Whitehaven Beach Tourist Attractions

Whitehaven Beach Tourist Attractions

Whitehaven Beach Tourist AttractionsWhitehaven Beach Tourist Attractions – The sand of Whitehaven Beach is renowned for its whitest sand in the world. Consists of 98 per cent silica, the Whitehaven’s sand doesn’t keep heat and has a delicate, powder-like consistency. It means that tourists can comfortably walk along its 4.5 miles (7 Km) of sand beside the crystal clear Coral Sea even in the hottest part of the day.

Whitehaven BeachIt requires a short flight in a helicopter or sea splane or a boat ride to visit Whitehaven Beach. Most tourists only make it to the southern or northern ends of Whitehaven but with a dash of adventure and a little planning, the rest of the beach which is six kilometres in the middle can be explored.

The ends of the beach, but, are worth giving up a little bit of solitariness for, especially Hill Inlet at the northern end of Whitehaven. Here you can look over an inland river system which flows across wide white sands and to distant summits on the horizon.

Whitehaven BeachIf you have the good luck to sail the beach, and anchor off here overnight, you’ll be aware of just how mountainous the island is. There are tree-covered mountains with steep rock escarp and in the late afternoon, the sun sets against the 407 meters high Whitsunday Peak. It’s often easy to overlook the beauty of the island itself with all the attention Whitehaven Beach receives.

Arriving by sea gives you the additional advantage of reaching the beach to yourself as the helicopters and sea planes take off in the evening. Whichever travel mode you choose, Whitehaven Beach is easily accessible.

Arriving by air

Whitehaven Beach PlaneFrom Hamilton Island, the tours of Air Whitsunday helicopter take in the surrounding Whitsunday Islands and fly the Whitehaven Beach’s length prior to setting down for swimming or walking along the sand.

Should you wish to visit Whitehaven by sea-plane, it can fly you there over Whitsunday Island and the Molle group of islands. Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy 2,5 hours of swimming and lazing on the sand with free snacks and sparkling wine.

Arriving by sea

Whitehaven Beach BoatIf you prefer to arrive by sea, a Cruise Whitsundays full-day tour to Whitehaven Beach offers you a lot of time to explore the beach and learn about the traditional owners’s history, the Ngaro people. You’ll also enjoy a barbecue lunch and, if the weather is nice, a trip to nearby Esk Island will be possible.

From Airlie Beach you can sail aboard to Whitsunday Island as well. You may be stopping off at Hill Inlet for a barbecue lunch and spending time to explore and swim at both the beach and the lagoon.

super-fast semi-rigid inflatable motor boatThe fastest way to reach Whitehaven Beach by sea is by taking a super-fast semi-rigid inflatable motor boat on one Ocean Rafting day tour from the Airlie Beach township that cover visits to Whitehaven Beach. The tours allow a lot of time for hiking and snorkeling with a picnic lunch on the Beach.

If you’re wishing an overnight stay at Whitehaven Beach, the only way is to charter your own catamaran or yacht with operators like Whitsunday Escape and Sunsail. You can chart your own path through some of the 74 islands of the beach, taking as much time as you’d want to explore each kilometre of the Beach. And keep it on mind, when the day tours go home, the beach will be all yours.

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