivia, through the border crossing at Puerto Suarez, Corumbá can be reached by train, or by plane. The southern Pantanal is more extremely influenced by the Chaco and the Atlantic Rainforest flora and fauna while the northern Pantanal part by Amazonia. However it doesn’t make one area better than the others.

Pantanal Tourist AttractionsTourists can expect to see a variety of distinct animals depending on the time of year and the guide they hire. Unlike a lot of other biologically intense areas, the tourists are guaranteed to actually see the wildlife in the Pantanal. There are approximately 10 million Yacare Caiman exist within the Pantanal. Every bridge crossing on the Transpantaneira during the Dry Season is bested by hundreds or even thousands of Caimans fighting for space or basking in the ever dwindling lagoons. Capybara also exists in the millions and are probably to be encountered each few seconds while driving. Pantanal is also home to a variety of birds including the endangered Hyacinth Macaw, which can be easily spotted. Other mammals are slightly more difficult to spot, yet still much easier than in the Amazon.

Pantanal Tourist AttractionsThrough the river on a boat ride the tourists are probably to see the endangered Giant River Otter and its favorite meal, Red-bellied Piranha. With the right guide, it takes a couple of days on the river to get the chances of spotting a Jaguar, or perhaps even more than one which are literally very high. It is the best area in all of the Americas to see a Jaguar in the wild, which given the relatively small amount of thick rain forest cover.

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