World’s 10 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides

World’s 10 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides

World's 10 Best Hot Air Balloon RidesWorld’s 10 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides – Hot air balloons have been used by humans for over two centuries to launch themselves into the atmosphere to observing the world below from a particular perspective. The delight experience of riding in a hot air balloon comfortably and safely, yet, has never been more accessible compared to now. Adventurous travelers around the world now can enjoy amazing sights of the most spectacular landscapes and ancient civilizations in the world, obtaining a new appreciation for the diversity and beauty that is planet Earth.

1. Cappadocia

CappadociaSituated in Turkey’s Anatolian Region, the Cappadocia high plateau is dotted with rock formations shaped by volcanic eruptions that were formed by thousands of years of rain and wind. Known as fairy chimneys, some of the rocky limestone spires turned into homes for the earliest human populations in the region. Later inhabitants carved underground cities and ornate temples into the rock. Hot air balloon flights are prevalent here and operators are exceptionally experienced. They often guides the baskets deep into the valleys for a close-up sight of the rocky structures.

2. Napa Valley

Napa ValleyCalifornia’s Napa Valley is famous for its scenic vineyards, and a hot air balloon ride that offers tourists the perfect chance to take in the tranquil beauty of the countryside. Vineyard owners and eco-aware residents are devoted to preserving the native environment in all of its beauty so tourists can enjoy uninterrupted sights of the landscape. Year-round mild weather causes the Napa Valley an ideal hot air balloon spot in every season. Local operators increase the experience with information about the world-famous wineries of the region.

3. Bagan

BaganThe capital of the First Burmese Empire from the 9th to the 13th centuries, Bagan is the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar. Once being described as the “gilded city” by Marco Polo was home to approximately Buddhist 13,000 temples in its 11th-century heyday. Now, tourists can float above the thousands of temples, pagodas,and stupas that remain, as well as the famous Ananda temple which famous for its sparkling gold spires. From November to March, when winds rarely exceed 15 miles (25 km) per hour, hot air balloon rides are available.

4. Luxor

LuxorSituated on the east bank of the Nile opposite Thebes, the site of the four-thousand-year-old ancient city, Luxor is often referred to as the greatest open air museum in the world. Hot air balloon flights let tourists to float over the Luxor temple’s great hypostyle hall, with its grid of thick, carved columns, as well as the Colossi of Memnon, the two massive rock statues of Amenhotep III. A safe and comfortable trips by accredited operators last as long as two hours, giving tourists fair time to soak in all of the a lot of historical monuments and sites.

5. Angkor

AngkorAngkor Archeological Park is most renowned for the Angkor Wat temple complex, that is considered the largest religious monument on earth. The temple which was constructed in early 12th century is a top example of classical architecture of Khmer as well as the most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia. It’s also the perfect location for tourists who may be shy about having their first hot air balloon experience. For optimal safety the hot air balloons here stay tied up to a cable. When the winds are quiet, tourists can enjoy affordable ten-minute rides on days.

6. Serengeti

SerengetiSerengeti which stretches from Tanzania into the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is Home to the largest migration of mammals in the world. A hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti gives numerous animal views in any season. Moreover, there are over two million zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle that passing through the region during the Great Migration, there are lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, and other big game animals in abundance too. Low-noise burners are used by the top balloon operators which let the balloons to float over wildlife undetected.

7. Albuquerque

AlbuquerqueBeing a home to world’s largest encounter of hot air balloons and ballooning fans, it is the fine area to see the beauty of hundreds of balloons which floating in the clear Midwest air. Every October, the largest city of New Mexico hosts the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, including fireworks and concerts as well as mass balloon launches day and night. A lot of people attend the event simply to see the display from the ground, but, during the festival, there are authorized operators to offer hour-long rides to tourists as well.

8. Teotihuacan

TeotihuacanLocated approximately 30 miles (50 km) to the northeastern of Mexico City, the Teotihuacan Pyramids are the amazing archeological remains of what was once North America’s greatest city. A hot air balloon flight offers tourists a bird’s eye sight of site which known as the City of the Gods. Despite the path of the specific one-hour flight is dictated by the breeze, passengers can enjoy the views of the Avenue of the Dead, the Temple of Quetzalpapalotl, and the massive Pyramids of the Sun and Moon.

9. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation ReserveIt’s no wonder that the hot air balloon rides offered outside the upscale city of Dubai are some of world’s most luxurious. At dawn in nearby Burj Khalifa, Passengers are picked up at hotels and transported to the lift-off spot where they will receive safety instructions prior to departing on one-hour flight. Over verdant oases and rolling sand dunes the balloons soar 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) high. The tourists can catch glimpses of gazelles, camels, and the iconic Arabian Oryx. 24 passengers are as many as as the baskets can take, however, the exclusive bespoke experiences are also available, including the couples ballooning.

10. Yarra Valley

Yarra ValleySituated an hour’s drive away from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is renowned for it’s world-class wineries. A hot air balloon ride offer tourists a serene and safe flight over undulating hills and glens which etched with a patchwork of farms, orchards, and vineyards with the distant mountain summits of the Great Divide framing the sight. Hot air balloon flights are a favorite pastime in Yarra Valley. A lot of operators start and end their flights at local wineries where tourists can toast to their unfogettable experience with their favorite wines.

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